Peter Piekarczyk

Co-Founder & CTO at Draftbit. YC W18. I apply cutting edge tech to business use-cases.

Chicago, IL


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Highly driven and energetic leader, speaker & startup entrepreneur. I build companies using cutting edge techniques and introduce them to the mainstream. Draftbit empowers anyone to build complex mobile apps just by dragging and dropping in the browser. Latest speaking engagements: - 2019 Building Next Generation Apps Visually using Draftbit @ React Native EU (Wroclaw, Poland) - 2019 Becoming 10x the engineer @ Detroit Tech Watch (Detroit, MI) - 2019 ReasonML & the future of React @ GOTO Conf (Chicago, IL) - 2019 Building Apps Visually with Draftbit @ MagnoliaJS (Jackson, MS) - 2019 How ReasonML Has Helped our Hiring Process @ Reason Conf (Vienna, Austria) - 2019 Building Apps Visually with Draftbit @ App.js Co (Krakow, Poland) - 2018 ReasonML - A love Story @ React Chicago (Chicago, IL) - 2017 Stress & Anxiety as a developer @ DevOpsDays( Chicago, IL) - 2017 Things I wish I knew about React Native when I started @ React Native Chicago (Chicago, IL) - 2016 Future of High Performance Node @ Node Foundation (Chicago, IL) - 2016 Moving Practically @ React Remote Conf (Chicago, IL) - 2015 What The Flux? React + Flux Tips & Tricks @ Code n Cans (Chicago, IL) - 2015 React Audio - A Declarative approach @ React Rally (Salt Lake City, UT) - 2015 Building a hybrid Backbone / React application @ JSConf (Florida)

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Customer: Vercel
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May 2017 - Present


Co-Founder & CTO

Draftbit is a new way to build cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps in minutes instead of months.

Sep 2016 - May 2017


VP, Product

Lead the engineering effort by introducing best practices across the board. What was once a single, monolithic React app powering the entire website was split into several Node.js-based services. I built a foundation which introduced speed, stability and the ability for our team to move quickly when it came to implementing features. About the Company Bootler is an all in one online food and alcohol delivery search engine that comprises data from food services companies (i.e. Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, and alcohol delivery service companies (i.e. Saucey). Visitors can compare which service has the best price, fastest delivery, and most convenient delivery times. Additionally, users are able to see over 3,000 restaurants that delivers food in Chicago because the list includes multiple delivery services.

Oct 2014 - Feb 2016

Trunk Club

Software Engineer

We are polyglots, using the best tool for the problem at hand. You’ll see languages and technologies like Ruby, Sidekiq, ES6, React, Webpack, Postgres with hstore and json, Sinatra, Redis, Swift, Android, Docker, Ansible, and Elastic Search. About the Company We're building the future of retail, enabled through technology. Come talk to us if you’re interested in creating lightweight single-responsibility apps, building advanced Javascript MV*-powered front-ends, leveraging graph databases and machine learning, and creating amazing user experiences for users both internal and external.


Aug 2013 - Oct 2014

One North Interactive

Front End Developer

One North Interactive is an agency dedicated to serving the creative, strategic and technological needs of legal and professional services organizations. As the former web group of Hubbard One, we have more than 15 years of experience helping clients differentiate their online presence and strengthen their businesses in a crowded and competitive market. One North Interactive has launched hundreds of websites and other interactive solutions for our clients, including over 40% of the NLJ 250. Headquartered in Chicago, One North Interactive employs more than 70 innovative minds. For more information, visit

Feb 2010 - Feb 2013

Cheesin' Blog

Founder, Writer

Cheesin' was a satirical college blog. At its high point, Cheesin' was averaging 10,000 views per day and had three writers.

May 2012 - Sep 2012

Copernicus Center

IT Consultant

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