Joseph Mills

Director of Sales at Vivid Racing

Gilbert, AZ


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Branding, strategy, creative, presentation, knowledge based management, eCom development, lean manufacturing, ISO/TS, market analysis, making the number.

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Work experience

Sep 2019 - Present

Vivid Racing

Director of Sales


Feb 2017 - Jun 2019

AutoMeter Products, Inc.

Host, AutoMeter Garage

Hosting, concept, design, direction, production, editing and supervision of the AutoMeter Garage web series.


Apr 2008 - Jun 2019

AutoMeter Products

Director of Marketing and Customer Experience

Director of Marketing, Advertising and Technical Sales departments for the world's leading manufacturer of high performance instrumentation, data solutions and battery and electrical testing and diagnostic equipment. Manages marketing and advertising budgets for Auto Meter family of brands while serving as creative director for all content creation. Manages key accounts, agencies and rep groups and active participant in trade organizations. Manages all digital properties including development of eCommerce/marketing automation platforms from inception to execution. Key contributor to product development initiatives. Active contributor to acquisition strategy and execution. Leads MAP, channel pricing and product data program.

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