Keith Garleb PhD

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Westerville, OH

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For over 25 years, I have been dedicated to early stage research and discovery of nutritional technologies. I directed scientific teams across the globe creating the next generation of pediatric and adult products that advance early life development, promote healthy aging, support gut health, and optimize cognitive development. My scientific passion and interest revolves around dietary fiber and the gut microbiome. My research resulted in the creation and commercial launch of novel fiber blends in medical nutrition products and the introduction of slowly digested carbohydrates into products for people with diabetes. I also led a research and ingredients development program that resulted in the first commercial launch of human milk oligosaccharides in infant formula. I am a strong proponent of Academic/Private Industry partnerships and established the Center for Nutrition, Learning and Memory, a research partnership between Abbott and the University of Illinois, focused on studying the effects of nutrition on cognitive performance.

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Work experience

2018 - Present

Garleb Brothers Consulting, LLC

Chief Science Officer

Provide scientific insights and experience to clients to advance the development and commercialization of nutrition technologies.


2015 - 2018


Director, Partnerships and IP

Developed scientific Intellectual Property strategy, partnerships with strategic ingredient suppliers and start-ups, provided scientific oversight and guidance to early stage research programs, and worked with executive management to set long-term scientific vision.


2011 - 2018


Director, Center for Nutrition, Learning and Memory (CNLM)

Established and directed the Center for Nutrition, Learning and Memory, a multiyear multimillion dollar research partnership between Abbott and the University of Illinois to advance the understanding of effects of nutrition on cognitive performance.


2010 - 2015


Director, Global Discovery R&D

Established strategic vision for science discovery teams in US, Europe and Asia. Communicated results and provided recommendations to executive leadership.


2008 - 2010


Director, Global Pediatric R&D

Directed the global R&D program from discovery of bioactive ingredients to conduct of claims-based clinical trials to product development and on-market support for pediatric products.


2006 - 2008


Director of Adult Nutrition Science and Education

Directed basic research, clinical science and education teams responsible for delivering market-ready products for commercialization including support for product claims, registration and sales force education programs.


2004 - 2006


Director of Science, Innovation and Education

Oversaw nutrition science and product development teams responsible for developing a constant stream of ingredients and new products with novel biological activities to fill and maintain an innovation pipeline.


2000 - 2004


Section Manager

Led a research team responsible for the conduct of clinical studies evaluating ingredients for use in the management of diabetes leading to the invention of a slowly digested carbohydrate system and successful launch of a nutritional product that improves glucose control.


1989 - 2000


Research Scientist

Basic and clinical research in the area of human nutrition leading to 1) the development and launch of a patented novel fiber system in oral tube feeding formulas and 2) the use of FOS, a prebiotic, in medical nutritional products.


1987 - 1990

University of Illinois

PhD, Nutritional Biochemistry

Focus was on dietary fiber and fermentation

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