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“Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.” ~ Albert Einstein ~ As an innovation leader, I’ve become known as go-to as it relates to breaking ground on new projects and identifying unseen value. I impact the bottom line by executing expansion balanced with meticulous exploration, a systems approach to corporate strategy, and attention to innovation metrics. I also just really enjoy what I do. I work with very smart people who see things a little differently. As a leader, I embrace differences of opinion and cultivate an open culture that inspires synergistic collaboration. To me, different is good. SOME OF MY FAVORITE PROJECTS INCLUDE Collaborating with the CIO to expand Humana’s presence in Silicon Valley through the venture arm. Together, we launched a new innovation office in Palo Alto to identify early-stage companies for partnership and investment. Currently, I’ve had a key role in the development of 6 commercial deals that resulted in 2 strategic investments. Leading my team at IXL Center to identify $1B in potential new revenue for one of the largest mobile operators in the USA. Developing a 6-week accelerator program for the Hult Prize Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative that helped students from around the world turn their concepts into financially sustainable social enterprises for competition. As a business strategist, my strength lies in an ability to analyze operations and implement best practices. I’ve facilitated a major restructuring at a leading Spanish bank to put my client back on track to reach financial objectives. I’ve also supported expansion through business strategy that produced sales increases of $15M for a major pharmaceutical company. What are you working on? I’m always connecting with entrepreneurs and those who place high value on the process of innovation. Please connect if you have a question or would like to discuss your business!

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Jan 2019 - Present


Director of Strategic Partnerships

Digital Health & Analytics


Nov 2017 - Present


Innovation Director | Discovery & Open Innovation

I currently lead the Discovery and Open Innovation Team. The primary focus of the team is to scout and identify the best external partners to help us solve challenging business problems and bend trend in new, innovative ways. I currently manage a coordinated and deliberate approach to build a pipeline of external partnerships so that Humana continues to be “the partner of choice.”


Apr 2014 - Present


Venture & Innovation Manager, Humana Health Ventures

At Humana I collaborate with senior leaders to develop the framework and processes integral to successful launch of innovative growth initiatives. My role continues to evolve as needs shift and I appreciate a corporate culture that allows agile movement in sync with the demands of innovation. Currently, I manage a $3M budget designed for risk mitigation, new products, and business creation. A major piece of my work here involves a challenge to partner with our CIO to expand Humana’s presence in Silicon Valley through the venture arm. As Venture Manager I engage startups, VC firms, and corporate partners to bring new opportunities and products to Humana for testing, validating, and scaling. COLLABORATING TO EXPAND PARTNERSHIPS: By bringing a diversity of stakeholders around a common table to explore possibilities and facilitating workshops to ensure depth of insight, I brought teams together to embrace a new innovation vision and strategy. BUILDING A FRAMEWORK FOR INVESTING: I developed a charter to outline principles for investment. This initiative provided a transparent approach to venture investing, paved a path to successful monthly meetings with our investment council, and led to 6 commercial deals resulting in 2 strategic investments. OPERATIONS STREAMLINING: I coordinated team leaders and led them through a process that allowed us to slash pilot launch timeline from 6 to 3 months.

Sep 2010 - Mar 2014

IXL Center

Innovation Consultant

As Innovation Consultant, I managed 5 innovation business analysts and 4 cross-functional teams to deliver strategy and innovation. I defined project scope, work plans, and deliverables. More specifically, my area of expertise was implementing the framework to organize resources while placing structures in place that set the stage for sustainability. To ensure success, I also tracked innovation metrics and outcomes closely while managing the innovation pipeline and portfolio. FACILITATING TEAMS & EMPOWERING INNOVATION PROJECT LEADERSHIP: By establishing a culture of open collaboration and strong processes I empowered my team to identify $1B in potential new revenue for a major client operating in the telecommunications sector. We built a project plan, facilitated workshop sessions, and delivered this new concept successfully. RESEARCH: I conducted research on Open Innovation best practices and later wrote and published a paper on Innovation Metrics. These scholarly initiatives positioned my company as the market leader in innovation, won new clients, and was credited by an existing client for a reinvention of their innovation dashboard resulting better, cheaper, and faster innovations. SUPPORTING YOUNG INNOVATORS & ENTREPRENIEURS: The 6-week Accelerator Program I developed for the Hult Prize Foundation helped student teams from around he world turn their ideas into financially sustainable social enterprises for competition in the Hult Prize annual event associated with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Jan 2008 - Aug 2009

H.L Boulton

Strategic Planning Managing Director

I was brought into this role to report to the CEO while providing strategic guidance for 2 company enterprises struggling with poor financial performance and operational inefficiencies. TURNAROUND & EFFICIENCY STRATEGY FINANCIAL STRATEGY: By conducting an in-depth analysis utilizing the DuPont method, I was able to assess complications, define a new strategy and take corrective action that resulted in an increased operating margin from 1.25% to 12% in less than one year. REVENUE GENERATION: Through a targeted initiative that led executives to define objectives, set goals, and define metrics to align process with resources and stakeholders, I increased gross margins from 22% to 25%. OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENT: After applying minimalist manufacturing methodology, I was able to help a company reduce the product rejection rate from 10% to 4%.

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