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Digital Project Manager and VR/AR Product Design Director

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“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.” Mary Lou Cook Creativity is the common thread that runs through my professional experience to date. Whether it’s been an experimental challenge in the research lab; creating the perfect group dynamic in leading a team; or course-correcting to reach project milestones - creative problem solving has become part of my everyday toolkit. Previously, I led software development teams in creating and delivering pioneering science learning experiences, bringing 6 new EdTech products to market and resulting in a spike in demand for Labster’s chemistry products. Prior to joining Labster I worked in project and team management across formal and informal science learning organisations. I even had a stint working on TV and radio programmes, exploring all possible media to connect people with science. One of my personal drivers is finding ways to contribute towards creating a scientifically literate society, best-equipped to explore the world around them and innovate in solving the world’s most complex challenges. Outside of work you can find me following the light with my camera or seeking out the best indie coffee (Williams and Johnson (Edinburgh) or Coffee Collective (Copenhagen) being two solid faves - I’d love to hear your favourites!). If you think we could innovate together, I’d love to hear from you. Perhaps we can have a virtual cup of W&J’s best. I’d love to help you facilitate discussion around ways to design your way out of your current wicked problem. I’m also looking for my next professional opportunity, so please reach out if you think there’s an opportunity to work together! My next ideal job is somewhere at the intersection of people, product, transformation and innovation… but I am open to trying my hand at most things, so I can’t wait to hear from you! Specialities: - Project management (Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and Hybrid) - Team management (including remote) - Collaboration - Development and delivery of user-centred products, experiences and services - Design thinking experience - Stakeholder management - Relationship and rapport building skills - Facilitating and training interdisciplinary groups - High emotional intelligence - Exceptional communication and influential presentation skills - Divergent thinking - Creativity and curiosity - Adaptability - Problem solving and analytical reasoning

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Jun 2020 - Present

Katy Mould Creative

Project Manager and Digital Product Designer

AR Product Designer/Digital Project Manager for Google x Labster - June 2020 - present - Design and delivery of 21 AR chemistry assets for Google's new AR in Search feature to support learning from anywhere. Launched 11 August 2020. Second batch to be launched Q1 2021. - Responsible for scientific accuracy, optimising existing molecule assets for AR, design of new assets, aligning with Google UX guidelines, delivering immersive chemistry content unlike that already available. Freelance Project Manager at Sonic Bothy - Dec 2020 - present - Overseeing the delivery of Sonic Bothy's inclusive new and experimental music engagement programme. - Planning and delivery of workshops for adults with Additional Learning & Support Needs. - Facilitating Sonic Bothy's ensemble in creating and performing original compositions. Creative Designer and Project Director - Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre - June - Oct 2020 - Design, development and delivery of an interactive multimedia exhibition highlighting the CCDC's historic, scientific and data science milestones. - Design and installation of physical exhibition elements - a historic timeline/gallery and interactive data table. - Design, direction and co-creation of digital timeline element - bespoke iOS app development (React Native).


Apr 2019 - Jun 2020


VR Project Manager & Product Design Director

Labster’s Unity3D education simulation platform offers virtual laboratories as an e-learning tool where students work with real-life science challenges in virtual environments. Our simulations combine gamification elements such as an immersive 3D universe, a scoring system and storytelling and are based on algorithms that support open-ended investigation. My role involved the product design, creative direction and project management of scientific simulation software development for WebGL and VR. Core Responsibilities: - Scrum master for full-cycle project management of software development process. - Established & maintained project/product development timelines, identifying & resolving roadblocks & managing priorities across project teams with wider product delivery roadmap. - Collaborating with a cross-functional, distributed world-wide teams (2D/3D artists, content developers, platform engineers) to design, build & deliver simulation products. - Product design: writing simulation flow, scientific content & ownership of the creative process - UI/UX writing/design, wire-framing, prototyping, design documentation & content writing. - Prototyping and testing platform features and UX/UI, working with technical & testing teams to deliver emerging technology solutions in visualisation & interactivity. - Proven expertise in articulating design direction & scientific concepts to artists, developers & non-scientists. Non-core roles: - Facilitator; Curriculum Aligner; Scientific Subject Matter Expert; Chief Team Building Officer. Key Contributions: - Directed development of 6 simulation products & contributed to 5 more across the Labster’s first chemistry product series. - As Facilitator, implemented changes to Holacracy Governance processes to make most effective use of time in Governance meetings. - As Curriculum Aligner, conducted user need interviews to align curriculum and market research, collaborating with Product Owner to arrive at the best product solutions.


