Paul Butarbutar

Director at PT JJB Sustainergy Indonesi

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Paul has more than 29 years of working experience, including more than 24 years in the environment-related field. In the last 15 years he has worked in the low carbon and climate change issues, including in the implementation of GHG emission reduction projects under Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM), Verified Carbon Standard, Social Carbon, or other carbon standards in various sector, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, waste management, industrial emission, and forestry. He also has provided advisory services related to climate policies, fiscal policies to support low carbon investments, MRV, carbon pricing, carbon footprint, REDD+, and other issues. He has worked with government institutions at national as well as provincial and district level in environmental in particular in the field of air pollution and climate change, as well as in energy policies and financing, such as with Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Transportation, DKI Jakarta Province, City of Yogyakarta, etc. He also has worked with international organization, such as ADB, UNDP, GIZ, JICA, APEC, WWF, and other organisation. He also has worked with private sectors in the field of renewable energy, sustainability and carbon footprint. Currently, Paul is actively involved in investment in renewable energy projects in the region, helping in securing deal, reviewing the technical, environment and social, as well as financial aspects of the investments. After working for South Pole Group for the last 10 years, Paul has decided to establish his own company, capitalising his own experiences to provide supports in the renewable energy investment, policy development and advocacy.

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Nov 2018 - Present

Indonesia Renewable Energy Society

Executive Director

As Executive Director, lead the Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (IRES) to implement activities that promote the utilization of renewable energy. The activities consist of policy and regulatory dialogue, investment on renewable energy, capacity building, and coordination with renewable energy associations, related government agencies, and other related stakeholders

Jun 2018 - Present

PT 3GT Servis Indonesia


PT 3GT Servis Indonesia is a company that provide service to develop renewable energy projects, focusing on hydro project development. As Director, lead the team to develop hydro projects and work together with external consultants to prepare technical documentations, conduct feasibility assessment, arrange for permits and other related issues

Jan 2018 - Present

PT JJB Sustainergy Indonesia


PT JJB Sustainergy Indonesia provides advisory service to clients in the field of sustainable development, low carbon, renewable energy, and on policy and regulatory issues.

Jun 2008 - Dec 2017

South Pole Group

Director Green Finance Asia

As Regional Director lead the Indonesian Team to develop various program in order to grow South Pole’ business in Indonesia and surrounding countries. He manages the team to look for new carbon projects for voluntary as well as compliance market. At the same time he also manage the project implementations, coordinate with Designated Operational Entity (DOE) to validate and verify the projects that lead to the issuance of carbon credits. He also looks for financing opportunities for projects that need financing in order to generate carbon credits. Also, he was involved as Consultant to Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) in preparing proposal for carbon market development in Indonesia. The development of proposal involving government agencies, mainly from Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Finance, Bappenas, was based on the consensus building in setting the priorities. This consultancy is initiated by Indonesian National Council on Climate Change, financed by World Bank and implemented by Yayasan Bina Usaha Lingkungan (YBUL). He has been seconded to Oxford Policy Management Limited (OPML) for the implementation of the Low Carbon Support Program to Ministry of Finance for the development of fiscal policy for the achievement of GHG emission reduction in Indonesia. He also has supported Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Indonesia in preparing proposal for NAMAs Support Facility. In addition to that, Paul also lead the team for the implementation of training program on the carbon project development in the forestry sector in 6 cities (Gayolues, Tapak Tuan, Kotacane, Timika, Palangkaraya, Ketapang). This training program is financed by USAID IFACS. Currently, as Director Green Finance Asia he helps investor in securing deal flow for the investment in renewable energy projects in the region.


Mar 2013 - Dec 2015

Oxford Policy Management

Co - Team Leader/Senior Advisor to Ministry of Finance

As Co-Team Leader, support the implementation of Low Carbon Support Program to Ministry of Finance, a program financed by UKCCU. The program supports Center for Climate Change Financing and Multilateral Policy of Fiscal Policy Agency of Ministry of Finance Indonesia in assessing fiscal options that could be provided to climate change mitigation and adaptation activities. Under this program, about 15 studies that assessed fiscal options in the field of energy and forestry and land-based have been conducted. Also, a number of capacity building activities have been conducted. As Senior Adviser, provides inputs on the climate change, energy, and forestry sectors, among others related to the climate policy and carbon market/emission trading, CDM and VCS; energy policy including related to renewable energy, energy conservation, Feed-in Tariff; and community based forest investment. In addition, in collaboration with other Ministries, actively provide inputs for the establishment of Energy Resilience Fund and Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme.

Mar 2006 - Jun 2008


Head of Implementation

As Head of Implementation lead the team to implement low carbon development projects through to the CDM cycle, starting from feasibility assessment, development of project design document, project validation, host national approval, up to monitoring of the project implementation and CER issuance. The Senior Project Manager provide around 50% of his time to help the Origination Team in acquiring projects. Also, based on existing methodology he is also responsible to develop new idea and identify new opportunity in capitalizing CDM. He has to coordinate all activities of project implementation with Head of Implementation in Oxford and Head of Implementation in South-East Asia and maintain regular communication with them. He has to maintain good relation with staff and partners. He is also assigned as Deputy Country Director


Oct 1997 - Mar 2006


Technical Coordinator, Deputy Team Leader

Coordinate the implementation of pollution reduction program with transportation companies; automotive manufacturers and car workshops; coordinate the public awareness and training of stakeholders on air pollution issues and technical measures for air pollution reduction, in particular related to vehicle emission; support government in development and formulation of strategy and policy on urban air quality improvement. Support the implementation of clean air projects in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam

Jan 1992 - Dec 1992

Haeusermann Ingenieurbuero


As design engineer, he developed solutions that could simplify the manufacturing process for the clients. He has designed jig and fixture that has helped the client in simplifying assembling process, supervise the production of the designed jig and fixture, and the provide guidance on the use of the jig and fixture.


2002 - 2002

Southern Cross University, Australia

MBA, Business Administration

To enhance the capacity I applied and got scholarship from the organization I worked for to study MBA at Southern Cross University at Tweeds Campus, Australia

1988 - 1992

Technikum Winterthur Ingenieurschule, Winterthur, Switzerland

Dipl. Ing. HTL, Mechanical Engineering

I received scholarship from Swiss Government to study mechanical engineering at Technikum Winterthur Ingenieurschule, in Winterthur Switzerland. My study was focusing on the machine design

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