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Company Executive and entrepreneur. Over twenty five years experience in leadership in the healthcare, aerospace and telecommunications industries as well as the US Army. Hands on experience with and understanding of the sales cycle, project management, business operations, accounting, budgeting, marketing and leadership. Specialties: Vaccine Expertise, Travel Medicine Subject Matter Expert (SME), Expert in travel health and safety, Project Management, Consulting, Business Operations, International Travel, Business Intelligence.

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Aug 2005 - Present

Passport Health of Tampa Bay


Full service travel health clinic. We specialize in all vaccines with a emphasis on health and wellness while travelling abroad. We also offer corporate wellness services int he Tampa Bay area.

Aug 2005 - Present

Passport Health of Tampa Bay


Full Service travel medicine clinic specializing in travel wellnes for the business, liesure and mission traveller. Your one stop shop for all travel health vaccine and products. Our professional staff of RNs are experts in the field and will provide you with the latest information so that you may make informed decisions relative to your upcoming travel. We also provide on site FLU clinics for our corporate accounts and customers during the FLU season.


May 2006 - Mar 2009


Solutions Engineer, Public Sector

Full service travel medicine clinic serving the greater Tampa Bay area to include Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. Offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Jan 2005 - Dec 2008

Passport Health of Tampa Bay

Owner, CFO

Overall responsibility for all financial transactions associated with Passport Health of Tampa Bay.


May 2006 - Mar 2008


Solutions Engineer

Laid off March 14th, 2008 due to the Genral Business Solutions Engineer position in Tampa, FL being eliminated. Re-hire to Public Sector segment as SE pending.

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