Khevin Mituti

Product & Design Specialist

São Paulo, BR

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During my 10+ years of experience building products, I've managed product squads, handled dozens of different consultancy clients and completed hundreds of different projects within several different markets including logistics, financial institutions, education, food industry, entertainment, technology and more. I believe in building environments in which we define problems to solve, develop human-centric solutions and validate them with metric-based results by following agile frameworks and modern product processes to maintain a frequent flow of valuable releases, balancing business, stakeholder and user needs and adapting to whatever comes up. As a holistic/generalist professional, I was able to create product and design processes from scratch for different clients both in-house and as a private consultant, building cultural-fit teams and efficient end-to-end discovery to delivery processes where management, design and technology teams were involved. My design and technology background allows me to help guide and prioritize technical decisions as well as empathize with the entire team, aiming towards accomplishing the company or project's desired goals efficiently. I am motivated by the success of my clients to create products and experiences that delight their audiences and solve real problems.

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Jan 2013 - Present

Khevin Mituti - Design & Marketing

Product & Design Consultant

I help companies gain a competitive advantage by defining business objectives and proposing design solutions. Since 2013 I have handled dozens of projects for clients from different sectors such as technology, food, logistics, agriculture, fintechs, retail, among others. My experience managing products and my design background allow me to build processes from scratch, always understanding the needs and gaps of the companies that I provide services and consultancy. By aligning business and user need, I was able to manage projects from end-to-end, starting from a precise discovery and which features we should tackle to frequent feature rollouts that deliver constant value to our users. Capabilities: • Led product and design teams in technology projects, applying agile methodology for frequent and impactful value delivery • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research with users, in addition to market and competitive analysis, aiming towards company goals and vision • Incorporated usability tests, user journeys, service blueprints and analytics to understand and validate the use of my clients' products • Developed and applied brand and product strategies for small and medium-sized companies, defining positioning, value propositions and product-market fit. • Built design systems and product processes to power these systems in a scalable and efficient manner • Developed solution hypotheses, prototypes and design proposals in high fidelity with specification in BDD to supply technology teams, always metrified and validated. • Created ProdOps and DesignOps processes to improve efficiency, communication and impact of Product and Design teams. Access my portfolio online:


Mar 2020 - May 2021


Product Manager / Product Designer

Favo was born to change the way Latin America does grocery shopping. We generate income and convenience for selling families, while saving time and money for buying families. I acted as a design and product reference managing a technology squad. Responsibilities: • Product team management and alignment of expectations between stakeholders and different departments, ensuring everyone was aligned with the company's goals and vision • Qualitative / quantitative research, metrics analysis and definition of product roadmap, ensuring delivery of real value to end users • Definition of problems and design of hypotheses for product solutions, from low fidelity prototypes to high fidelity designs following BDD specifications for optimal communication • Development of the company's communication strategy, from institutional material to product communication • Developed the company's product and design processes from SCRATCH, built an initial design system optimized for scalability, ProdOps and DesignOps flows allowing for better communication between areas and more efficient iteration in all product phases, from discovery to delivery.


Aug 2014 - Dec 2016

Delivery Club

Product Designer

Delivery Club is a logistics and technology company that develops software around e-commerce platforms and logistics operators. I've acted in many areas in the design front in the company, some of which: • Identity/Branding of company and its products; • Graphic material for marketing and advertising. Posters, ads and commercial presentations; • Wireframing and Prototyping of Web and Mobile tools (Android/iOS); • Layouts and specification of High Fidelity web, mobile and Windows applications; • Landing Page and Website development (Front-End) using EJS, HTML and SCSS frameworks.. I've also established the design processes of the company, focusing on fast iteration and low-fidelity prototyping. This process turned out to make our work much faster and efficient.

May 2012 - Dec 2012

EVA Residence

Design & User Experience

EVA Residence was a tech and telecommunications startup with focus on home automation. I was responsible for mostly all of the Design work for the company for the first few months. My responsibilities include: • Company and product branding; • Print, prospect and commercial presentations, marketing material (online/offline); • Concepts and interfaces for home automation products (e.g.: Smart Mirror, iPad/iOS/Android apps); • Concepts and layouts of automation products (ex.: Light dimmer, auto-blinds); • Concepts and interfaces of exhibition products like interactive totems and TVs/Tablets in loco.

Apr 2010 - Nov 2012


Chief Marketing Officer

As the Marketing leader, I managed the athletic association's communications area. In 2011 we also created the Sponsorship area in which we managed fund-raising for the institution. In 2012 I became Vice-President and Chief Administrative Officer of the Association, posts in which I handled documents and people managing. During my time at the Athletic Association, I participated in the founding of the organizing committee of the SECOMP, an academic project of an institutional week created to bring speeches, courses and company visits themed in IT, all for a low-cost for all Computer Engineering and Computer Science students of the University. (2011 and 2012)

Mar 2012 - Aug 2012


Project Advisor

As a Trainee and later Associate in the Project Management area of the Junior Entity, I worked in the redeployment of the Planning Project, meant to quantify the viability of accepting a project or not from a potential client based on a risk analysis. I also worked on the Post Project area of the Trainee Run, aimed at improving the documentation and feedback of a project towards the company, the clients and developers related to the project through an automated CRM tool. This project won 1st place at the Trainee Run.


2010 - 2016

State University of Campinas

Computer Engineer, Information Technology

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