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Chairman and CEO at Demand Derivatives || Home to the Revolutionary Exchange and Clearing House RealBOT and RealClear


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Experienced in futures, options, volatility, derivatives, equity research, risk control, hedge funds, due diligence, and private equity. Experience includes: board directorships, director of $1b fund-of-funds, portfolio manager of $200m commodity pool and private equity fund, engineered novel tradable derivative instruments, designed volatility indices, managed several teams, built successful businesses, negotiated agreements and licenses, developed client accounts, performed extensive due diligence on 1,000+ hedge funds, built quantitative, qualitative, and an artificial intelligence trading engine, authored numerous written works, and a keynote speaker.

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Aug 2017 - Present

Demand Derivatives Corp.


Demand Derivatives Corp. is the parent company for the forthcoming innovative, vertically integrated futures exchange RealDemand Board of Trade (“RealBOT™”) and its dedicated clearing house RealDemand Clearing (“RealClear™”) (upon CFTC and SEC approval) destined to trade the world’s major assets in a creative new way. The company plans to use its four unique instrument designs, pioneering blockchain technology, instant clearing, and default-free, fully collateralized positions to create a significant competitive challenge to existing exchanges and clearing houses.

Jan 2014 - Aug 2017

RealDay™ Options


This company merged into Demand Derivatives Corp., in August 2017. RealDay options will be a forward-starting, or delayed-strike, daily option. They will provide the trader with the least costly, truly convenient, and most precise way to gain exposure to, or hedge, a daily event.

Jul 2009 - Aug 2017

The Volatility Exchange (VolX)

Chairman and CEO

This company merged with Demand Derivatives Corp. in August 2017. VolX® has developed RealVol® Instruments and RealVol Indices based on realized volatility as defined by the RealVol Formulas. Realized volatility measures movement of an underlying asset regardless of direction, and is functionally different than implied volatility metrics. RealVol Indices focus on 40 key global assets and segregate risk into 40 styles (1,600 in total), encompassing six time frames, five formulas, and two forecasting models. In the future, RealVol Instruments may be listed on a wide variety of underlying assets, as they are designed for every major marketplace: futures, options, securities, and over-the-counter.

Sep 2013 - Jun 2014

Hedge Fund Due Diligence Exchange (HFDDX)

Head of Business Development

Founder and innovator of the exchange concept. HFDDX has forensic-quality due diligence on hedge funds at large discounts by matching members' needs. The HFDDX process far exceeds industry standards. And, the exchange concept allows matched members the ability cut the costs in half or more by sharing.

Jan 2003 - Jun 2009

Event Capital Markets

Founder/Managing Partner

Founder and managing partner to one of the more successful independent firms performing detailed due diligence on alternative investment fund managers (hedge funds, fund-of-funds, and CTAs). The company performed over 800 reviews of fund managers including background checks, strategy review, business process, risk control, reference checks, document scrutiny, on-site interviews, etc. Reports were typically 100–200 pages of original text. The report would typically highlight two-, three-, or four-dozen flags per manager. It was rare event to have a manager so sound and attentive to detail that they received less than a dozen flags.

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