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Broad and deep experience gained from IBM in Enterprise Systems strategic architecting and deployment, new technology development both in growth companies and start ups. Early career at IBM and DEC in systems and marketing, Comdisco in financial management and business recovery design, Gartner Group/DataQuest in strategic market planning, research, and review. CFO of two technology industry startups (one public and one private) leveraging finance strategy into and including strategic and tactical business development. Founded, built, and sold multiple companies all with successful outcomes.

Work experience

Jun 2021 - Present


GM BioSensing

SigmaSense is leading a transformation in digital sensing. Proven in touch sensors for electronic devices, SigmaSense's unique current mode approach enables vast capabilities that have broad application leveraging its 100 to 1000 times superior signal to noise ratios. SigmaSense is bringing this digital transformation to Bio-sensing to help improve all types of sensors and enable new and improved capabilities in all types of medical devices. This is Superior data capture in an analog world.


May 2018 - Mar 2021

Bardy Diagnostics, Inc.

Managing Director

Bardy Diagnostics provides the most advanced Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring patch in the industry generating the most accurate and advanced guide to diagnosis and treatment. A team of highly skilled technicians expertly evaluate the data and present detailed findings not available from any other device. This creates a true P-wave focused higher level of diagnostics that saves lives and improves outcomes.

Aug 2011 - Apr 2019

Physicians Ancillary Services (PAS)

Business Development and CFO

Physicians Ancillary Services (PAS) became the leading provider of in-home EEG monitoring along with other unique testing services. PAS pioneered many aspects of fully monitored in home testing for both Sleep and EEG by deploying and mastering the latest innovative technologies with a focus on delivering the highest quality services available. PAS' commitment to excellence distinguished itself in the industry leading to a successful acquisition by Corticare.

Sep 2017 - May 2018

Cardiac Intel, Inc.


Cardiac Intel, Inc. was launched as a service organization supporting the cardiology monitoring industry. We built a great team and operation attracting multiple customers. Our skills and success were recognized and led us to being acquired by our best client.

Aug 2011 - Dec 2017


Co-Founder & Partner

ConcentMD was a consulting entity to medical start ups and entrepreneurial physicians. The unexpected passing of my partner ended our long successful run as an independent entity. Thank you Robert Jordan for your passion and drive in this endeavor. You will be missed in the industry and by all of us that you engaged.

Apr 2016 - Jul 2017

Cardiac Designs, Inc

Acting CEO and CFO

Cardiac Designs is a provider of unique ECG monitoring solutions including its "ECGCheck" smart phone single lead monitor. ConcentMD was engaged to manage the business by the Cardiac Designs founders.

May 2013 - Nov 2015

Unipixel Displays Inc

Vice President of Business Development

UniPixel was an innovative developer of Performance Engineered Films to the Display and Flexible Electronics markets. UniPixel's fully additive roll-to-roll processes launched a new approach to producing high performance touch sensor solutions particularly when combined with Diamond Guard cover glass replacement films. UniPixel's InTouch Sensors and Diamond Guard hard coat technologies offered device manufacturers new alternatives to ITO and glass systems. After multiple manufacturing partners and customers were brought in, successive management destroyed the company through a series of incredibly bad decisions driving it into bankruptcy. What a waste of our great innovations, successful partnering, and customer based growth.


Jun 2012 - May 2013

BestFit Mobile

Business and Channel Development

BestFit Mobile provided comprehensive Mobile Strategy, Business Program Design, App Development, Deployment and Management services. The company was acquired and centralized to the acquirer.

Mar 2010 - Aug 2011

eCardio Diagnostics

Vice President Business Development

Worked on strategy, developing new offerings, and engaging the relationships to expand and accelerate eCardio's growth and to diversify its service offerings. Established a sourcing program that dramatically reduced cost of consumable expense items. Executed a program to introduce a leading edge new technology to the marketplace ahead of expected timeline and below target budget.

Aug 2003 - Mar 2010

Unipixel Displays Inc

Chief Financial Officer

UniPixel launched into the development of a new display technology based on a thin film MEMS approach. After successfully engaging Samsung in joint development, we transformed the company into a thin film producer leveraging core technical advances into the most advantageous business model for growth and prosperity.

Jun 1999 - Aug 2003

Mindwave Research

Owner, Board Member, Founder, CFO

With two other founding partners, we launched Mindwave into a leader in the High Technology industry providing primary market research and consultancy services to all types of industry participants, from start ups to the largest systems, components, and network techology and data carrier vendors. UniPixel Displays engaged Mindwave to develop strategy, comprehensive business plans, and pro forma financials. UniPixel raised over $50 million to follow.

1997 - 1999

IntelliQuest Information Group and CMP Media/Reality Research

Business Development

Grew research services business and customer relationships specifically with clients in the information technology industry. CMP Media recruited our core team to launch Reality Research under their umbrella of IT publishing companies.

Nov 1994 - Oct 1997

Gartner Group/DataQuest

Regional Manager

Joined DataQuest to develop the central US territory and was promoted to run the central Texas team after the Gartner Group acquisition. Challenged to maintain and grow revenues for all IT related research services while rebuilding the local team.

Sep 1982 - Jun 1994


Sales and Implementation Management

Designed and sold IT solutions to the Financial Industry to leverage new technology advances into competitive advantages for productivity, efficiency, and financial opportunities. DataQuest became a significant client in helping them to implement strategic IT advances.


1981 - 1986

Bachelors, Finance, Engineering Management

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