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San Francisco, CA


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Software engineering and product management leader. I have started 2 companies as where I ran the product and engineering teams.

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Work experience

2015 - Present

Eden Workplace


Eden Workplace offers the only complete suite of software to manage the hybrid office. Included in the Top Y Combinator startups for 2021 and Inc 500 for 2020 as one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the US.


2014 - 2015

Bento Labs

Software Engineer

First engineering hire. Bento is building an intelligent home screen for your Android devices: https://medium.com/@BentoApp/introducing-bento-fbe1e2d598a9 Contributed to: * Backend Java server integrating many third-party services using Tomcat + Jersey + Netflix's services stack (Karyon, Governator, Archaius, RxJava). * Our Android app building things never built before :) * System design for infrastructure using AWS and docker. Custom deployment tools. * Scripted bootstrapping of development environments using boxen, docker, and Vagrant that emulated AWS. * Novel groovy console that created a REPL for our environment that made iterating on algorithms and exploring data easier. * Website


Nov 2012 - Jun 2014


Startup Enthusiast

StyleBee is the easiest and fastest way to book beauty services on your schedule and at your convenience directly from your phone. I joined StyleBee with a one-year contract to build v1 of their product. While there, I led a small team of contractors to build the tech and contributed to product and UX design. The product has four major components: an iPhone app for consumers to make and manage appointments; a responsive website mimicking the app's functionality for Android, Windows Mobile, etc; a responsive website for our service providers (e.g. hair stylists) to manage their appointments, payments, etc; and a responsive website for our admins to match and track appointments. Highlights: * Designed and built server, API, and website. * Lead small remote team to develop an iPhone app. * UX Design: Created all wireframes for the product. Managed several design contractors to translate our brand to final mocks for the app. * System Admin/Design: Our stack includes Ruby/Rails, Postgres, Redis, Memcached and many 3rd party services like Twilio. We used Heroku for hosting.

Feb 2010 - Oct 2012


Founder and CTO

I run product development and engineering at InternMatch, where we have over 250k+ unique students using our service per month. We have raised over $2 million in funding. I first joined InternMatch as a technical advisor in September, 2009 after the founders had hired a contractor to build the initial version of the site. I joined full-time as the technical founder in February 2010, inheriting a half-complete and very buggy PHP codebase. I quickly patched together the existing code so that we could launch for the 2010 internship season, which was critical to securing our seed funding from 500 Startups and Mitch Kapor. At the same time, I started rewriting the site feature by feature in Ruby and Rails. As the only technical founder, I owned the entire stack, from sysadmin to UX design. Some highlights: * Systems design: Scaled architecture from 0 to 10+ machines. Used Ubuntu, nginx, Passenger, Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Solr, bind, chef, etc. * Data Aggregation: Built a scraping system for aggregating content. Designed a workflow for data analysts to categorize and clean listings before showing them to students, first in Mechanical Turk and then in-house. * Web: Built job site from scratch. Led team to build employment branding product and tools to manage internship program. * Backend: Designed faceted search with geography and rich document indexing. * Email: Built email CMS that generates great-looking, compatible HTML emails editable by marketing team. The system also reports stats and allows variation testing. * Product Design: Lead the product vision. Do much of the UX design for the product. Collaborate with design firm for branding, visual design, and some UX design. * Team: Recruited and mentored small team of engineers. Developing pipeline of talent with internship program. * Development process: Created a process where developers use a VM configured by Chef that allows for easy start-up and consistent development across environments.


Jul 2009 - Feb 2010


Software Development Engineer

Strings was an ambitious company that intended to track all of your digital activity. This activity could then follow you on the web so that you had great personalized experiences on websites--even on your first visit. Strings had clients to track actions on your Mac and PC (e.g., iTunes and TiVo plays), your iPhone, websites that you used (e.g. Amazon and Netflix), and your browsing activity (e.g. articles that you read). I joined the two founders as the first engineering hire. At that point, much of the underlying technology for tracking had already been created. In the short time that I was there, I shipped code on four different platforms exposing this funcionality. I also gained experience collaborating with a design firm and acting as a project manager and technical lead with contractors. * Rewrote the UIs for the Windows and Mac clients * Specced an iPhone client and worked with both local and foreign contractors on the implementation. * Did various web development in Ruby/Rails * Built several services used by the platform including a geocoding service and an image scraper


Jan 2007 - Jul 2009


Software Development Engineer

I joined Pelago immediately after they raised a Series-A from Kleiner Perkins as one of the first 5 or so engineers. As a new grad-hire, my goal was to find a job where I could learn as much and as quickly as possible. Pelago delivered this in spades with a chance to work with an immensely talented team on a diverse set of problems. I had an opportunity to work on many parts of the product including: search (using Solr in its infancy), a J2ME mobile client, a cutting-edge web client, the backend, and other pieces of infrastructure. I owned social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, etc where I integrated our application with many 3rd party APIs. This included a crazy weekend of coding that allowed us to be a launch partner with Facebook Connect on iOS.


May 2006 - Aug 2006


Software Enginer Intern


2003 - 2006

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

BS, Computer Science

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