Katherine Carvalho

Neurologist, Professor and Researcher in Cell Therapy at Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Institute

Curitiba, BR

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I am actually head of the Cell Therapy and Biotechnology in Regenerative Medicine Research Group at the in Tthe Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Institute, and Faculty Curitiba (Brazil) Bioprocess Engineering and Biotechnology (UFPR) as Associated Professor, 2006-2015. I have started researching Stem Cells in Myocardial why I have an opportunity at Pontifical Catholic University from Paraná. During this time, I have developed the research on a preclinical model with Ccoculture of myoblasts and Bone Marrow mesenchymal stem cells in vitro, followed by then a preclinical model in Ischemic Myocardial and Chagas Disease. In 2003, I was responsible for the of Isolation and Culture Proceedings for Phase I for Cellular Therapy in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy in Human Laboratory as well in other Clinical Phase II in the Multicenter Study in the Paraná State (Brazil) for Mononuclear Cellular Isolation from Human Bone Marrow; in the autologous model. Since 2006, I have concentrated on started to do the emphasis on Developing Stem Cell Domain in Neuroscience for Neurology/ Neurodegenerativemainly Parkinson's; Brain Ischemic Model, Alzheimer and Motor Neuron Diseases (Spinal Cord Trauma and Lateral Amyotrophic Sclerosis) as well as, Regeneration for the myopathies. I have Extended my activities on Research Nanotechnology Biocompatible matrices in the Brazilian Nanobiotechnology Network. In Nanotechnology, I have been developing studies on nanostructured cellulose matrix and another matrix as a scaffold to skin and heart with a patch for cellular as deliveries; nanoparticles for drug delivery in Parkinson's Disease, a based-nanostructured implant for cellular therapy. In researching and developing new approaches based on the preclinical cell therapy for translation, there are questions related to safety: from manufacturing to gene stability, as well as and the potential of stem cells of different origins. 2008-2015, I have been a member of the ESAO and have submitted the results in Oral Presentation as ESAO, BioNanomed, CardioBioAssist. I am a Member of the Human Ethical Committee, and I am the Coordinator of the Experimental Use of Animals Committee of the Pequeno Príncipe Organization. For the 3Rs, https://www.nc3rs.org.uk/arrive-guidelines, I was responsible for the Brazilian Portuguese back translation of the Guidelines. Also, I am a member of the examination board or thesis supervisor at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels.

Work experience

Sep 2006 - Present

Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Institute

Neurologist, Professor and Researcher in Cell Therapy

I head of Cell Therapy and Biotechnology in Regenerative Medicine, particularly in Neurodegenerative Disorders.

Mar 2001 - Jul 2008

Paraná Pontifical Catholical University


Board Certified

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