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Aug 2020 - Present

Merlyn Mind

VP Partnerships

At Merlyn Mind we are focused on delivering the worlds first digital AI assistant for teachers. In my role as the partnerships lead I am focused on bridging the gap that exists with the various 3rd party edtech apps used in schools to make them easier to access by all teachers. Through the power of voice, touch and remote control, we enable to teacher to finally be free of their desk at the front of the room and spend more time with the students in the classroom.


Mar 2020 - Present


Vice President, Education & Enterprise

The skills gap for employees and companies is real and a major challenge for organizations of all sizes to deal with in 2020 and beyond. From hiring to retraining to upskilling, enterprises need all the help they can get to ensure their people feel good, challenged and supported. It goes well beyond the skills and is really about the culture your company strives to achieve. Technical consumer boot camps have been an incredible addition to the education and career landscapes to democratize access to not just great jobs, but great lives. It's now time to bring that level of training and value to companies. 2U will make sure that enterprises have all the tools they need at their disposal to ensure long-term success and productivity.

Apr 2013 - Present

GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)

Industry Consultant

Having been fortunate to work at a few bellwether tech companies at Dropbox and Google, it is very fulfilling to share the learnings, experiences and insights with others looking to tap into those areas of expertise. This spans from building sales teams from scratch, scaling them to new levels, to building an open, flexible culture and management team. Having worked across the commercial, enterprise, ads, K12 & higher edtech and saas spaces, I am able to provide a very unique POV whether it be to start-ups, large mature organizations, or industry analysts. Always open to new opportunities.


Jun 2019 - Nov 2019

Flatiron School

Vice President Enterprise Sales

As part of WeWork, our mission to is ensure that people are living their best life. What you do and what you learn is critical in that journey. When you combine the importance of a workspace with its' workforce, fostering a culture of continuous growth and learning are critical to unlocking people's superpowers. Bringing the best of technical bootcamp retraining and short-form upskilling to enterprises globally is a key part of ensuring that the workforces of today are prepared for the future.


Mar 2018 - Apr 2019


VP Revenue

Kiddom has provided a free K12 offering called Classroom to teachers since 2015. Joined as 1st business hire to develop the business GTM strategy for the 1st paid product, Kiddom Academy, targeting administrators. Working hand in hand with the CEO, our goal is to illustrate to school districts how curriculum, instruction, and assessment need to work in tandem to empower the key stakeholders in a student’s success, namely guardians, administrators, teachers, and the students themselves. By supporting school districts with the ability to better understand their data in real-time, Kiddom is fostering a sense of equity, access, and agency across all of those who support the whole child. - Developed company’s northstar and external positioning by shifting away from features and towards solution selling - Built team of 6 including 2 AEs, 1 partnerships & events lead & 3 SDRs to drive top and bottom of funnel sales activity - Established a scalable, inside sales flywheel plan focused on driving MQLs into SQOs to target personas - Formed channel partnerships with key content, PD, resellers, and state agencies to drive co-selling, scale & reach - Implemented sales automation tools including Hubspot, Salesforce, Outreach to ensure operational consistency & rigor - Attended 11 superintendent leadership events, authored 2 blogs and built social presence to drive awareness of brand - Supported marketing team to optimize MQL conversion rates above industry average into sales qualified opportunities - Worked with engineering, product, and design teams to drive a higher quantity of leads via organic product usage - Set quarterly/annual quota & commission targets for company and individuals


May 2017 - Nov 2017


Director of Revenue, NA Education & Enterprise East

Having spent the last 18 months building the Education business of Dropbox for North America and driving revenue from sub $2M to north of $4M in Higher Education, now also responsible for the Core (250-2500 FTE) and Strategic (2500+ FTE) Enterprise segments in the East region for our Revenue organization. Sales team has expanded from 14 to 28 while working with centralized pools of BDRs, technical architects, success managers, resellers and marketing. To create a flywheel for acquisition into SMB/Enterprise while focusing on increasing upsells, maintaining renewals and minimizing churn, I work deeply with our product, finance and legal teams to streamline internal hurdles and maximize efficiencies of scale. This involves positioning, selling, and deploying Dropbox as the collaborative and connective tissue across business SaaS stacks at companies, schools and NFPs like News Corp, Harvard, VitaCoco, Adidas, MIT, IAC and many others. This will enable more collaboration and cross-pollination across our GTM teams as we continue to bring the power of Dropbox into schools and businesses while generating significantly more ACV for all segments.


Sep 2015 - Nov 2017


Director of Revenue, NA Education

Charged with leading the efforts of Dropbox Education and help expand our NYC office presence. This entailed hiring 10 AEs across NYC, Austin and SF, along with 2 leads. In order to grow revenue from $2M to a $4M target, worked xfn across the company to launch just the 3rd Revenue SKU for Dropbox. As more schools, colleges, universities & enterprises embrace the cloud, Dropbox will continue to play a pivotal role in that transformative evolution.


