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Results oriented information technology professional with over 20 years’ experience developing custom information systems and software across a wide spectrum of technical platforms and business domains. A strong combination of excellent technical leadership and communication skills, along with the ability to quickly grasp business drivers framing the solution to be delivered.

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Dec 2020 - Present

Product Management

StockX is the next generation of ecommerce for the next generation of consumer. Our global platform offers unprecedented access to current culture while our data-driven, bid-ask model provides buyers with the real-time visibility to know they're getting a fair price. And, unlike other ecommerce sites, StockX hand-checks every purchase (20,000+ daily) at one of our regional authentication centers. StockX's special formula has rocketed the company to a recent multibillion-dollar valuation, with 10M+ lifetime trades on the platform - more than half of those coming in the last year. And we're just getting started. In my product management role at StockX, I cover the integration of the platform with the financial systems. I also manage the platform features dealing with of import/export duties and state/provincial taxes and VAT. Work with me! To learn more, check out our open roles at

Jul 2018 - May 2020

Senior Director, Product Development

Key contributor in the end to end construction of several of SoFi's loan product underwriting components. Worked with Credit/Risk and Engineering to extend the platform to incorporate decisioning models, including Logistic Regression scorecards and Machine Learning, improving risk ranking and loss prevention. Worked with pricing data science to build extensions to the loan pricing system that allowed for multi-way price testing, and a machine learning model that delivered customer-centric pricing adjustments. Worked extensively with data from credit bureaus to incorporate credit scores and data in customer verification, underwriting and pricing. Supported audits and examinations from regulators, internal audit and loan buyers. Product managed system components keeping the lending platform in compliance with state regulatory agencies. Led a project to install and configure an Anti Money Laundering platform to perform transaction monitoring for SoFi Money.

May 2015 - Jul 2018

Director of Product Development

In my Product Development role, I am responsible for key components of our consumer lending platform, including credit reporting, underwriting, pricing and compliance. We are continuously improving our lending platform capabilities to drive increased volume and credit quality across personal loans, mortgages and student loan refinancing. During this time of rapid growth, SoFi has continued to have unprecedented impact among its peers in securitizations of its loans while growing originations to over $1B per month.

Dec 2014 - May 2015

Senior Director, Core Payment Platform Solutions

Led a team of product managers for the Visa Resolve Online (VROL) dispute resolution platform, used by all banking and processing partners on the Visa payment network. Worked with stakeholders to synchronize changes in Visa products with the dispute flows enforcing the Global operating rules and regulations. Subject matter expert in the Chargeback, Representment and Arbitration/Compliance data elements and documentation requirements. Contributed in the development of the successor platform, Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) Led the team supporting large bank and processing partners who integrated payment system components through system interfaces, both real-time and batch. Managed billing for worldwide usage of Visa Resolve Online

Jun 2009 - Dec 2014

Director, Core Payment Platform Solutions

I work within the Global Product Development organization within Visa, managing a team that drives the requirements and specifications of the Visa dispute resolution platform (Visa Resolve Online). This application is used by all banks worldwide that participate in the Visa payment network to resolve cardholder disputes and other issuer/acquirer processing disputes within the Visa International Operating Regulations. There are other ancillary systems within Visa relating to VROL that I manage from a requirements and operations standpoint, in particular applications that provide analytic reports on dispute performance and regulatory timeframes, and aggregating VROL activity billing information for our revenue system. I also consult with our larger banking clients and their back office system integration with VROL through our Bulk and Real-Time Web Service interfaces. My position at Visa is a continuation of the work I did here while a consultant with Ziba Group.


Jan 2004 - Jun 2009

Ziba Group

Managing Consultant

Performed technical product management functions for Visa's Resolve Online dispute resolution platform. Specialized in RFC, Chargeback/Representment, Adjustment, Imaging and System Interfaces (Bulk, Web Services) Duties included some specialized software development: Wrote a test rig to exercise and test the Real Time System Interface, a SOAP/XML interface to the dispute platform (C#/.Net/Soap/XML) Wrote a COM/ActiveX component integrating TWAIN scanner operation to seamlessly insert scanned documents into VROL cases (C++/ActiveX/MFC) Worked on several billing data collection/submission tools (C#/.Net/Java/Apache Tomcat/Swing)

2001 - Jun 2009

Whitehawk Technology

Technology Consultant


2003 - 2004

Washington Mutual

Managing Consultant

Washington Mutual had built a large loan origination system based on a 3rd party workflow engine built on Forte, an object oriented distributed development system. Sun had acquired Forte and intended on retiring the product. Furthermore, the workflow engine product company had been acquired by one of Washington Mutual's largest competitors, thus putting this platform in jeopardy. The system also had some performance, stability and scalability issues in production that were limiting its success in consolidating all of WAMU's loan origination onto the single, new platform. I organized a team of Forte specialists and we helped Washington Mutual make decisions about the direction of this loan system.

2002 - 2002

Extempo Systems, Inc.

Director Professional Services

2001 - 2001


Vice President of Technology


1998 - 2000

Xpedior, Inc.

Vice President of Technology

Provided technical leadership on several flagship engagements in the US and Europe. Managed a 3 continent team implementing Hewlett Packard's European Consumer Shopping Village, one of HP's first direct-to-consumer ecommerce sites. One of many sites Sage/Xpedior built for HP using Broadvision One-to-One. Technical guidance and engagement management on several projects at Wyle Electronics, Irvine, CA., in their efforts to adopt Forte in their IT organization. Wyle became a key strategic account in the formation of our Los Angeles area practice. Worked with the Global Alliances group to identify and manage key strategic partnerships for the organization, including Forte, Broadvision, Blue Martini, BEA, IBM and Hewlett Packard. The Global Alliances group also secured investments from HP and IBM to build vertical market solutions and drive joint market opportunities.

1994 - 1998

Sage IT Partners


Provided technical leadership and engagement management for Sage's Distributed Systems and E-Commerce consulting practice. Managed mulitple flagship clients implementing Forte 3GL into the enterprise, including Apple Computer, County of Alameda, Long's Drugs, SaveSmart (acquirered by InfoSpace) Led the team that designed and built Forte Web Enterprise for Forte Software, Inc., facilitating integration of Forte's multi-tier, scalable distributed object environment with the Web/HTML/HTTP channel.

1993 - 1994

Metropolis Software

Technical Architect

1989 - 1993

Andersen Consulting

Senior Consultant


1988 - 1989

Swarthmore College

System and Network Manager

1983 - 1988

Lockheed Missiles and Space

Laboratory Programmer


1984 - 1989

Swarthmore College

B.A., Biology/Psychology

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