Melanie Goltsch

Warehouse - Logistics Supervisor at Owens Corning

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Nov 2018 - Present

Owens Corning

Supervisor - Warehouse - Logistics

Aug 2018 - Nov 2018

Presperse Corporation

Manager - Customer Service & Supply Chain

Presperse Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of spherical powders, effect pigments, inorganic sunscreens, polymers and hydrocarbons to the beauty care industry. I manage the customer service team and order fulfillment process through product delivery. I am experienced in process management, identifying and eliminating bottlenecks and reducing inventory discrepancies within the warehouse management system and third-party logistics (3PL). I maintained and built effective relationships with customers, account managers and vendors by overseeing processes and solving customer concerns in a respectful manner. I also developed strong relationships with my team members, motivating them to succeed.


May 2015 - Aug 2018


Director - Patient Access & Customer Service; Provider Scheduling

(formerly The Dermatology Group) I directed activities for the call centers of 36 professional agents, supporting over 60 healthcare providers. This included over 200 support staff in 30 locations across New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Some key contributions I made while at the company include the following: » I scaled the contact center staff, from 13 to 36 agents, allowing for sustainability of more than 4,600 inbound calls per day. » I created multiple outbound campaigns to amplify patient reengagement and visit follow-up, increasing revenue substantially. » I revamped a clinical call center by implementing legal and compliant processes, increasing accessibility by 85% for patients to reach a clinical team member on the first attempt.

May 2014 - May 2015

Thibaut Wallpaper & Fabrics

Manager - Customer Service

I managed 17 direct reports for this designer and global distributor of luxury wallpapers, fabrics, and fine furniture. I was vital in improving cross-functional department relationships between customer service, warehouse, and credit departments by opening lines of communication and common goal achievement. I reviewed quality assurance issues and authorized compensation or reimbursement for damaged goods.In addition, I made the following contributions: » I streamlined all customer service email accounts, reducing response time from three days to three hours or less. » I grew the inbound call center from nine to 17 agents, reducing wait times and increasing the speed of order placement.

Aug 2006 - Mar 2014

Viking Distributing East

Manager - Customer Assurance; Parts Warehouse & Parts Sales

(formerly Carl Schaedel & Co., Inc.) I managed cross-functional teams in customer care, parts warehouse, administration, and technical support for a luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer and distributor. I assisted with project management by evaluating project issues and forming solutions to meet company goals of eliminating unnecessary expenses and increasing return on investment. I fostered partnerships with internal and external stakeholders and monitored customer satisfaction. A key contribution I made for the company includes: » I transformed underperforming call center and service divisions into cost-effective, productive departments, which increased productivity by 50% in less than six months.

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