Mike Montalto PhD

Health Sciences Communication, Education and Clinical Research Expertise in Nutrition Science and Clinical Practice

Columbus, OH

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Research Scientist with Diverse Business Experience: Medical Affairs, Pediatric Nutrition R&D, Medical Communications, Regulatory Affairs, Brand Support in Commercial Operations and Healthcare Education. Leadership experience in dynamic cross functional teams that build the business from multiple perspectives in a global environment. Professional with a full understanding of the business interplay and the successful mosaic required of R&D, Marketing, Sales, Regulatory Affairs, Communication and Education to be successful in the corporate environment. Have over 13 years of experience building speaker programs and have led training of hundreds of physicians on evidence-based presentations that enhance the understanding of the role of nutrition in contemporary medicine and enhance patient care and outcomes. Enjoy building professional dynamic teams ready to take on new challenges and approaches to the business to enable success. Specialties: Medical communication, Scientific marketing, Professional Evidence-Based Science Presentations, Regulatory Experience with FDA Notifications, Team leadership, Problem solving, Lifelong learning, Performance Improvement

Work experience

Jun 2016 - Present

Montalto Consulting Services in Health Sciences


Primary focus is education designed for healthcare professionals that is evidence-based in the area of infant and adult nutrition and health/medical science. Delivery formats include written communication, presentations to healthcare audiences, planning and execution of symposia, roundtable discussions, ask-the-expert sessions and coverage of major scientific meetings. Education is designed for healthcare professionals in clinical practice.


Apr 2013 - Jun 2016


Senior Director, Medical Affairs, R&D

Responsible for the strategic development and execution of evidence-based messaging for R&D innovation and renovation platforms at key scientific meetings/interviews with thought leaders/Roundtable Discussions/Ask the Expert Sessions and Webinars. Developed medical education and executional strategy/tactics in line with platform themes and product specific science to support the launch and life cycle of products in the portfolio. Worked closely with R&D scientists to support the science behind the brand for delivery to health care professionals.Supported Field Sales with medical science liaison team and Medical Writer.

Sep 2011 - Feb 2013

Pfizer Nutrition

Director, Global Medical Education

Worked with Global Affiliates to successfully execute a medical education strategy in line with commercial goals.

Aug 2010 - Jan 2011

Abbott Nutrition Health Institute, Abbott Laboratories

Senior Manager, Global Nutrition Education Integration

Responsible for the global integration of nutrition education initiatives between Abbott Nutrition Products Division and Abbott Nutrition International for the benefit of Abbott Nutrition business strategy.

May 2006 - Aug 2010

Abbott Nutrition Products Division, Abbott Laboratories

Director, Healthcare Education Services

Led a group of 7 professionals in the Healthcare Education Services area that involved certified education (for credit) and non-certified education under FDA regulations. Developed the process and managed the first on-line Grant Management System for medical education within the Abbott corporation. Same system was adopted by Abbott PPD after seeing the success of our process. Responsible for understanding the role of a commercial supporter in developing compliant speaker programs in support of commercial initiatives and for-credit education for nurses and dietitians. Responsible for running compliant programs as it relates to ACCME, OIG, PhRMA and FDA.

Oct 2004 - Mar 2006

Abbott Nutrition Products Division, Abbott Laboratories

Senior Manager, Healthcare Professional Communications, Professional Affairs, Integrated Marketing

Responsible for Speaker Bureau Training to support the Pediatric Nutrition business teams. Supported field based initiatives related to speaker slide deck development and training and led pediatric panel meetings. Division liaison for key pediatric associations, American Academy of Pediatrics and Pediatric Academic Societies.

Oct 2000 - Sep 2002

Abbott Nutrition Products Division, Abbott Laboratories

Associate Director, Pediatric Nutritionals, Regulatory Affairs

Responsibility for regulatory review of Pediatric Nutritional Business. Reviewed all claims related to products for consumers and health care professionals. Liaison for project teams developing new and improved products with the Division. Submitted FDA filing and notifications in compliance with the Infant Formula Act.

May 1992 - May 1999

Ross Products Division, Abbott Laboratories

Sr. Group Leader, Group Leader, Sr. Clinical Research Associate in Pediatric Nutritional R&D

Led nutrition research for Similac With Iron and led a team of research scientists in progressively responsible positions for Ross Products Division.


1987 - 1992

Cornell University

PhD, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Studied the impact of dietary fatty acids on the synthesis and secretion of lipoprotein lipase from adipocytes in cell culture

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