Rob Fulwell

Software Development Manager at Conversica

Seattle, WA

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Over 10 years of software development experience on multiple award-winning products, including the Forza Motorsport series (for Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One) and LapLink for Windows. Core Skills: • Excellent written and verbal communication • C#, C++, PowerShell languages foremost among others • Sound software construction methods • Strong C#, C++ and PowerShell debugging • Automation design • Complex system integration • Agile development process

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Work experience

May 2018 - Present

Software Development Manager

Sep 2016 - May 2018

Senior Build Engineer

Dec 2005 - Sep 2014

Software Development Engineer

Shipped Forza Motorsport 5 on a new platform, on schedule and at high quality. • First in the world to implement new lab hardware and software configurations to automatically deploy, test and report results even as the underlying Xbox One platform was under development. • Leveraged the studio investment in existing code and process by porting my existing Xbox 360 console abstraction layer for use on the Xbox One. • Ported a major native C++ engine project from Xbox 360 to Windows. • Scaled crash dump infrastructure to next-generation hardware requirements. • Overhauled Turn 10 studio use of Xbox One deliverable packaging for Forza. Shipped Forza Motorsport 2, 3 and 4 for Xbox 360 garnering the highest racing game ratings of that console generation. • Created a C# Xbox 360 console abstraction layer to encapsulate several key aspects of working with game development kits. • Researched and implemented a novel solution to enable true ‘AnyCPU’ functionality for managed code that depends on platform-specific (x86 and x64) native C++ dlls. This solution was later adopted by multiple external (outside Turn 10) Microsoft teams. • Leveraged and integrated several systems to automate production processes and collect critical performance and stability data. • Championed the use of PowerShell across the studio – including the creation and promotion of a style template that has been recommended for four years.

Nov 2000 - Aug 2001

Development Engineer

Planned, designed and implemented new JAVA/C++/C code modules.

Jan 1997 - Nov 2000

Development Engineer

as Development Engineer (03/1998 - 11/2000) * Planned, designed and implemented new C/C++/JAVA code modules. Projects ranged from User Interfaces to Remote Control protocols. * Debugged and implemented key defect fixes in a timely fashion. * Created analysis / requirements document for a new product. Coordinated with marketing, sales, documentation and quality assurance groups to bring the new product to completion (I was solely responsible for all development work for a new product). * Researched new Microsoft API's for improved product functionality. as Quality Assurance Engineer (01/1997 - 03/1998) * Administrated the test lab (NT and Novell networks). * Developed and implemented test plans. Scripted and performed specific tests. * Designed and constructed automated tests (Visual Test).


Jun 1994 - Sep 1996

Visio Corporation

Quality Assurance Engineer

* Trained and supervised new QA Engineers. * Developed and implemented test plans. * Scripted and performed specific tests. * Designed and constructed automated tests (Visual Basic and VBA).


1991 - 1995

University of Washington

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