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AWS Consulting Partner | Technology Expert for Highly Regulated Companies


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IRIS is a leading provider of technology services for medical and other highly regulated organizations throughout the U.S. For nearly 25 years, IRIS has acted as a thought leader in IT support. At IRIS, we're committed to hiring the best and supporting our customers and our people to achieve extraordinarily. IRIS acts as your external IT department, serving as a one-stop source for all of your technology needs. Using the very latest technologies, our solutions deliver: 1. HIPAA/HITECH compliance; 2. Greater network security through 24/7 network monitoring; 3. Improved utilization, security, scalability, and efficiency of network devices (e.g. computers, tablets, inter-oral scanners, 3D-Pans, phones, etc.); 4. Regularly scheduled IT reviews to ensure you maintain your technological edge and IT systems remain future-proof; and 5. Timely on-site installations and support, as needed.

Work experience

Apr 2018 - Present

IRIS Solutions

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Jul 2016 - Present

Crescent Peak


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Jun 2015 - Jul 2016



Project and Team Management, Client Relationship Management, Financial Analysis, Operational Improvement, Recruiting


Mar 2013 - May 2015

Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Senior Associate

Trusted Advisor to Middle Market Privately-held Companies, Employee Training and Development, Business Development, Client Relationship Management

Jun 2009 - Mar 2013


Senior Associate

Financial Analysis and Consulting for Large Corporations

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