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I was born in Lusaka, Zâmbia. I lived in Tanzania, Poland, the United Kingdom and Portugal. Marketing-ing since 2012, I focus on helping companies (really) grow, and I have experience in multiple sectors and markets. I’ve developed my career working with international high growth startups, both in-house and as an external consultant / advisor - having worked with 30+ startups ranging from B2B enterprise players, to B2C mass market players. I love pizza, craft beer, coffee, funny socks, and my beard. My 2 favourite things in the world are traveling and reading. Common sense and ignorance are my major allies

Work experience

Sep 2020 - Present

The Taken Seat




Jan 2017 - Present

Various startups

Marketing & Growth Consultant

- I've worked with the best startups and scale-ups in EU and the US - I've managed more than 100M in ad spend - I helped companies grow from 0 to MM. - I (still) haven't helped a company scale from 50M to 100M. - In a few cases, I've been the only digital marketing person in these companies. - Advising startups around growth mostly through digital marketing and product. - Provide technical training & guidance around Analytics, Marketing Automation, CRO, Product, etc. - General business advice on operations, customer support, logistics, revenue models, pricing etc.


Aug 2019 - Sep 2020

SWORD Health

Head of Growth


Sep 2015 - Feb 2018


Head of Perfomance Marketing

2017 - 2017

GO Youth

Coorganizer of the best tech student conference in Europe

Sep 2014 - Oct 2015

Hostelworld Group

Senior PPC Executive

hostelworld.com - hostelbookers.com - hostels.com

2014 - 2015


PPC Executive

Apr 2013 - Sep 2014


Marketing and eCommerce Specialist

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