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- over 25 years in the Bay Area biotechnology industry - diverse laboratory background: molecular biology, cell biology, enzymology, assay development, high-throughput screening, robotics, EH&S, procurement, relational databases, data analysis, supervisory roles (summer interns and research associates) - worked in companies focused on small-molecule drug discovery, RNA therapeutics and genomics - excellent multitasking, organizational, interpersonal and communication skills - Certificate in Project Management from UC Berkeley Extension

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Sep 2021 - Present

Blade Therapeutics

Director of Facilities and Operations


Jun 2020 - Sep 2021

Boost Biomes

Director of Operations

Laboratory operations: EHS, procurement, Import-Export, Compliance, Equipment maintenance, office/laboratory tenant improvements, capital equipment price negotiations and purchases, laboratory infrastructure setup Business operations: Human Resources, Accounting, Facilities, Regulatory, Project Management, IT coordinator, contract review


Aug 2018 - Jun 2020

Maze Therapeutics

Senior Manager, Operations

• Overseeing startup operations for two Third Rock Ventures “NewCo’s” • Planning and improvement of facilities at a temporary site, and overseeing two multi-million dollar tenant improvement projects at The Cove in South San Francisco; working directly with construction project managers, general contractors and all trades • Coordinated move of both companies from Redwood City to South San Francisco • Involved in most capital equipment purchases including instrument evaluations, price negotiations, service contracts, installation, routine maintenance, calibration, certification and repair • Facilities coordinator of all services for plumbing, mechanical, electrical, moving, storage and janitorial • Implemented a remote monitoring system for cold storage, incubators, switchover manifolds and process gasses • Coordinating stockroom management with primary lab supply vendors • Working closely with our EHS consultant to establish a fully compliant laboratory and workplace environment; head of Safety Committee/Biosafety Officer • Supervising one full-time materials handler and one part-time facilities technician


Aug 2018 - Dec 2019

Third Rock Ventures



Aug 2018 - Dec 2019

Ambys Medicines

Operations Consultant

Apr 2017 - Aug 2018

Pharmacyclics, an AbbVie Company

Laboratory Manager

• Member of the senior staff reporting to the Head of Research, directly supporting 30+ researchers in the Research and Translational Medicine groups; providing backup support to the Medicinal Chemistry and DMPK groups; supervised one operations assistant • The main point of contact for laboratory operations, interfacing with the following entities: Internal - Facilities, IT, EH&S, shipping and receiving, procurement, finance, legal, AbbVie counterparts Please see my CV for details regarding my involvement in the following: compound management, project management, finance, procurement, information technology IT, facilities, EH&S, laboratory management, GCP compliance, import/export


Jul 2016 - Mar 2017


Senior Manager, Operations

• Reported directly to the Chief Scientific Officer and overseeing all operations for a startup company focused on regenerative medicine via the Wnt pathway. Working closely with both scientific staff and support staff, including finance, procurement, facilities, human resources, EH&S and IT. • Project Management: formalized meetings and communications; assisted scientists to “projectize” their research; worked with a consulting architect on a ground-up tenant improvement at The Cove in South San Francisco; managed a project to add office space to our temporary facility • Lab Management: identified EH&S needs then collaborated with a consultant for regulatory compliance; implemented an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and a relational database; vendor management to source supplies and services; responsible for equipment acquisition and maintenance; delegated duties to laboratory staff; organized a stockroom program and tracked inventory; identified bottlenecks and issues in order to optimize laboratory workflows • Operations Management: continuously improved processes; created a method to do a regular cost analysis of research activities; devised cost-saving strategies and negotiated prices to stay on or under budget; coordinated efforts between staff and the IT consultant to rollout a mixed operating system environment


Nov 2015 - Jul 2016


Bioanalytical Project Manager (Consultant)

• Working with Atezolizumab (anti-PDL1) Phase 1, 2, 3 clinical study teams, contracting group, data group, DMPK, BAS, central labs and contract labs to outsource and manage biosample (PK/ATA) analysis • Acting as ad hoc team member on multiple clinical study management teams (11) • Managing clinical vendor contracts which includes development of assay vendor SOWs, review of invoices, ensuring receipt of deliverables, resolving or escalating issues where needed, and closing contracts • Assist with identifying  and on-boarding assay vendors, drafting RFP, budget planning, and specifying data formats  • Preparing vendor oversight plans for each study as needed; reviewing study protocols and ICFs Ensure alignment between cross functional teams including documentation of decisions and action items • Collaborating with Clinical Pharmacologists and Study Data Managers to develop timelines for PK and ATA data, and managing relationships with contract labs ensuring timely completion of SOW deliverables • Overseeing shipping and receipt of biosamples from central labs to assay laboratories  • Providing biosample metrics and status updates to study management teams as requested  • Supporting clinical study teams / pharmacology teams by planning and attending appropriate meetings as needed  • Serving as the on-going operational point of contact between internal gRED functions and assay vendors for communication regarding sample logistics and availability, batching and testing timelines, reanalysis, and data reportable tracking 

