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Mission-driven technologist, entrepreneur, and author with interests in infrastructure (cloud, NewSQL, event driven fabric, servicemesh), developer experience (observability, serverless, CI/CD), fintech. Background in high availability, distributed computing and micro-services, performance-tuning JVMs, and a keen advocate of open source software. Once upon a time public speaker on in-memory data grids and distributed computing. Founder of, played a foundational role in the birth of gRPC.

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Nov 2013 - Present


Engineering Director, Infrastructure

Engineering Director at Square, responsible for teams providing software infrastructure on both cloud and on-prem. Previous roles include staff software engineer working on software infrastructure projects. Engineering manager on microservices, RPCs and service discovery; frameworks and libraries; deconstructing monoliths and scaling engineering processes. Engineer on payment systems; scalable and high-performance data storage infrastructure; performance tuning.


Jun 2006 - Oct 2013

Red Hat Inc.

Senior Principal Software Engineer

Updated to reflect Red Hat acquiring JBoss, where JBoss is now a division within Red Hat. Founder, Infinispan - an open source data grid and NoSQL key/value store. Also founder and platform architect of Red Hat's JBoss Data Grid product, which is based on the Infinispan open source project, deployed in production in financial, telecommunication and high-end e-commerce organisations around the world. Active member of the Java Community Process (JCP), pushing standards for the Java environment and ecosystem, including being an active expert group member of JSR 107 (Temporary caching for Java), and specification lead of JSR 347 (Data grids for the Java Platform). Filed several patents in distributed computing, 8 of which have been issued. Co-founder of JClouds, a multi-cloud portability library for Java. Core contributor on a number of JBoss products, including JGroups, and the JBoss clustering stack, Hibernate, and others. Infinispan, JBoss Cache and JGroups are core high availability and performance related building blocks to many enterprise-grade products and platforms.


Jun 2005 - Jun 2006

JBoss Inc.

Lead R&D Engineer

Lead R&D Engineer on JBoss Cache and core contributor on a number of JBoss products, including JGroups, and the JBoss clustering stack. JBoss Cache and JGroups are core high availability and performance related building blocks to many enterprise-grade products and platforms.

Jan 2004 - Jan 2006

Mobot Limited

Co-founder, CEO and chief engineer

Co-founder and CEO of high tech mobile computing startup. Our flagship product and service is i-text, which allows users to send text SMS messages from their phone for free, bypassing network providers. In exchange, the i-text application occasionally delivers advertisements to your phone. Users reserve the right to choose whether they want to see ad ad or not, and can also pick which ads they see based on a description and the number of credits offered by the advertiser. Digital voucher-based ad response tracking is provided to advertisers, enabling them to measure success and conversion rate of advertising, while users benefit by being able to receive discounts and trials via such vouchers.

Sep 2001 - Jun 2005

Conchango plc

Senior consultant/architect

Worked on the design, architecture and development of a number of high-profile, mission critical systems for clients including Virgin Atlantic Airways - the online check-in system, self-service kiosks at airports, frequent flyer database, etc. - telecom giant Vodafone, leading newspaper The Financial Times and Roche Pharmaceuticals. Systems primarily built on enterprise Java platforms such as JBoss and BEA WebLogic, on UNIX and Linux backends. Development efforts often involved leading agile teams of 3 to 5 engineers, applying development techniques and methodologies such as SCRUM.

Jan 1999 - Aug 2001

Silkroad Services Limited

Co-founder and CTO

Co-founder and CTO of London based tech startup. Silkroad Services specialised in e-commerce suites for the then fast-growing field and offered a hosted service model (precursor to modern SaaS) where customers could set up web shops using our fully automated tools and subscribe on a monthly basis, billed on a combination of transaction volume and catalogue size. In addition, we also experimented with a secondary service, an information management community not dissimilar Google Answers, Experts Exchange and Aardvark. We offered this as a hosted service as well, targeted as a tool for corporate helpdesk services.


1995 - 1997

BSc (1st class honours), Computing

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