Sep 2017 - Mar 2019

Edinburgh Science

International Staff and Training Manager

Edinburgh Science is an educational non-profit best known for organising Europe’s largest science festival - the Edinburgh Science Festival. They also deliver year-round education programmes and international science education projects. In a newly created role, I staffed, trained and managed large project teams of science communication staff across all of Edinburgh Science’s UK projects and international ventures. This included recurring festival projects, UK-wide education programme tours and other smaller projects and programmes. Responsibilities: - Staffing science education projects in the UK and overseas, across both not-for-profit programmes and commercial ventures. - Working with internal and external stakeholders to deliver staff teams within project budgets and milestones, negotiating and resolving competing resource demands across concurrent or simultaneous project timelines. - Responsible for project planning and management, aligning staffing strategy, staff resource allocation, projection and management of budgets (>£170k). - Lead trainer on science communication training courses and responsible for coordination and scheduling of project-specific staff training. - Responsible for all project staff and contracted delivery partners on-site at the live event, including team management, motivation and pastoral care (teams of size 4 - 150), rota management, schools' programme operations and working alongside production, technical and logistics teams to resolve festival site issues as they arise. Key Contributions: - Management of teams of ~70-90 project staff in delivering each Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2016/17/18/19 (>120,000 visitors annually over 10 days and 2-4 sites). - Management of a team of ~150 in delivering each Edinburgh Science Festival, 2018/19. - Delivered 7 major international science festivals/events in an 18 month period (4 is normal!). - Recruitment and management of over 800 freelance/temporary staff over 11 projects in 18 months.


Sep 2016 - Sep 2017

BBC Studios Ltd

TV Researcher / Radio Content Assistant

The BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster, and creates world-class programmes and content. Their Science & Factual genre creates some of the most-watched science programmes and documentaries available. I worked as a freelance Researcher and Content Assistant in the BBC's Science & Factual department working across several programmes and series for both TV and radio. Common Responsibilities: Researching scientific stories and content; identifying contributors and liaison pre-shoot; location planning; archive; fact-checking and scriptwriting; and on-site production coordination. Key Contributions: - For a magazine-style series, coordinating the production of 20 short films simultaneously across an 8 week period and multiple locations across the UK. - As resident scientist, responsible for scientific fact-checking for the Temperature series and designing and testing science experiments for the laboratory studio shoot. Credits/Projects: - Trust Me I'm a Doctor (Series 7) - BBC 2, magazine-style show (I worked on pieces about Mental Health, Raynauds, baldness, jet lag and more) - The Incredible Science of Temperature - BBC 4, 3-part science documentary series - MND and 22 Year Old Me BBC - Scotland/BBC 2, one hour documentary - Brainwaves Series 4 - BBC Radio Scotland - The Truth About... series.

Jan 2015 - Aug 2016

Royal Society of Chemistry

Education Coordinator (Scotland)

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the professional membership body for the chemical sciences in the UK and focuses its educational strategy on supporting its community in advancing chemistry, developing its applications and disseminating chemical knowledge. As Education Coordinator for Scotland I was the educational conduit between the organisation and the regional members and stakeholders it served. Responsibilities: - Supporting, developing and maintaining stakeholder networks in Scotland's chemistry community (teachers, students, public, academic and industrial experts). - Providing an equity of access to education resources, delivering high-quality educational and outreach activities and working to enhance the teaching and learning of chemistry. - Developing, coordinating and delivering national projects and events programmes for members and/or students, remotely organising multiple events. - Gathered feedback from regional stakeholders in feeding into region-specific governmental education policy recommendations. - Delivery of stakeholder presentations at school, Local Authority and national conference level: from a handful of teachers to a lecture theatre of 200. - Development and delivery of curriculum-aligned teacher CPD training, showcasing open-access learning resources and simulations that support teaching and learning - no matter their geographic location. (www.rsc.li/learn-chemistry). - Working in partnership with Glasgow Science Centre, STEM Learning and other partners to train STEM Ambassadors in chemistry outreach.

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