Mike Kirby

Managing Director at MWK Data Services

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Market Data Executive experienced in sales management, product development, financial analytics, content acquisition, rights management, and creation of strategic partnershps.

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Jul 2020 - Present

MWK Data Services, LLC

Managing Director

Founded a Consulting and Advisory Firm specializing in all aspects of financial market data product development, sales and licensing. www.mwkdata.com


Nov 2018 - Apr 2020

CME Group

Sales Director

Assisted in the transition of NEX Market Data business into CME Group after CME's acquisition of NEX.


Jan 2017 - Apr 2020


Director Of Sales And Business Development

Head of NEX Data Services ā€“ Americas ā€¢ Managed Sales, Business Development, New Product Development, Licensing and Contract Administration, License Compliance, Operations and Data Quality Assurance in the Americas


Sep 2010 - Dec 2017


Director of Sales and Business Development

Managing Director of the Americas for ICAP Information Services Managed all aspects of ICAP's Financial Information Sales business in the Americas including Sales, Product Development, Licensing Administration, Channel Partnerships, etc.

Oct 2004 - Sep 2010

Tullett Prebon Information

Head of the Americas

- Managing Director of the Americas responsible for all aspects of the Information Services business including Management of Sales, Product Development, Channel Partnerships & License Administration.

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