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International Best-Selling Author, Fitness Expert & Life Coach

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Everything in my life I do giving ALL of the Glory to my Lord, Jesus Christ! Through my best-selling Body Sculpting Bible line of books, I have created some of the industry's most innovative & successful fitness/health systems and managed to bring them to the mainstream International market. 30-years later, with over two million copies sold, we have built what's considered "one of the most successful fitness book franchises in history." I am a professional motivational speaker and life-empowerment coach to young people and adults, including children, high school students, college graduates, high-level executives, etc. I love coaching or collaborating with like-minded professionals, pioneering new ideas/ventures & transforming great ideas into very successful outcomes. There is a process that must be followed and when you do, success naturally follows. I was co-owner of the original family-focused obstacle race events, "The Survival Race" and "The Zombie Race". I wrote the industry's very first Obstacle Race Training book, called, "The Obstacle Race Training Bible. For two years, I had the honor of being business partners with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Lorimer Classic Productions Group, and The Arnold Sports Festival. Giants Take Baby Steps-Children's book author: I have a passion for empowering children. I have been working on what I believe is my greatest work to date - a very exciting venture that helps children deal with real life experiences by helping them express and cope with their feelings. The books are designed to help boost social development and inspire kids through real life, feel good stories that will empower children to live life to the fullest! The soon-to-be release website portal: Words To Lift By with showcase this exciting work, with the first book (currently being illustrated) entitled, Giants Take Baby Steps. I am co-owner of the Kevin Levrone Signature Series brand, launched in Europe, March, 2015 and currently distributed in over 80-countries and steadily expanding. Currently, we are preparing to launch in America in January, 2021! First & Foremost, I am a devout Christian, and love speaking on the importance of Faith and a relationship with my Lord, Jesus Christ! *Please note: I am no longer monitoring this account, so if you're trying to reach me, please do so by emailing me direct at:

Work experience

Jan 2019 - Present

Supplement Safety Solutions

Director of Brand Support

Dietary nutrition watchdog - regulatory and compliance.

Nov 2018 - Present

Renew Life RX


Premiere Hormone Optimization Clinic. *Patients are acquired through invite-only. Contact me for details.

Jan 2015 - Present

Levrone Global, LLC

Managing Partner

The Kevin Levrone Signature Series - Signature series sports supplement developers and European distributors.

Jan 2015 - Present

GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)


Approved consultant for the Gerson Lehman Group (GLG)

Jan 2000 - Present

From Fat To Phat Publishing, Inc.


I am an International Best Selling Author of 30 books. Over the last 20+ years, I have built one of the most successful fitness book franchises in history called, "The Body Sculpting Bibles". My team and I, are blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to help millions of people gain optimal health and build the body of their dreams. NEWS: I am now co-owner of the leading hormone optimization tele-medicine based clinic, Renew Life RX. Direct message me, to see how we cab help change your health and lifestyle. We do what diet, exercise and supplementation simply cannot! I am also a certified Life/Success Coach and motivational speaker, and have created many very powerful and innovative success systems. One of them is a self-published work entitled, "Goal Mining - The Amazing Strike-It-Rich Formula for Achieving Virtually Anything. I sell a multitude of various self-success products online and conduct both online & off-line clinics, where I teach people how to Create, Track and Accomplish their Goals. Contact me to see how I can help you and your organization.

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