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An experienced leader with a broad understanding of business and modern web technology. An individual with a results-driven career building innovative growth engines directed by real-time data and industry insights. An entrepreneurial spirit with experience successfully growing companies, exceeding goals, expectations, and key performance indicators in each career endeavor.

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Sep 2016 - Present


Partner & CEO

Paycove is an invoice automation and payment collection service that integrates directly with CRMs to empower sales teams to streamline their sales pipeline management flow, as well as optimize their payment processing fees.

Jan 2014 - Present

Early-Stage Startup Advisor

Startup Advisor

My range of general business and marketing expertise have helped early stage businesses gain traction and take root. I have worked with dozens of startups to triple yearly web traffic and conversions, secure seed round financing, increase conversions through funnel optimization, launch initial products to gauge early consumer feedback. I'm looking to connect with top startups in the Chicago area to help create sustained, and measurable growth.

Apr 2014 - Sep 2016

Earlybird MVP

Head of Production, Partner

Earlybird is Chicago's top studio for startup MVPs and early-stage software development. We love helping non-technical founders get their product to market quickly. We don't simply design and develop software. We help entrepreneurs discover what they should build first. We’re an agile team with a talented and scalable design and development staff experienced in developing web/mobile applications, social layers, and online communities. Our core service offerings: (1) Rapid MVPs for startups (2) Mid-sized cloud applications for growth companies (3) Responsive marketing sites for concept validation & branding We’re developing a rich codebase of features and tools based on identifying common needs among early-stage tech-enabled startups. This allows us to focus our time and effort on the custom elements that make each business unique. As the Account and Project Lead, my focus is on working with innovative startups to identify the most valuable features of their initial product. With talented internal developers and business analysts to help entrepreneurs get to market with a well thought-out, fully implemented product.

May 2013 - Jan 2014


Chief Marketing Officer

Created company-wide multi-channel marketing strategy with chief officers and key stakeholders, including Michael Taus, co-founder of Built dashboard that connected keyword research, Google Analytics information, and Adwords budget to reach seasonal user acquisition goals. Launched go-to market SEO and SEM strategy by identifying and maintaining local high impact keywords from a total of 600 keywords. Launched remarketing initiative for driving returning visitors who did not initially convert back to landing page, increasing conversion rate by 50%. Designed and optimized dozens of display ads across 6 markets. Created and executed content strategy by partnering with 6 industry influencers to grow online content presence


Jun 2012 - Jan 2013


Google and 1871 Project Manager

Organized 60 volunteer Chicago Google employees to provide mentorship to over 45 startups Coordinated 3 events with a total of over 500 guests between Developer Relations, Public Relations, and Community Affairs teams Author on Google Entrepreneurs +Page Google & 1871 project now on


Nov 2011 - Jan 2013


Google+ Vertical Manager

Hired and trained a team of marketers to create hundreds of new Google+ Pages, resulting in 3rd highest national team metrics. Developed and executed national Google+ growth strategy of Educational Vertical by targeting thought leaders and directing account managers. Created detailed weekly growth team metrics and KPIs with Director of Community Partnerships. Arranged video conference “Hangout” with clients including NASA, National Geographic, Richard Branson, and Helped organize and execute Hangout with Barack Obama, March Madness, and Doodle 4 Google campaign. Awards: Team Lead of Month Award, “Team on Your Back” Award, Certificate of Accomplishment for Speaking.


Jun 2011 - Nov 2011


Business Specialist

Selected out of national team to present for seven “Tier 1” states for Google’s Get Your Business Online campaign Presenter for seven “Tier 1” states for Google’s Get Your Business Online campaign. Partnered with chambers and business organizations to bring presentations and education to members.

Jun 2010 - May 2011

Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic

Student Lawyer

Drafted legal documents for start-up businesses, including regulation memoranda, licensing agreements, operating agreements, website terms of use, privacy policies, and vendor agreements. Discussed small business strategies and legal issues with supervisors, co-workers, and outside counsel.

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