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After several years of entrepreneurship, management and consulting experience within the software industry I have specialized my career on RPA - Robotic Process Automation. ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ I help companies to setup a Digital Workplace with no repetitive, nor boring tasks powered by RPA - Robotic Process Automation. ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ I empower organizations to discover the benefits of Robotic Process Automation in order to achieve their business goals applying innovative technology like RPA, SPA (Smart Process Automation) or IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) in which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are crucial. Always available for new and creative business opportunities. Specialties: ▪ RPA - Robotics Process Automation ▪ Anti Piracy, Intelectual Property Protection, Web Intelligence, Price Comparison ▪ High-Technology and Internet ▪ RPA in Financial Departments. RPA for CFOs ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ✉ joseferrerh@gmail.com ☏ +34 659 460 301 / +44 (0) 79 2294 3356

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Work experience

Oct 2020 - Present

Escuela de Organización Industrial

Collaborating Professor (Lecturer) - RPA

Specific workshops about RPA - Robotic Process Automation in "In Company" programs of EOI

Jan 2019 - Present

Teknei España

Expert in process automation for business | 🤖RPA Manager 📌

When I was young I was passionate about computing and device drivers to move things from the computer 💻. Today, I help companies to find TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS TO AUTOMATE the repetitive processes that bring little value to the business, take a lot of time and slow down productivity. At Teknei, the multinational to which I contribute my experience in companies of automation and robotization (RPA), I manage the area dedicated to providing RPA technological solutions to hundreds of businesses in full DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. ✅ My mission is to find the technological solution that each client needs to PUSH their business, first finding out what they need to automate and how to do it. The greatest satisfaction is to create, together with my team, a perfect workflow in which process automation fulfills the functions expected of it and IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY. RPA SERVICES OF TEKNEI: ▶ Automation of repetitive and mechanical tasks in any digital environment. ▶ Extraction, import and migration of content from any database or web portal for integrate them into new environments. ▶ Web Intelligence campaigns to get user feedback, monitor the competition and analysis of sector and market data. ▶ Custom software design and development

Jul 2015 - Present

Check-it -


Check-it is an online reconciliation tool for accountants and financial managers based on an account aggregator. It automatically downloads banking information, reconciles bank statements and exports the data to any ERP. Check-it represents our main project about RPA. Check-it automatically gathers information from banks, put it into a unified platform and compares the information with the data inside the ERP. The ERP information is about AR - Accounts Receivable, AP Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Chart of Accounts While setting up recurring transactions to automatically create each account period and account statement in the ERP, Check-it saves time and money in accountancy departments and avoid accountants to perform repetitive and tedious tasks. When implementing RPA in your company think about Bank Reconciliation and allow us to start from there. We will rapidly implement other solutions in other departments like operations, logistics, compliance, etc. .. RPA technology is applicable to a growing number of markets, industries and departments inside your company Just think about it and try check-it to see if it can help

May 2008 - Jan 2019

FSI SL - fsinfo.es

CTO and owner

FSINFO.es is all about Robotic Process Automation, gaining efficiency and implementing RPA technologies. FSI is not only a company but a very interesting and demanding project on innovation and processes efficiency. Efficiency gained through new technology and RPA trends. RPA - Robotic Process Automation is becoming something relevant and useful for many industries and business cases. These business cases always have two principal components: an aggressive time-to-value and a very pressing ROI. An impressive technology knowledge and a very motivated team can make a difference in these variables.

Sep 2009 - Dec 2018

Kapow Software, A Kofax Company

Spanish Country Manager

Kapow Software provides industry-leading technology for accessing, enriching, and serving real-time, noise-free web data. The Kapow Web Data Server powers solutions in web and business intelligence, portal generation, SOA/WOA enablement, and content migration. Kapow’s patented visual programming and integrated development environment (IDE) technology enables business and technical decision-makers to create innovative business applications. With Kapow, new applications can be completed and deployed in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional software development methods. Kapow is mostly used for Process Automation, Information Integration, Content Migration Projects, Application Integration Projects, Portal Implementation Projects and Pricing and Marketing Intelligence.

2004 - Jul 2011

FIT Soluciones

Owner, Manager

Operations Director Technical Director Manager

Jul 2007 - Jun 2008



Contenium specialises in the development of Web enabled solutions that provide a wide spectrum of tools for managing Digital Content. Our mission is to strengthen our customer,s capacity to manage massive volumes of Digital Content, whether internal or external, allowing them to manipulate, analyse, and present such Content in formats that can enhance useability, relevancy and alignment of information, to provide an attractive ROI in their business models.

Apr 2005 - Apr 2006

Servista (Spain)

Operations Director

After working at Servista UK, I was in charge of opening and developing the Spanish Market. I opened new offices in Madrid Spain and hired an small team to prospect the market and build the Spanish value proposition.

Jun 2003 - Mar 2005

Servista (UK)

BI - Program Manager

Program Manager for the Servista BI solution: Servista Knowledge. I was in charge of an international development team. Our mission: To build a reporting and analytical solution for Servista customers. Available over a secured website and powerful to allow them to analyze the results and the businsess economics.

Sep 1999 - May 2003

ORACLE Consulting (Spain)

Managing Principal (Gerente)

As a member of the ORACLE consulting management team, my main responsibilities are to design, develop and support Oracle products Based Solutions. As a high level in the Consulting Department, I am responsible for the career development of other consultants and for the internal practice development. I have taken part in strategic and modern projects like: - UNO-e internet banking solution - eBankinter internet banking platform - Documentary Database for the Bank of Spain - Intereconomia.com, an important financial Spanish portal - Grupo Endesa, Datamart for the Human Resource department

1995 - 1996



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