Dr. Otto Sanchez M.D., Ph.D.

Lecturer at University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

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Biomedical researcher and teacher with more than 15 years experience in analyzing data, presenting findings, writing them in peer review journals and teaching human physiology and the benefits of exercise on health. Proposed, strategically planed and managed a $214,000 American Heart Association funded clinical trial entitled “use of Entresto for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease” and a $25,000 U of MN Medical School funded clinical trial entitled “NT-proBNP as a biomarker for salt sensitivity”. Knowledgeable of FDA regulations in clinical trials and a member of one the University of Minnesota IRB committees since 2016. Demonstrated ability to organize and monitor several projects simultaneously and meet deadlines turning in reports with attention to detail and high quality. Completed and approved courses regarding good clinical practices (GCP) by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), the NIH clinical research training course and Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Science Institute Online course. Well demonstrated capacity to design, manage and coordinate clinical research trials to full completion and within approved budget Statistical analysis: performed power and sample size calculations, parametric, linear and non-linear regression statistical modelling. Interpreted and discussed results for reporting and peer review publication. Over 6 years’ experience in the use of the statistical software SAS. Able to apply epidemiological concepts to analyze data from large cohort longitudinal studies. Excellent capacity to lead, train, manage and motivate personnel. Special interest in the beneficial effects of exercise in the prevention and treatment of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions Specialties: Exercise physiologist, clinical researcher, general medicine, statistical procedures, teaching physiology and anatomy, knowledge of the biophysical basis of MRI.

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Work experience

Jun 2020 - Present

University of Minnesota


Teach anatomy, human physiology and conduct research on the clinical applications of natriuretic peptides.

Jul 2019 - Dec 2019

Central Medical Clinic

Exercise physiologist & wellness counselor.

Counseling patients with chronic pain about the health benefits of exercise. Providing exercise prescription for individualized for the needs of each patient.


Jan 2012 - Apr 2019

University of Minnesota

Clinical trial stress testing supervisor


Jun 2015 - Dec 2018

University of Minnesota

Assistant Professor Nephrology Epidemiology

Analyzed data from large data bases regarding living kidney donor. Design, write and execute research regarding hypertension. Perform a clinical trial on the treatment of patients with peripheral arterial disease. Assist nephrology fellows and other faculty with their research projects.


Feb 2014 - May 2015

University of Minnesota

Research Associate

Performing epidemiological research of cardiovascular diseases analyzing longitudinal data from the Multi-Ethnic Study on Atherosclerosis (MESA) study and The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study (CARDIA) study and the study physician for the LookAhead project (NIH funded clinical trial for type 2 diabetes mellitus).


Sep 2012 - May 2015

University of Minnesota


Teach human physiology to master nursing students


Jun 2008 - Sep 2009

Vanderbilt University

Research Instructor

To design and complete studies evaluating the muscles' microvasculature of patients with diabetes in response to muscle contractions using an MRI method. I was in charge of supervising personnel to follow appropriate clinical guidelines and to accurately collect data. I was also responsible for the statistical analysis, interpretation of the data and for presenting and publishing findings in international meetings and in a peer review journal. Paper Accepted for publication in the American Journal of Physiology 04/27/11.


Jan 2004 - Sep 2009

Vanderbilt University

Research Fellow

To study the physiological basis of the magnetic resonance signal in skeletal muscle at rest, during exercise in health and in disease states. To design, coordinate, analyze and publish findings in national and international meeting and in peer review journals.


1998 - 2003

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

PhD, Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology)

1980 - 1989

Universidad de Oriente

MD, Medical Doctor

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