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Itajaí, BR

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Hello, I am a Creative Customer Success analyst with almost 6 years in the market. Throughout my career, I worked in the B2B logistics market, always finding out-of-the-box solutions to meet the needs of customers. With this approach, in the last 2 years I was awarded as the CS reference at the Hamburg Sud Company. I am also a very versatile developer with about 5 years of experience, freelancer. I have experience in VBA, Web (HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP), mobile (Flutter) and RPA (Uipath, Python and Robot Framework), programming different types of applications for the Hamburg Sud Company, Rapia and for personal use, from macros in VBA for data analysis up to institutional websites. Focusing on optimizing processes, I managed to improve the process flow by about 40%, without compromising the final quality.

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Work experience

Apr 2020 - Present


Founder & RPA Developer

- Development of software for process automation, helping small and medium-sized companies to solve the problem of repetitive, manual and low added value tasks, which take time from work teams, using Digital Robots developed for each process; - Identification and contact with possible customers; - Mapping and choosing processes to be automated; - Program / robot development, mainly in Python and Robot Framework; - Documentation and implementation; - Monitoring, support and updates, according to the needs of each process.


Jun 2014 - Apr 2020

Hamburg Süd

Senior Customer Success Analyst

- Attend to the export customer, through the telephone channel, email and support tickets on the Movidesk platform, with the goal of clarifying doubts and solving problems related to shipment, from taking the order until the cargo arrives at the final destination, through active listening, commitment and proactivity; - Monitor compliance with deadlines established for customer response, through SLAs (Service Level Agreement), in order to minimize any impact or loss to the export process; - Consult several internal areas to find a solution, in order to efficiently answer the demands of customers, respecting the principle of First Contact Resolution; - Provide management support, participating in meetings with customers and suppliers; - Participate in projects that contribute to process optimization, aiming at improving results and customer satisfaction, based mainly on the analysis of results of NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys; - Carry out training and support for the new booking confirmation ERP with other co-workers, multiplying technical knowledge, solving doubts and solving problems during the implementation of the new tool; - Analysis of available space on the vessels versus customer profile, to confirm export bookings; - Monitoring of volume shipped and scheduled for shipment, segregated by portfolio and customer profile, analyzing and proposing a solution to reduce Churn levels; - Reception and resolution of internal demands, received from other branches and partners, including those located in other countries.


Jun 2014 - Apr 2020

Hamburg Süd

VBA and RPA Developer

- Focal point in the business area for the development of new projects, such as systems and processes, participating from ideation, validation, execution and implementation; - Development of programs in VBA, for execution, analysis and management of activities essential to the business, previously performed manually, significantly increasing productivity and quality for the organization and customers; - Robotic process automation, using the UiPath tool to create robots that simulate people performing repetitive tasks, eliminating errors, increasing productivity and reducing costs; - Most of the software development work was carried out in parallel with my main activities, related to customer service in the company's commercial department.

2012 - 2014

Taroii Investment Group S/A

Administrative Assistant

- Administrative assistant to the Engineer in charge of construction projects; - Research and registration of suppliers in civil construction; - Realization of quotations and orders; - Receipt and conference of materials; - Control of entry and dispatch of invoices for payment; - Preparation of contracts with suppliers and service providers; - Payment control of open contracts; - Monitoring and control of the progress of the work; - Control of hours and activities performed by the maintenance team, as well as delivery of PPE and uniforms; - Development of reports and spreadsheets for various controls, for example: report of construction costs and spreadsheet of physical and financial schedule; - Organization and maintenance of various files and editions of architectural projects in AutoCAD.

Feb 2011 - Jun 2011

Hiddroart Materiais para Construção

Sales Consultant

- Prospecting, customer service and customer registration; - Budgeting; - Issuance of invoices; - Monitoring of factory orders until the final customer and post-sale.

Dec 2009 - Feb 2011

Hiddroart Materiais para Construção

Stock boy

- Development and organization of the store layout, showcase and warehouse; - Inventory maintenance; - Registration and cataloging of new items; - Check in and out of goods for home delivery and price tagging.

Apr 2009 - Dec 2009

Hiddroart Materiais para Construção


Practical experience of the concepts worked on in the course taught by Senac, including areas such as sales, administration, finance, credit, warehouse and information technology.

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