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Breda, NL

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I am an energetic business consultant, programme/project manager, interim CIO and IT specialist operating on all levels within/between organizations. Not only a senior consultant, but also quite a "techie". A powerful strength now that business and IT intertwine more each day. The more people say "this is difficult or this can't be done", the more energized I get. Some of my favorites: ★ Programme/project management, getting things done & "cut the crap" ★ IT & information management ★ (Digital) strategy, business models & process innovation/redesign ★ Prototyping, UX design, behavioral design & gamification ★ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (e.g. UiPath, Robocorp, Robot Framework) ★ Low-code software development (e.g. Mendix, OutSystems, Betty Blocks) ★ High-code software development (e.g. Vue.js, PHP, Python, SQL, Firebase) ★ Professionalizing portfolio, programme and project management (including Prince2, MSP, P3O)

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Work experience

Jan 2019 - Present

Business Case Entrepreneurs


Oct 2012 - Dec 2018

Business Case Entrepreneurs

Business Consultant

E.g. customer self-service, customer journeys, prototypes, e-health (e.g. blended care), claims management, system's thinking, interaction design (UX), process innovation / "lean", business development (idea generation), Robotic Process Automation, project management, (software) product development, agile management (Scrum/Kanban), business/information/data analysis, data analytics, presentation/proposition development, heavy-code software development (e.g. Vue.js/Firebase/Bootstrap/PHP), low-code software development (e.g. OutSystems).

Apr 2010 - Sep 2012

Molendijk Advisory (freelancer)

Business Consultant

E.g. business cases/business plans, management information, business/information/data analysis, innovation (new business ideas), web technology, project management, professionalization of portfolio/programme/project offices and offering 'software as a service'.

Sep 2010 - Aug 2012



ReputationCV is a professional reputation system and also the name of a former start-up company. The system is integrated with LinkedIn and based on a unique 360 degree feedback system. In summary: a regular CV tells "what" a professional did so far, a ReputationCV tells "how well" a professional did that in comparison to peers.


Oct 2007 - Jul 2010

Deloitte Consulting

Business Consultant

E.g. projects for Ziggo, Heineken International, Openbaar Ministerie (Public Prosecution Service), ING, several youth care organisations, Deloitte Netherlands, Municipality of Rotterdam, UWV, InHOLLAND and Fortis Bank Netherlands.


Nov 2006 - Aug 2007



Thesis title: "Matching project situation and software development methods". Presented research findings and vision at Logica in Rijswijk, Eindhoven and Arnhem.


2002 - 2007

several companies

Student jobs & Internships

- Website/Application Developer (self-employed) - Allround IT Employee at Laanbroek Schoeman adviseurs - Junior Consultant at Multimedia Skills


2005 - 2007

Universiteit Leiden

M.Sc., ICT in Business

2001 - 2005

Hogeschool Rotterdam

B.Sc., Business Informatics

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