Kaustav Mitra

co-founder @ paradime.io | ex-Revolut, Goldman, Octopus | MBA@LBS

London, GB

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I think of myself as a data-informed generalist and someone who is aware of many things but not particularly good at anything! During my career spanning many dots, I have been an aerospace engineer, a python developer, a product manager for the A380 wing flaps, customer analytics in FX brokerage, market entry strategy in PropTech, biz dev in VR, algo dev for derivatives at Goldman Sachs and most recently running product insights, growth marketing and sales strategy across FinTech and Asset Management. All these diverse experiences has helped me develop 3 main transferrable skills: 1. learn fast and develop others 2. be comfortable with ambiguity 3. roll up my sleeves and dive into the trenches But the one thing I am really good at is fixing shit! In my current role, my goal is to grow Octopus' tax-efficient products like VCT and IHT and digital products like Octopus Choice and Octopus Cash within the UK Financial Advisor market. This involves a. ownership of the product roadmap to grow product engagement, retention and maximise customer life time value b. oversight & execution of the sales and marketing strategy to optimise the acquisition funnel c. execution of growth marketing plans to boost customer acquisition at competitive CPAs d. ownership of the data stack so we can take data-informed decisions When I am not working, I am mostly tinkering with code. Personal mantra: Let’s deal with one crisis at a time. Needless to say, I love crisis.

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Work experience

Jun 2020 - Present

Paradime Labs


Building the collaborative DataOps platform where people meet data.


Jul 2020 - Nov 2020


Head of Product Analytics

As a team, we worked on: A. The platform and framework for product analytics for the Retail mobile app including - data quality, testing and observability algorithms - anomaly detection and automated root cause analysis for key business indicators - various business metric definitions using the concept of activity states and state transitions B. The internal platform for managing product releases using feature flags including: - statistical routines to monitor key metrics and automatic feature rollback for regressions - mobile SDK and data engineering pipelines to handle more than 4000 req/s - app version and rollout management


Feb 2020 - Jul 2020


Lead Product Owner - Retail Growth

Built Revolut's internal experimentation platform with a team of 8 engineers and data scientists covering A/B tests, multi-variate tests, and sequential tests.


Feb 2019 - Jan 2020


Head of Insights and Co-head of Growth

Reporting to the CEO, I manage a data science and growth team to develop insights that drive the strategic roadmap of the business. So far, my team has worked on: • changing the analytics stack of the entire organisation to use Looker, dbt and BigQuery • developing customer segmentation models using PCA and t-SNE for lead scoring and prioritising marketing efforts • developing OKRs and incentive scheme for the sales organisation tied to business objectives • executing experiments to increase our DAU and MAU for the highest priority touch-points in our on-boarding and activation funnel • automating our data engineering pipelines using Airflow


Jun 2017 - Jan 2019

Octopus Labs

Head of Growth and Analytics

Built the data, analytics, and experimentation stack from scratch and started the data science team. Ran the product growth and mobile app teams for Octopus Choice, growing the retail business 2.5x per year and increased MAU by 3x. Member of the exec team reporting to the Octopus board. Owned the product roadmap for the first mile i.e. acquisition and on-boarding, logged-in and mobile experiences for Octopus Choice. Executed referral, social, and offline marketing campaigns with a ~£1m annual marketing budget to acquire customers at competitive CPAs. Worked with media buyers, external creative and digital agencies across the UK.


Sep 2015 - May 2017

Goldman Sachs

Senior Associate

Ran a 15 member technology team to deliver algorithms for all OTC derivative products, based on financial regulations (margin rules) across markets in US, EU, Japan and Canada. Reduced regulatory cost by 25% while enabling the trading teams handle 5x volumes.


Jan 2015 - Jun 2015


Seedcamp Associate Intern

Developed the international market entry strategy for Property Partner. Recommendations helped to increase the investor base by 100%.


Mar 2015 - May 2015


Business Development Intern

Developed the international market entry strategy for Property Partner. Recommendations helped to increase the investor base by 100%.

Jan 2015 - Apr 2015


Full Stack Developer

The engagement entailed developing a customised Wordpress website working with designers from MySisterFred, managing hosting, and setting up payment processing for tickets using Braintree. Looked after the web strategy and made sure the event was covered in social media, and display ad channels to maximise distribution.

Oct 2014 - Dec 2014

Microsoft Ventures

MBA Advisor

Advised FOVE, a VR startup, to change their business model by expanding their target market to medical applications and monetising their API. FOVE was a Microsoft Venture Accelerator portfolio company.


Jun 2014 - Nov 2014


MBA Summer Intern

Updated the business strategy of the firm using customer analytics. Recommended new client segments and cross sell among products to target a 210% annual profit increase.


May 2010 - Jul 2013

Airbus Operations GmbH

Engineering Strategy and New Technology Development Manager - A380 Wing Subsystem

Created a product team of six across Europe to solve A380 wing issues within an Airbus EU-wide task force. Managed the product team to design and develop a new hardware device for the A380 wing (the world’s largest passenger aircraft) to reduce wing vibrations by 18% and repairing costs for Airbus by 15%. Coordinated the product installation with customer support teams on 100 A380s worldwide. Led a research team of four to develop predictive algorithms in Matlab and Python and improve aircraft design accuracy. Developed analytical methods and established guidelines for early identification of problems with aircraft wing design and save R&D cost by up to 60%. Completed Leadership Training at Airbus in 2012, available to top 2% of 55,000 employees.

Apr 2007 - Apr 2010

Airbus Engineering Centre India

Aeroelastics Engineer, Head of Intellectual Property

Performed complex aero-elastic analysis of Airbus aircrafts like A350XWB as part of an exclusive 18 member team out of 55,000 Airbus employees. Grew the IP portfolio of Airbus India from none to 16 filed patents with economic value of ~€10M within two years. Developed in-house GUI applications and algorithms in Perl and Python for data analytics on aircraft flight data and helped reduce commercial software licensing costs by 45%.


Aug 2004 - Mar 2007

GE Global Research


Developed trade secret algorithms in Matlab for wind turbine blades analysis and won GE’s "Team Excellence Award". Built proprietary optimization schemes using b-splines and simulated annealing in Matlab and produced wind turbine blade designs with 10% better performance.

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