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I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant with a passion for bookkeeping and building the most effective internal accounting systems possible. Yes, seems crazy, but I love taking the chaotic jumble in most businesses and turning it into a smooth-running series of systems and processes. Many business owners feel that their accounting department is a black box and are not getting much out of it despite considerable cost. I put them back in control by putting in systems to prevent fraud, train staff quickly increase productivity, and get consistent key data about their operations. Seeing a business owner go from being in the dark to the “ah ha” moment as the light comes up in their head when they see a comprehensive KPI dashboard of their business is a fantastic moment. When I’m not on the job, I love camping with my two young kids, working my way through stacks of books, and thinking about Bitcoin. If you’d like to learn more about how my services can help your company or discuss the best camping spots in BC, please send an email my way: logan@avisareveryday.com.

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Work experience

Jun 2019 - Present

Avisar Everyday

Chief Development Officer (CDO)

I help business owners get insight and financial clarity into their accounting system and business. I do this by analyzing & sorting out the issues with their current accounting system, putting in a new documented accounting system that generates consistent results, and then we pull all that data into a financial dashboard that gives key insights in near real time.

Jul 2017 - Jun 2019

Boast Capital

Chief Financial Officer

Jan 2015 - Jun 2019

Boast Capital

Technology Advisor & Controller

Boast Capital is a team of engineers and finance professionals with over 20 years experience helping companies in Canada and the U.S. successfully claim and maximize R&D tax credits.

Sep 2014 - Jan 2015


Tax Manager

Sep 2012 - Sep 2014


Tax Specialist

Sep 2011 - Sep 2012


Senior Accountant

Since completion of the UFE, I have been able to take on additional responsibilities within the firm, such responsibilities include: 1. Leadership of tax compliance engagement teams 2. Coaching and mentoring of junior staff accountants. 3. Conducting complex tax calculations and analysis including land/building sales, compensation strategies, and share disposal. 4. Preparation of technical memos.

Sep 2009 - Sep 2011


Staff Accountant

Worked in the "Direct to Tax" program in KPMG Enterprise. Which focuses on tax planning and compliance for privately held businesses. Excellent understanding of Canadian tax principles though a strong background in tax compliance engagements such as corporate, inter vivos and testamentary trusts, partnership, and SR&ED claims. Also responsible for a wide range of assurance engagements including audits of financial statements, preparation of review and notice to reader working paper files, including unaudited financial statements. Key experiences: 1. Passing the UFE in 2011. 2. Several audit rotations on large private clients. 3. Rotation in US tax compliance. 4. Exposure to a variety of industry groups such as financial institutions, technology, hospitality, and real estate.

Dec 2006 - Jul 2008

Prococious Technology Inc

Technical Support and Development Manager

Managed the quality system, development, and deployment for a leading dental practice management software product, ClearDent with a staff of 4 people. Key accomplishments: 1. Manage the product's complex software support, integration and deployment staff to meet budget, schedule and quality goals. 2. Conducted training sessions for staff and clients in addition to creation of an extension training manual. 3. Prepare schedules, forecasts and status reports for upper management teams. 4. Hiring of support and development team members.

Sep 2004 - Dec 2006

Prococious Technology Inc

Technical Support and Quality Assurance Specialist

Responsible for client management, service, and software improvement for ClearDent. Key accomplishments: 1. Development of key web modules for sales development and customer service using Javascript. 2. Development of an automated software testing suite using C# to ensure that our software maintained functionality though software development cycles. 3. Participation in major dental conferences throughout Canada to assist in sales development and presentation of software.

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