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Senior Software Engineer at Chronosphere

Chicago, IL


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Experienced software engineering lead and architect. I have over ten years experience building software across different industries: ads, fintech, and consumer hardware. More recently, I have specialized in batch and streaming processing, and highly-available distributed systems. I am comfortable in relational and key-value databases.

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Work experience

Aug 2021 - Present


Software Engineer

Distributed storage engineer: building a low-cost timeseries database for metrics.


Dec 2017 - Jul 2021


Senior Software Engineer

Distributed systems software engineer, writing mostly C++. 2021 Q2 to present: Chronicle, part of Google Cloud Data pipelines for security telemetry. 2017 to 2021 Q2: Google Ads Short stint on the financial fraud team. Launched a risk-mitigation credit model to curb losses from runaway-spend. Primarily served on a shared infrastructure team which owns a large reactive, online data pipeline for reviewing and policing Ads and their connected entities. Supports both ML training and serving. Built a generalized garbage collection service to reduce the footprint of the second largest Spanner database alloc at Google. Resulted in several PB reduction of main and satellite data stores. Led several micro and macro optimization projects in the platform to remove scaling bottlenecks.


Oct 2016 - Nov 2017

Motiv Inc

Lead Backend Engineer

End-to-end responsibility for cloud applications running on AWS: architecture, development, security, and reliability. Projects include: public website, blog, ecommerce purchase and fulfillment, IOT data ingest and analysis tools. Drove important technology adoption: containerized development and deployment with Docker and AWS ECS, distributed logging, continuous integration and deployment orchestration.


Aug 2015 - Oct 2016


Engineering Manager

Engineering lead for, at peak, 11 engineers. Responsible for international organic acquisition channel at Square, the largest at Square, and the core driver of revenue growth. Team owned account creation, initial profile setup, and approval logic for credit card processing (identity verification and risk scoring). Scaled more nascent products (Capital, Cash, and Payroll) through a centralized identity verification service. Led 2 new markets launches for credit card processing: AU and UK. Consolidated 3 duplicate codebases into 1 service for both in-app and browser onboarding. Added paging for overall service and individual endpoints, improved handling for external and internal downtime and outages, and eliminated costly manual workflows for oncall engineers. Stand-in lead for hardware e-commerce and fulfillment team. Led critical projects to sell and fulfill latest hardware products in 2015: - In the US, we launched the contactless and chip reader. Collaborated with marketing and fulfillment teams while acting as engineering manager and product lead. Pre-order sales beat plan by 30%. - Internationalized the hardware ecommerce platform to support time-sensitive launches for the mobile chip card readers in AU and JP.


Feb 2014 - Aug 2015


Software Engineer - Growth

Technical lead for Growth onboarding services: merchant onboarding and underwriting for credit card processing, tools to get started as a Square merchant, and hardware checkout flows. Rewrote several internal SDKs: providing better support for protocol buffers in service data feeds, operations tools for Sidekiq, and distributed encryption/decryption clients. Technical lead for international growth projects. Re-architected existing underwriting and financial reporting processes with JP banking partner. Resulted in 7x speed improvements, reduced oncall burden, and improved scalability. Built a viral referrals program. Original invite pool was 1 million merchants. Program now accounts for >1% of all customer acquisitions.


Feb 2013 - Feb 2014


Senior Software Engineer

Acquired by Unity Technologies. Joined the team as the third member of a largely backend-focused team. Quickly learned new technologies and helped the company transition away from costly consultants working on SDKs and customer dashboard. Grew into a competent generalist, building features across a variety of technologies in a large, distributed system. Took ownership of unstable, hard-to-integrate, legacy SDKs for Android, iOS, and Unity. Triaged bugs and support requests from clients while developing a strategy for a full redesign. Rewrote and open sourced Android and iOS SDKs with a focus on improved usability, higher code quality, and test coverage. Resulted in reduced integration time and increased customer satisfaction. Worked closely with product managers and developer relations to improve the quality, consistency, and coverage of integration documentation. Redesigned the documentation process around product releases and vastly modernized the look and feel of the documentation. Made the integration process more self-service and automated with interactive web tools.


Jul 2012 - Feb 2013

Dynamic Signal

Software Engineer

Built scalable data services for branded community messaging, invitations, and rankings.


Nov 2010 - Jun 2012

West Monroe Partners

Software Development Consultant

Acted as the program manager for a $1M private equity fund-of-funds client providing application architecture and development for several reporting and back office applications related to client services reporting, accounting services integration and automation, and cash management. Major accomplishments include: reducing total data calculation caching time by a factor of 6 and designing and implementing the service layer for a proprietary accounting tool.

Jun 2010 - Nov 2010


Business Intelligence Consultant


Jun 2009 - Dec 2009

Aginity LLC

Intern Software Developer


2006 - 2010

Northwestern University

BS, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

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