Lawrence Spracklen

Engineering & Data Science Leadership, Architect, Startup advisor

Santa Clara, CA

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A CTO, VP of Engineering & Data Science, Mentor, Advisor, and Speaker for Startups & Enterprise companies. Experience leading, recruiting and mentoring multiple engineering, data science, QA, & DevSecOps teams at all stages of company growth. A hands-on technical leader focused on performance & scalability, with a proven track record of product launches, company launches, architecture transformations, fund raises, exits, & post-acquisition transitions. A communicator & thoughtful software architect who uses disciplined & scalable practices for obtaining & retaining security compliance such as SOC certifications, GDPR & HIPAA requirements for regulated industries such as, Healthcare, Finance, Defense. Invests in people, as a mentor, advisor, & speaker, frequently presenting at industry conferences, with strategic customers, partners, & investors. Architecture & Development experience: - Chief Architect & Lead engineer - 15 years experience in a diverse range of key areas: * Machine Learning (including Deep NLP, TDA, AutoML, Model Ops, Model explainability, AI Bias mitigation) * Graph analytics * Big Data (Hadoop, Spark) * Dev Ops (Containerization, cloud deployment) * SW development, with an emphasis on performance analysis, optimization and scalability * Processor & accelerator design, development and research * Cryptography and security * VDI, remoting and video codec optimization - Over 65 US patents granted. - Over 30 publications in Academic (ACM, IEEE) and industry conferences and journals

Work experience

Mar 2020 - Present

R-Squared AI

Chief Technology Officer

RSquared AI provides real-time insights into a company’s health. Our SaaS platform fuses NLP and passive ONA (Organizational network Analysis) to highlight employee engagement, collaboration, sentiment and attrition risk. • Leads ML research, focused on deep NLP, time series analysis, anomaly detection, zero-shot learning and graph analytics • Developed significant tech to ensure AI models are fair, equitable and AI bias is monitored and mitigated • Drove integration of comprehensive model explainability, ensuring predictions can be understood, audited and appropriately actioned


2019 - Present



Advising on ML, Security and cloud native architecture.


Dec 2017 - Mar 2020

SupportLogic, Inc.

Vice President Of Engineering & Datascience

Our SaaS platform extracts actionable NLP signals from support tickets in real-time. Using these new signals and advanced ML models we showed Customer sentiment, issues, case progress, and predicted case escalations to proactively improve CSAT and NPS scores. • Recruited, managed and mentored 5 fully remote teams for platform engineering, UI, DevSecOps, Data Science, and QA - distributed over 7 time zones • Worked closely with partners and the customer advisory board to develop an effective roadmap. • As CISO, built process, wrote documentation, for SOC-2 certification, CCPA, and GDPR adherence.

Nov 2017 - Dec 2017

TIBCO Software Inc.

Senior Director Of Engineering

TIBCO acquired Alpine Data in November 2017. I led the Alpine development team through the initial transition and integration into the TIBCO analytics product portfolio, as TIBCO Spotfire Data Science.

2015 - Nov 2017

Alpine Data

Vice President of Engineering [Acquired by TIBCO]

Alpine Data provides a GUI drag-and-drop solution for building and deploying sophisticated machine learning workflows. The solution auto-tunes resource-aware Spark algorithms to deliver terabyte-scale analytics without writing a single line of code. Significant focus on model ops, with platform support from project inception, collaboration and data discovery through to production model deployment & beyond. • Led 3 teams: engineering, dev ops and support team • Collaborated effectively with CPO and product team to deliver high-quality releases • Automated Scalability by developing novel algorithms to automatically configure spark jobs to effectively leverage available resources in shared cluster environments • Built elegant solution to manage model authoring, versioning, testing, auditing and single click deployment & monitoring


2014 - 2015


Vice President, Engineering [Acquired by Symphony AI]

Ayasdi pioneered the commercialization of Topological Data Analysis (TDA), providing a unique solution to analyze nascent signals in customer data • Tripled the engineering team in 12 months • Architected and operationalized Ayasdi’s world-class data science output for test, scale & functional research results • Developed and lead Governance and Security practices to enforce data science, engineering development, & operation protocols to ensure HIPAA compliance


2013 - 2014


Chief Architect

Architecting Ayasdi's next-generation advanced analytics SaaS solution; leveraging Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to deliver insights into Big Data problems.


2010 - 2013


Senior Staff Engineer

• VDI performance; host and client performance (x86 and ARM, multi-threaded & SIMD optimizations), video codec development and optimization, and algorithms for automated user experience monitoring • Leveraging graph-networks for infrastructure management • Virtualized GPU performance optimization


2009 - 2010


Performance Lead

• Software optimization, performance analysis, compiler development and processor architecture for next-generation Tegra ARM CPU


2000 - 2009

Sun Microsystems

Senior Staff Engineer

• Analyzed performance of Solaris OS, applications and compilers on UltraSPARC systems • Architect of Sun’s 3rd Gen SPARC on-chip cryptographic accelerator (UltraSPARC T3) • Led UltraSPARC instruction set customization efforts for compression, cryptography & JVM acceleration, software transactional memory and speculative parallelism • Worked with processor teams to research & design application-specific accelerators, and HW support for transactional memory and speculative parallelism


Sep 1999 - Sep 2000

United Nations

Software Architect

• Designed and developed a system capable of sending, receiving and verifying the seismic data transmitted from the numerous seismic monitoring stations required to ensure CTBTO treaty compliance (the data is transmitted over TCP/IP links using the International Data Center’s (IDC) Continuous Data (CD1) protocol).


1996 - 2001

University of Aberdeen

Ph.D., Electronic Engineering

1992 - 1995

University of York

B.Sc., Computational Physics

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