Lenny Urbanowski

Co-Founder @ joe: coffee mobile ordering and rewards

Seattle, WA

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Dedicated Hacker/Maker. Passionate Learner/Teacher. Open Source Advocate. Coffee lover.

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Feb 2018 - Present

joe: coffee mobile ordering and rewards

Co-Founder / CTO

Coffee lovers deserve great coffee and quality service, but don't always have time to wait in line. Joe empowers independent coffee shops to accept mobile orders and payments ahead of time. You care about coffee. We care about you. https://joe.coffee


Apr 2012 - Present

ILF Creative


Using my expertise in web / mobile technologies to help my clients identify and execute the best possible strategies to accomplish their business goals.


Nov 2015 - Jul 2017


Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead

**HCM** Tech lead for the creation of a new product line consisting of multiple apps for web and mobile. • Designed and implemented a modular build, test, and deployment flow that is shared between multiple applications and enables automated continuous deployment to test and production environments. • Establish guidelines for code quality and architectural practices that will guide the creation of a set of new applications. • Implement application features in a fast pace agile environment • Provide technical leadership and ensure code and architectural quality across multiple product teams **Power BI** I work on the platform team for PowerBI (business intelligence / data visualization) and I'm primarily focused on enabling users to create custom visualizations that can be used in PowerBI. • Acted as tech lead for our team of 10 engineers - Provided technical leadership and ensured code and architectural quality throughout all feature areas • Designed and implemented an API to allow users to easily create custom visualizations • Designed and implemented a versioning system and an abstraction system to ensure that system changes wouldn't cause breaking changes to existing custom visualizations. • Designed and created a set of cross platform command line tools for scaffolding, testing, and packaging custom visualization projects • Worked with developer community, managed multiple github repositories, triaged issues/PRs, and created / updated documentation • Solved difficult security challenges related to the execution of code uploaded by users Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS (build system), Gulp, Webpack, Angular, D3, C#


Nov 2014 - Nov 2015

General Assembly

Web Development Immersive Instructor

General Assembly is an educational institution that transforms thinkers into creators through education in technology, business and design. Their Web Development Immersive (WDI) program is a 12-week, full-time, career transition program designed to give students all the tools they need to get a job as a web developer. • Created and Iterated on course materials including lectures, examples, labs, and homework designed to allow students, often with non-technical backgrounds, to become proficient in a variety of popular web technologies. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Node.js, Express, Ruby, Rails, Postgres, MongoDB) • Created lessons to teach computer science fundamentals to a mostly newly-technical audience. (algorithms, data structures, efficiency / asymptotic notation) • Conducted lectures for classes of up to 30 students, assisted students in small groups and one on one. • Inspired students to persevere through the challenges of turning their ideas into functional web applications. • Maintain an energetic and positive classroom culture and guide students through the stress of this extremely fast paced program. • Interview, train, and mentor new instructors.

Dec 2013 - Aug 2014

Kitovet | DevDraft

Lead Engineer

DevDraft is a self-service platform that connects ambitious developers with companies based on merit. • Developed a platform to connect qualified candidates to employers through automated coding challenges (Node.js, Express, Angular, Postgres, Redis). • Created technical / coding challenges and related test cases to allow for automated grading / assessment of job candidates (C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python). • Worked directly with the founder to develop the technology, business, and marketing strategies to take the company from zero to the first thousand users.

Jan 2012 - Dec 2013

Rome & Company

Backend Developer

Worked with a team of designers, copy writers, and developers to create web/mobile products for clients. I primarily focused on backend code, but also contributed to frontend code and system admin / dev ops decisions. (PHP, Zend, CakePHP, WordPress, Apache, MySQL, Linux) Notable projects: • Cars.com local marketing portal - Web based software for managing and disseminating customized region specific marketing materials to local media agencies across the country. • GoGround - A ground transportation platform for managing, planning, and booking busses, vans, and trucks. • Paslode Service Promise - A web portal that allows customers to register their tools and request warrantee and non-warrantee related service.


2009 - Mar 2012

Fetcher Media

CTO / Co-Founder

In charge of handing out lollipops and butt kickings. Sadly, we ran out of lollipops on my first day so I designed and developed an eCommerce platform that was integrated with our accounting system and real-time automated fulfillment system, and a curated market place of high quality independent films and documentaries. Then, created several stand-alone white label stores for large enterprise companies to allow them to distribute physical media on demand using our platform.

Jan 2010 - Jan 2012

Gabriel Media Group

Partner / VP of Technology

Gabriel Media Group was a digital agency specializing in cross-channel integrated marketing. Including marketing strategy, mobile app development, web / micro-site development, social media marketing integration and automation, SEO, live event streaming, and digital asset design. I was in charge of all of the technical aspects of the company. Including project management, strategic planning, IT / server management, web/mobile development. Day to day my business partner and I were heavily involved in strategy sessions with our clients, proposal writing, pitching, etc. I managed a small team of in house and remote developers and designers, and I also executed many of the deliverables myself.

Aug 2008 - Jan 2010

Pixel Brothers Inc.

Director of Interactive Services

I was originally hired as a junior developer (2nd developer hire) at this very rapidly growing digital agency's new interactive department. My first task was re-building and maintaining company website. Later I built and maintained multiple client web sites in various languages (php, python, ruby, java, .net, perl, flash/action script). I also helped build an in house trans-coding, streaming, and project management platform for TV projects (at the time most studios were still sending hard drives across town by bike messenger). After a series of layoffs, and some restructuring I later wound up being in charge of the entire interactive department. I oversaw all aspects of managing the design, development, planning, project management, proposal writing, content development and server administration for several web and mobile projects. Clients included: NBC, PBS, Wrigley, Mars, Microsoft, NSF, Concierge Preferred, FCB Global, Leo Burnett

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