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Senior Data Scientist at Citi Venture Studio

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Mike is the Senior Data Scientist at Citi Venture Studio where they develop new products and services that drive economic vitality for people and communities. Visit us at http://www.citi.com/ventures/studio.html He approaches innovation pragmatically, not conceptually, as the intersection of basic science and practical application. He is happiest in the trenches of data and searching through it to find answers. He believes in providing information in a clear way that provides answers to relevant questions.

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Sep 2019 - Present


Senior Data Scientist at Citi Venture Studio

I lead the Data Science team in Studio, where we support product teams and conduct original research. Citi Venture Studio develops new products and services that drive economic vitality for people and communities. OUR APPROACH: Understand We analyze technological, behavioral, and societal trends affecting economic vitality to identify discrete areas where Citi can drive change that helps people and communities thrive. Collaborate Economic vitality spans industries and countries. We partner across the innovation ecosystem and within Citi to develop shared expertise and collaborate on creative solutions. Create We incubate new products to help drive economic vitality and positively change the lives of people and communities. The team combines a diverse background in product, design, strategy, and technology with a passion for change. FOCUS AREAS: We explore several interrelated trends impacting economic vitality for people and communities, including: The Future of Work Globalization and technology are redefining the future of work and changing the demand for all kinds of human capital. How can we help people achieve upward mobility in the rapidly changing job world of work? Cities and Growth Innovation creates new jobs and drives growth for people and communities. How can we help cities build on their local strengths to attract and develop the talent, ideas, and resources needed for growth?


Jun 2019 - Sep 2019

McKinsey & Company

Senior Data Scientist at Fuel, a McKinsey Company

Senior Data Scientist for Fuel, a McKinsey Company, where "we leverage McKinsey’s business and functional insight to help pre-IPO companies accelerate growth and achieve their investment milestones. We work with companies in 4-8 week bursts, focusing on rapidly turning insight into execution and business impact. We also help companies with longer-term business-building efforts, often dedicating McKinsey staff to ensure success. Companies and their investors find answers in our solutions, for example, by benchmarking their performance against relevant peers, or understanding how their sale reps stack up to high performers with similar selling models." Visit us at https://fuelbymckinsey.com/


Jul 2017 - Jun 2019

McKinsey & Company

Data Scientist at Fuel, a McKinsey Company


Apr 2015 - Jan 2017


Data Scientist, Human/Social Dynamics

Original member of the Human/Social Dynamics team building disruptive application platform following successful incubation within Google Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP). • Engineered data pipeline for multiple projects including topic clustering human evaluation. • Created Machine Learning algorithm to help identify relevant sentences. • Managed site reliability, data visualization infrastructure, and reporting for proprietary API and products in development. • Leveraged Python packages & libraries to author scalable analytic reporting infrastructure. • Authored API queries using Elasticsearch. Analyzed and transformed data with Pandas, NumPy. • Generated interactive data visualizations using MatPlotLib & Plotly. • Identified new research opportunities and perform exploratory data analysis using Python and R. • Recruited, identify, and manage software engineering contractors and third party software integration. • Acted as API subject matter expert. • Onboarded and train new Associate Data Scientists in Python Programming, Elasticsearch.


May 2014 - Apr 2015


Associate Data Scientist, Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP)

• Developed and deployed testing scripts for API to support application development. • Launched first enterprise Plotly server at Google. Worked with Security and Eng Infra teams on implementation. • Queried and analyzed data using Python and R, architected reporting solution from prototype to beta release and post-launch. • Advised internal Director and VP-level internal clients on sentiment analysis and analytic results. • Project manager on web-app development hackathon, API expansion. • Prototyped HIPAA-compliant reporting solution to support Ebola outbreak management efforts in collaboration with Texas Department of Public Health.


Feb 2014 - May 2014


Research Assistant, Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP)


Nov 2013 - Feb 2014


Research Assistant, Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP)

• Performed statistical analysis of mobile user behavior in R, reported results to Head of Human/Social Dynamics. • Onboarded new team members and trained in API queries and data management. • Conducted technical training on multiple regression to help Motorola Internal Testing team identify and analyze user trends. • Contributed to original research on behavioral/emotional sensing using mobile phones and other digital modalities. • Managed & executed campaign recruiting University stakeholders and faculty for research collaboration.

Oct 2012 - Jun 2013


Research Associate

• Supported founder, CEO, and Principal with market research for both private companies and government agencies. • Conducted, displayed and analyzed market data for client projects; performed various clerical duties. • Manipulated large data sets to surface trends and valuable information for clients. • Summarized and visualized analytic results in PowerPoint.

Jun 2011 - Jun 2012

Santa Cruz Energy & Resources Collaborative


• Organized events and meetings to educate and connect UCSC students and faculty to “green” industry. • Lead successful marketing campaign growing membership from 5 to 250+. • Advised 7 Board Members in achievement of membership growth goals and student education. • Developed website, negotiate, and implemented partnership with EnergyFolks network.


2016 - 2017

Columbia University

MA, Data Science

Masters degree in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (QMSS)

2010 - 2012

University of California Santa Cruz

BA, Economics

Undergraduate degree

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