Pablo Plana

Business Developer in Beamalevich

Vilanova i la Geltrú, ES

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I have developed myself extensively on the Art, Architecture, and Design items international sector. I help strengthening the online presence of Artsy companies to increase both their B2B and B2C flows. I am interested by ethical business projects and by pro-environment protection management styles. It's good to grow, but it's key to truly consolidate what's already been done. Open to new business ideas and everything which is creative, innovative, & clean. Experienced on DIGITAL MARKETING and E-COMMERCE.

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Aug 2019 - Present


Business Developer

Working as a Freelance Manager & Consultant for different company needs: - Creating integral Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns for various products on, resulting in at least x2 ROI - Product development (copy, imagery, video, packaging slip design) - Customer relationship & follow-up pre and after sales - Full development of new E-commerce projects aiming at specific niches of the Design Gifts sector, as of today generating sales 100% on SEO strategy - Positioning of Beamalevich on Google Shopping & Search

Dec 2018 - Jul 2019


Business Developer

Barcelona-based editor and curator of Art, Architecture, & Design products and brands. With main clients being museum stores nationwide at wholesale level, the opportunities for online retail action rely on the effectivity and consistency of the company's image and its catalogue's digital branding. - Improved online presence of the company - Developed a series of Pinterest channels that sum +20k monthly visits - Multiplied Beamalevich's online yearly sales x8 - Established Beamalevich's catalog in 5 new marketplaces for B2C (Amazon, Etsy) and B2B (Orderchamp, Ankorstore, MOM) sales - Developed and implemented SEO strategies bringing +300 organic customers weekly

Jun 2017 - Oct 2018

Klox Entertainment

Media Trader Snr

Trading Desk based in Paris and operating internationally, with market and technology-leading performances on campaigns on the sectors of Sports and Entertainment. - Launched & managed successful Social Ads (FB / Instagram) and Google Ads (Search / Youtube) campaigns - Launched, managed, & optimized RTB campaigns on main Digital Marketing platforms - Designed and implemented a cloud database that improved productivity x2 - Tailored internal Docs & PPTs for internal agency use (Know-hows, Step-to-steps, targetable Media listings, daily sheets) - Taught new traders about job and procedures, growing from 1 to +4 people in the dpt.

Oct 2016 - May 2017

TradeSpotting Spain

Media Trader

Trading Desk based in Paris and Madrid. Specialized in RTB working with clients of varied sectors. - Launched Online Advertising campaigns mostly in Spanish media - Created personal Digital Strategies for each client (medias, sites, budget allocation, Ad Exchanges, geography, etc.) ensuring average ROI of x2 - Optimized campaigns daily based on performance analysis - Manually tailored reports for clients after every finished campaign, from their accumulated data (Sites of ad appearance, Frequency, Performance of implemented pixels per site/per creativity, CTR, CPC, etc.) - Notably managed Montmeló's 2017 campaigns to ROI x8 - Learnt and used technical assets such as Tagging Plans for website pixels - Retrieved information and created Docs & PPTs for internal agency use (Know-hows, Step-to-steps, targetable Media lists, etc.) - Taught new traders about the job and procedures, its shortcuts and its lines of procedure

Jun 2014 - Aug 2016


Project Manager

BeaMalevich creates, edits and distributes objects inspired in art, architecture and creativity, main clients being design and contemporary art museum stores. BeaMalevich is the exclusive distributor in Spain of several top design brands. In parallel, BeaMalevich provides curator services to specialized museum stores, selecting products and designers that better suits their needs and taste. - Search, development and supervision of Projects and campaigns with second and third parties - Account Management - Giving insight and bringing innovation into ongoing ideas - I created Newsletters - Participation in Fairs and Exhibits with the company's catalog - Managed the stock - Product Advertisement and Image - Adaptation and improvement of promotion means

Jan 2014 - Jan 2015


Marketing Director

FIMAE stands for the "Festival Internacional de Música d'Avantguarda i Experimental", a high-end music project started by a group of young entrepreneurs from Vilanova i la Geltrú. It consisted of a big concert promoted by the launch of several small-scale public DJ sessions along bars and venus in Vilanova. Taking place in January 2015, the events were a perfect launching platform for still-unknown artists of the electronic music scene, as well as an opportunity for them to play alongside already famous performers such as Alberto Pascual or POPOF. The program brought a different electronic taste for every event, as a trip through nowadays' growing alternative scene on these music genres. We did a total of three public DJ sessions, plus a big party on January 25th 2015 in a warehouse inside the Museu del Ferrocarril de Catalunya (main Train Museum in Europe) in Vilanova i la Geltrú, a common venue for events in between 500 and 700 people. In charge for Marketing and Artist Contracting, but also part of a team of five, the job and tasks developed required great polivalence, autonomy and constant updating with the music industry, while knowing how to balance these right with today's public and their most intrinsic needs for a successful show. - Event planning - Artist contracting & Artist management (Cocoon Agency, Label Sphère France) - Planning of a Marketing campaign for a music event - Understanding of the party-making environment - Coordination of the event during celebration - Press releases

Jun 2013 - Sep 2013


Internationalization Assistant

In touch with more than 1200 enterprises, supported the role of the Internationalization Department at SECARTYS with contribution on: - Account Management through phone & email - Contacted, organized, and managed business trips for our associated companies to expand through International Business Missions, Commercial Fairs, and New Business Prospections - Preparated agendas, meetings and entries with and between enterprises - Managed E-mailing and informative campaigns - Data storage and analysis, decision-making process - Social Media Management (Twitter, for the MED-Solar project)

Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

Decathlon Internacional


2 months internship from ESEC Toulouse in Selling Experience. Collective Sports Universe. - In-store sales - Management of orders and deformation - Inventory - Merchandising - Customer relations & custom orders - Product unloading and set-up - Coordination in within sectors and other Decathlon stores

Jun 2010 - Sep 2010

Ajuntament de Cubelles

Filing Assistant and Editor // Regidoria de Cultura

3 months internship spent on the Culture House as well as on the Census Department for the Council House of Cubelles (50km South from Barcelona) - Organization of events, fairs and concerts - Management and distribution of paperwork - Selection and launch of local advertising campaigns (Carnaval, Festa Major) - MS Word & Excel - Communication between departments - Editing and drafting of official documents - Citizen service

Jan 2007 - Jan 2008

Clínica Dental Enrique Plana de Viala

Administrative Assistant

Dental Clinic owned by my parents. They offered me at the end of 2006 if I wanted to start practising with some working norms and schedule, organization and filing activities and social management. As I was in the middle of the School Year, my working times usually took place at the afternoons, after coming from class. I would spend between 3 and 4 hours there almost every Thursday of the year.

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