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Biomedical Sales Manager, Portuguese teacher, Airbnb superhost & pug daddy!

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• Multicultural work experience in Brazil, Denmark and USA. • Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. • Familiar sales territories: Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Arizona and Utah. • Sales profile breakdown: academic labs 60%, clinical diagnostic labs 25%, veterinary and animal services: 10%, pharmaceutical industry: 4% and food industry 1%. • Technical Sales: 11 years providing sales of capital instruments and new technologies, reagents, synthesis services, diagnostic kits, software and consumables for molecular discovery. • Sales of capital instruments ranging from $25k to $170 for cell processing, analysis and storage. Services for DNA sequencing, NGS sequencing, DNA amplification, processing and storage, synthesis services (antibody, gene, oligos). Sales of kits for molecular detection, reagents and consumables • Reagent supply room implementation programs: 5 years. Participation in vendor shows, seminaries and events. • Research: 8 years of scientific investigation in molecular and cell biology, genetics, microbiology, clinical biochemistry, pathology, physiology, toxicology, zoology and botany. • Host of a TV show picturing Texas lifestyles for international viewers. • Official show link: . O Mundo Segundo os Brazileiros

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Aug 2011 - Present

11:11 LUCKYTEKS - Biotechnological Consulting & Media Support.


• Independent business initiative. • Host TV and web shows broadcasting Texas tourist attractions and lifestyles to international travelers. Provide guidance in Texas to international visitors, journalists and TV producers. • Collaboration with the USA Army DIMO (Defense Institute for Medical Operations) proving simultaneous technical translations in the medical field (Portuguese – English), escorting international leaders from Portuguese Speaking countries during their governmental affairs in the USA upon necessary clearance. - Technical Translator for the International annual event "HIV International Policies and guidelines for research, prevention and treatment. • Provide support for companies looking to initiate biotech business in Brazil, helping them necessary permits, certifications, translation inquiries and protocol translations. • Civilian Support for DIMO (Defense Institute of Medical Operations), US Army, providing translation services Portuguese – English to the HIV policies, prevention and treatment procedures. Translation of protocols, manuals and simultaneous translations of broadcasted events. • Educational aid, teaching and improving academic performance of elementary and high school students in Portuguese and Biology.


Jan 2016 - Jan 2019

Laxco, Inc.

International Business Development Manager

• Manage and support technical Sales of local and international distributors and their local representatives (ThermoFisher, Grainger, Thomas Scientific in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. Sales through 11:11 LuckyTeks Distributors in Latin America and Brazil. • Sales management Hubspot CRM. Sales of microscopes connected to ipads or tablets. • Technical translation and maintenance of the website in Portuguese and Spanish. • Management of all sales of microscopes, stereoscopes, spectrometers, nucleic acid and protein readers, and necessary attachments for fluorescence observation in advance display all touch screen systems helping local distributors matched to potential customers.


Jun 2013 - Nov 2015

Cellular Sales

Sales Account Manager

• Sales management of telecommunication services and devices. Trainer and Escalations. Austin Area. • Monthly sales amount: $ 65 K. Texas top sales leader on September and August 2015 and yearly rank top 10 sales professional. HTC Champion top seller 2015(2nd in the country). Commission rate 10%.


Feb 2012 - Jun 2013

Bio Basic, Inc.

Regional Sales Manager

• Territory: TMC - Texas Medical Center (Baylor College of Medicine, UTHSC, MD Anderson, St Luke’s Hospital, University of Houston, Rice University and UTMB Galveston etc.). Coverage of the Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma territories. • Sales growth in 65% of the territory with 11% average increase of total sales volume. Travel requirement: 30% overnight. Sales volume 500 k to 1000 k per account, with a yearly growth, per account, of 15%. That data will be provided upon request. academia, clinical cabs, pharmaceutical and veterinary customer accounts. • Sales of capital instruments and reagents, consumables, DNA sequencing services, gene, antibody and oligo synthesis, kits for molecular detection and technical support packages. • Initiate and maintain technical sales of supplies for molecular discovery, including immunological reagents and antibodies, ELISA/WB/diagnostic/molecular detection kits and biochemical reagents, pcr related enzymes and purification kits and supplies for cell culture. • Sales of services as customized gene and oligo synthesis; peptide, RAPD primers and antibody synthesis; DNA sequencing and high volume plasmid production; protein expression and purification. Provide technical services to labs, hospitals and research institutions. • Direct sales of general labware supplies, reagents for molecular biology, antibodies, Elisa kits and molecular diagnostics detection kits. Quote of customized tests and gene synthesis services to labs, hospitals and research institutions.

Aug 2011 - Feb 2012

Boster Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Regional Sales Manager

• Technical sales management of proteomics and genomics supplies for molecular discovery including immunological reagents and antibodies (ELISA/WB), biochemical reagents, diagnostic kits and molecular biology reagents: pcr related enzymes, cell culture apparatus, DNA and RNA kits, • Provide technical services to labs, hospitals and research institutions. Services includes: customized gene, oligo, peptide, RAPD primers and antibody synthesis; standard DNA sequencing, high volume plasmid production for vaccine development, protein expression and purification.

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