Oct 2014 - Aug 2015


Google for Education, Americas Lead

Building on the success of the Google for Education solution (Google Apps for Education, Classroom, Devices & Content) over past 18 months, widening scope to now include all of NA, LATAM and Brazil. The challenges and opportunities remain as large as ever, which keeps me motivated and passionate every day to bring our educational solutions to more and more people around the world.


Jul 2013 - Oct 2014


Head of Large Education Customer Sales, Enterprise

Leading team responsible for getting Chromebooks, Apps, Android, Play & YouTube into the largest K-12 education school districts in North America, which encompass 40k students or more. Fostering more technology into the hands of the next generation of learners where it belongs. Oversee direct sales team, OEM and reseller partner management to scale Google's efforts in education.


Nov 2009 - Jul 2013


Industry Head, Education

• Generate continued awareness of Google’s dedication to sector via speaking, moderator and panelist participation at premiere education industry events • Concentrating solely on top for-profit education institutions, drove sector performance substantially above targets reaching $174M (+66% y/y) in 2010 and $261M in 2011 (+50% y/y). • Serving now as trusted advisor to private-sector education leadership, currently developing internal mitigation strategies to navigate slowing recessionary tailwinds and upcoming government regulation impact in 2011-2012 • Speaker and host for 1st Google for-profit education summit attended by agency and customer partners to dive deeper into leveraging research and Google platforms beyond search • Diversifying core customer offerings to chief information and academic officers by collaborating with Google Enterprise, PR and Marketing teams • Participating in development of scalable, alternative CPL models to expedite migration of client budgets away from aggregators to performance-based, direct channels like Google • Evangelize need for learning institutions to embrace video as the premiere knowledge platform for the next generation of students.


Nov 2007 - Nov 2009


Sales Manager, Education & Recruitment Advertising

• Responsible for managing and growing both for-profit education and recruitment advertising industries for North American direct sales division • Worked cross-channel including operations, marketing, product and sales to identify target education customer list which streamlined direct sales team focus on most efficient areas • Established deep, executive level relationships across clients and agencies to further deliver on core direct response metrics and newer, brand initiatives via search, display, mobile and TV • Through sales, account management, research and optimization efforts, team increased total channel revenue 63% from $64M to $105M y/y • Recruitment advertising grew over 800% from $600k to $5.5M over last 3 years • Grew highly talented group from 4 to 10 individuals over 2 years across sales, operations and marketing which directly impacted overall industry success


Apr 2006 - Nov 2007


Account Executive, Classifieds & Local

• 1st senior sales associate promoted to AE role within the Inside Sales Org • Defined focus for newly designed AE role for division, namely business planning, c-level dialogue and external awareness of mission at hand • Seeing untapped recruitment advertising industry opportunity, generated business strategy for Google by establishing tight relationships with principals at top niche advertising agencies • Continued to beat more aggressive sales targets by an average of 60% per quarter while also focusing on launching new recruitment advertising initiative • Ranked in top 1% of Google sales employees based on internal quarterly grading • 2006 winner of C-Suite Award (strongest ability to connect and speak to C-level executives) • One of 21 Googlers to be nominated and attend 1st Google Leadership Council • Served as primary sales trainer for all new hires as part of Googler orientation.


Feb 2005 - Apr 2006

Google, Inc.

Senior Sales Representative

• Challenged with helping penetrate newly established Local vertical for Inside Sales Org, consisting of auto dealers, franchised real estate offices and jobs, with search advertising • Concentrated daily on making hundreds of phone calls to generate sales activity • Signed just under 190 new accounts generating approximately $9M in revenue over 1st 14 months, helping make Local team #1 on a performance to quota basis • Google Webby Award winner for Most Vertical Knowledge in 2005

Jan 2002 - Dec 2004


Executive Sales Manager

Was recruited to create my own publishing division within JobEXPO.com focusing on the recruitment advertising sector. With no background in the print (or recruitment) industry, I published, designed and distributed The Employment Journal to NY, NJ and CT, hosted an e-job board and put on career fairs around different verticals. Magazine and company was built through cold calling and quickly became a valuable proposition for employers in the tri-state area. As that publication matured, my focus moved to the security clearance space working directly with the largest US goverment/defense contractors trying to hire people with active clearances. This consisted of publishing a bi-monthly display advertising magazine sent to all military bases around the globe and career fairs in Metro D.C.

Jan 1997 - Apr 2002

Investec Ernst and Company

Account Executive

Began career as investment advisor and broker by cold calling to build a book of business from scratch. Average day consisted of 100-200 phone calls and 3 hours of phone time. My ambition was recognized when I was awarded Rookie of the Year honors in 1997 in field of 100+. Worked more and more closely with high net worth individuals as my career grew over the next few years, ultimately grossing over $350,000 a year in production as my attention moved to providing a full suite of products and financial solutions for my current and future client base.

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