Nov 2011 - Nov 2015

Cleave Biosciences

Scientist / Laboratory Operations Manager

• Laboratory Management: new laboratory set-up, purchasing, EH&S, administration of cloud-based electronic laboratory notebooks and a cloud-based relational database, managing vendors and consultants relating to all laboratory supplies and services, contract negotiation, cost analysis, sourcing new and used equipment, coordinated implementation of a remote equipment alarm notification • Project Management: implementation of laboratory management software; vendor streamlining and compliance • Managed RNAseq and CRISPR projects, collaborating with CROs and internal scientists; spearheading efforts to bring RNAseq and complementary qPCR technologies in-house • Managed clonal isolation of drug resistant human colon carcinoma cells, testing compounds for cell viability and preparing samples for sequencing and gene expression • Researching, designing and executing exploratory experiments for non-oncology indications • Coordinating scale-up of several cell lines for Xenograft studies (50-150 animals per study) • Responsible for maintaining a cell bank of over 200 cell lines • Assay development for GFP reporter cell lines using a Guava Flow Cytometer • Executed two HTS campaigns of small molecule libraries for new targets • Developed and screened high-content immunofluorescent microscopy assays using a high-throughput microscope • IC50 determination of small molecule inhibitors in cell viability, kinetics, apoptosis and washout assays • Evaluating gene expression profiles using TaqMan qPCR, and pathway regulation via reporter gene assays

May 2006 - Oct 2011

Sirna Therapeutics (a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.)

Research Biologist / Laboratory Manager, Lead Development Department

• Developed and optimized in vitro assays including transfection of siRNAs into immortalized cell lines, RNA isolation, analysis using one-step and two-step real-time RT - qPCR (TaqMan) • Isolated RNA from tissue and analyzed samples via RT - qPCR • Assessment of RNA quality using the Agilent Bioanalyzer and ThermoScientific Nanodrop • Determined protein expression using Western blot analysis and ELISAs • Processes tracked through LIMS and incorporated laboratory automation - Beckman Biomek FX and NX • Liaison between scientific staff and EHS, procurement, accounting, facilities, IT staff • Responsible for bulk reagent purchasing and the main contact for external vendors • Optimized workflows for efficiency, safety, ergonomics • Chosen as a Source-to-Settle Divisional Champion to assist in Merck’s transition to SAP • Coordinate equipment maintenance with Perkin-Elmer LAMP, facilities staff and manufacturers • Assist the Methods Development group track reagent consumption and purchase of capital equipment; negotiated over $1 million in savings for FY 2010 • Completed Merck Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training, and U.S. DOT 49 CFR / IATA Training • As a safety committee member and lab manager, conduct monthly safety inspections and resolve safety issues


Mar 2002 - May 2006

Plexxikon, Inc.

Associate Scientist, Assay Development/Screening Department

• Responsible for carrying out initial assay development, high-throughput screening and cell-based assay work on the BRAF V600E project which eventually resulted in Vemurafenib (PLX4032), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vemurafenib • Assisted in implementation of a relational database for compound library information and screening data (MDL AssayExplorer, ChemDraw, PlateManager, ReportManager) • Developed AlphaScreen™ assays for several Serine/Threonine and Tyrosine kinases and responsible for screening of our compound libraries once the assays were developed • Developed follow-up cell-based assays that include cell proliferation, apoptosis, 293T transient transfections, glucose uptake, Western blotting and ELISA • Cloned and purified several kinases • Laboratory automation - Beckman Biomek FX


Nov 1999 - Mar 2002

Deltagen, Inc.

Senior Research Associate, Genotyping Department

• Managed and supervised a genotyping department for a large mouse facility • Responsibilities included PCR primer design for target genes, troubleshooting PCR, BLAST searches of appropriate databases for assembly of sequence into contigs, and supervised nine Research Associates


Sep 1998 - Nov 1999

Axys Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Research Associate II

• Utilized various molecular and cell biology techniques to clone a protease for stable expression in mammalian cells (CHO) • Assisted in high-throughput screening projects and an antisense oligonucleotide project


Jun 1997 - Sep 1998

Tularik, Inc.

Research Assistant / Associate, Drug Discovery Department

• Coordinated and performed high-throughput, cell-based screening and several follow-up in vitro assays for the Obesity/Diabetes project, studying agonists and antagonists of the transcription factor PPARγ and upregulators of the Ob gene • Ob gene Project – screened ~500,000 compounds; started assay development for DNA binding/Gel Shift studies and expression studies: an ELISA to detect leptin levels, luciferase assays, RNA isolation for competitive RT-PCR and an RNase Protection Assay • PPARγ Project - responsible for testing lead compounds in standard binding and reversibility assays, and in in vitro assays; in vitro assays included testing cytotoxicity of compounds using Alamar Blue, differentiating cells and cell staining using Oil Red O, detecting luciferase reporter gene expression in transient transfected cells • Laboratory automation - Titertek Multidrop, Torcon, Hydra96, Packard Topcount


Sep 1996 - Jun 1997

Cor Therapeutics, Inc.

Research Associate II, High-throughput Screening Department

• Aided in the development of a centralized compound screening program, optimized and validated screening assays determining Adenylyl Cyclase activity, operated automated systems to carry out high-throughput screening and to process a large compound library • Experience with SPA (Scintillation Proximity Assay) and Flashplate technology • Laboratory automation - Beckman Biomek 2000, Packard Topcount


Jun 1993 - Sep 1996

Sugen, Inc.

Research Associate I / II, High-throughput Screening Department

• Responsible for high-throughput cell-based and biochemical screening projects to discover novel small molecule and natural extract inhibitors for several Receptor/Protein Tyrosine Kinases and Phosphatases • Screened compounds using ELISA techniques, assessed lead compounds using Immunoprecipitation, Western Analysis/SDS-PAGE • Trained in the automation and validation of screening assays on a Zymark Robotics System • Contributed to developing and implementing a windows-driven, UNIX-based relational database application for inventory and screening data processing and storage • Trained and advised other research associates in laboratory techniques and on the use of a screening database


2012 - 2015

UC Berkeley Extension

Certificate, Project Management

1988 - 1993

UC Berkeley

BA Molecular and Cell Biology, Cell and Developmental Biology

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