Jamie Quint

Head of Growth at Multiple Companies

San Francisco, CA


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I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for growing innovative products.

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Work experience

Feb 2021 - Present

Uncommon Capital

General Partner

Sep 2020 - May 2021

Multiple Companies

Head of Growth

Consulting with multiple companies on product focused growth, data, and performance marketing. Clients include Substack (https://substack.com), Mercury (https://mercury.com), Local Kitchens, and more.


Mar 2019 - Sep 2020


Head of Growth

- Built out data stack from nothing to a full modern data stack (Snowflake, Fivetran, DBT, Mode, Census, Segment, Amplitude). Ran data science and analytics for the company for 12 months, then led interview process to hire a data science lead for the company. - Built out sales infrastructure (Salesforce, Outreach, Clearbit) and automated sales intelligence by integrating these tools with our data stack. - Built out lifecycle marketing (first Iterable, then Customer.io). Transitioned company's email infrastructure (Sendgrid -> Sparkpost Enterprise) to support this. Ran this program in partnership with our Head of Marketing. - Built out performance marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube) from nothing to mid-7-figure annualized spend and ran it for 12 months, then led interview process to hire a performance marketing lead for the company. - Product managed various different product-oriented growth initiatives and worked directly with engineers to implement them, or implemented them myself (TypeScript).


Dec 2016 - Mar 2019

Reddit, Inc.

Senior Director of Product - Monetization

- Built out the revenue product org from scratch (just me) into a powerhouse team which completely revamped the Reddit Ads business, leading to 3x+ revenue growth ($XXm to $XXXm) in only 2 years. - Collaborated routinely with our CEO, COO, VP Sales, and VP Marketing, to set go-to-market strategy for the revenue business as a whole. - Interviewed dozens of PM candidates across all experience levels to enable Reddit's hyper-growth and mentored them post-hire.


Apr 2015 - Mar 2017

Interstate Analytics


- Co-founded Interstate Analytics in 2015 to help companies accurately understand their marketing performance in a complex, multi-channel, multi-device advertising world. - Participant in Y Combinator Winter 2016 class.

May 2013 - Apr 2015

Quint Growth

Managing Partner

- Consulted with top tier companies on digital marketing, marketing analytics, product analytics, and data science for product and digital marketing applications. (Clients included: Twitch, Teespring, Everlane, Credit Sesame, etc) "Jamie didn't just help with direct insights and recommendations. He made us better at understanding our own users over the long run and changed how we thought about product development." Emmett Shear Co-Founder & CEO, Twitch


Nov 2011 - Dec 2013



- Founded Lookcraft in 2011 to provide men a better way to buy clothes online. - Raised a seed round led by First Round Capital and other top-tier e-commerce investors.


Mar 2010 - Nov 2011


Product Manager - Growth

First product manager at the company (8th employee). My focus was exclusively on growth (metrics, analytics, conversion optimization, digital marketing, etc). Upserve was acqured by Lightspeed POS for $430m.


Nov 2007 - Jul 2009



I built the product (Django/Python/Ruby) and ran operations. Snaptalent was a distributed recruitment advertising network that posted job ads on contextually relevant sites and served IP targeted ads. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/03/12/snaptalent-targets-job-candidates-where-they-work-and-spend-time-online/) Snaptalent participated in Y Combinator (Winter 2008) after which we raised $1.6m.

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