Nathan Riches

Certified Brand Strategist & Product Marketing Developer

Nashville, TN

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Most business owners are so close to their business that they aren’t able to see the value in what they do or offer. Through business strategy and marketing development, I help business owners capitalize on their "Secret Sauce", so they can make smarter decisions and serve more people. • Consulting with business owners to develop Clear Messaging and Brand Strategy. • Small Business to Large Business, Start-ups, Growing Businesses, CPG, and Service. • Has 15+ years working in Business Events helping others communicate clearly to their audiences. • 7 New York Times Best Selling Authors & over 30 Personalities including Dave Ramsey, Henry Cloud, Rachel Cruze, Chris Hogan and more. A combined audience of over 30 Million.

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Oct 2017 - Present

Riches Consulting


Riches Consulting provides market strategy, brand development, and marketing execution to help companies grow. People see an average of 3,500 marketing messages a day. How do you cut through all of that clutter and grab the attention of your customers? Through a clear and concise brand strategy. People will purchase products that they understand the fastest. By utilizing a cohesive brand strategy and clear messaging that speaks straight to the customers needs, you can grab their attention and get them to purchase, allowing you to expand your business. For the last 15 years, we have helped numerous Businesses and Personalities figure out how to communicate their big ideas to audiences. Included in this list are 8 Best Selling authors including Dave Ramsey, Henry Cloud, Rachel Cruze, Chris Hogan, as well as hundreds other medium to large businesses. It is incredibly easy to work with Riches Consulting: 1. Start with a 30-minute Discovery Call where we will discover what your marketing needs are. 2. We help you develop a new Brand Strategy and show you how to use it in all of your collateral, including your website. 3. Start using your new brand strategy on everything in your organization and watch your revenue grow. If you are tired of feeling stuck in your business and would like a new plan to grow, call us today. You care deeply about your business and want to see it grow and flourish, so don't let the lack of a clear message or strategy keep your business from the success it's capable of achieving.

Jan 2016 - Present

Baked in Nashville


It's Time to Celebrate! Don't settle for a bland, boring grocery store cake for your next celebration. You deserve to celebrate well with your friends and family. Treat yourself to a hand-crafted dessert from Baked in Nashville. Cakes, Cookies and French Macarons. We help you turn any event into a celebration. Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Event, Special Occasions, Thank Yous, Anniversaries, First Day at School, Mondays and the occasional, "I just need something with sugar in it.". If you are wanting to Surprise and Delight your friends and family, do it right. Call Baked in Nashville today. (615) 838-7359

Jan 2018 - May 2018

Chief Operations Officer

Taking those who feel stuck with the life they have built for themselves and showing them that a better life is possible through simple changes to their career, family life, and personal well-being. My role as COO is to take Nicole's brand in the right direction, make sure we have the right people along for the ride and to serve our customers with the right products.

Sep 2013 - Nov 2017

Ramsey Solutions, A Dave Ramsey Company

Content Coordinator

Working with the Ramsey Personalities to develop our Live Events, my role consists of: • Advised with all Ramsey Personalities to develop talks that connect with their audience. • Also advised outside Personalities, including Henry Cloud, Meg Meeker and Donald Miller. • Developing new Live Events and refreshed current events. • Consult with other business units to develop events. • Communicating with the Content, Creative and Production teams to ensure consistency across all mediums. • Scripting out event timelines, which include content and logistics. • On-Site AV direction and execution. • Last minute miracle worker. • Creating a distraction-less environment in order to bring HOPE to our attendees in order to educate and equip, so they can be the heroes of their own stories.

Sep 2011 - Aug 2013

Apple Retail

Preservation and Operations Specialist

- Taught Workshops and Individual Sessions - Hosted Storewide Employee Enrichment Events - Trained Team Members on Store Standards and Procedures. - Oversaw the overall condition of the store and worked with 3rd party vendors and Apple Staff to maintain the high visual standards set forth by Apple Inc. - Maintained the Store Calendar and communicated with management about any scheduling changes. - Assisted in organizing hiring events and interviews. - Communicated daily with Sales Specialists to keep them informed on Store Information. - Owned store-wide communication in emails, info boards, keynotes, and daily downloads. - Oversaw overnight store layout changes. - Taught visuals standards to Apple Employees. - Communicated to Merchandising contacts with the needs of the store.


Sep 2010 - Feb 2011

RT Design Group

Web Designer and Video Production

Helping Customers with visual concepts including: logos, videos, artwork, stage design, and special events. · Maintain upkeep of website and be the contact person for the web designers. · Website Design · Created custom Social Network Landing Pages, including Facebook fanpages. · Video Production included Green Screen as well as On-Location shoots.

2005 - 2010

Get Motivated Seminars

Event Coordinator

• Produced a business seminar that hosted and average of 15,000+ attendees at each event. • Responsibilities for Q&A event included working with Personalities and Talent, catering, fire code compliance, audio and video production, satellite and telecommunications, and working with local police departments to provide security as well as help in attendee traffic flow.

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