Ross Bagley

Principal Software Engineer at ServiceNow

Woodinville, WA


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Software Engineer and Engineering Leader. I bring 25+ years of experience to large system architecture and design. I learn rapidly, with a goal of learning a new programming language (new to me) each year. This year I'm cheating a bit and re-learning javascript, which I last used in 2006. Recent projects in Google Cloud include Disaster Recovery as a Service, Internal Disaster Recovery Implementation, Metering and Billing, Abuse Detection, etc. As a side project, I'm playing with sophisticated encryption and blockchain tooling to prototype a trust/community/sensemaking distributed app. An attempt to directly address some of the big issues facing the world today.

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Protocol Buffers
Google Cloud Platform
Distributed Systems
Microservice Architecture
Java Development
Fault Tolerant Systems
Work experience

Jul 2020 - Present


Principal Software Engineer

Principal Software Engineer is a technical leadership role in ServiceNow's Core Platform group. I don't manage anyone. Instead, I'm expected to deliver value by defining and coordinating multi-release cross-team projects, bringing the right people together, and understanding the moving parts needed to help a large team complete rather audacious goals. I've made it my mission to significantly upgrade customer scaling and fault tolerance in ServiceNow's platform.


May 2017 - Jul 2020


Senior Software Engineer/Project Lead

Designed and implemented a customer-facing federated Disaster Recovery service for GCP. Led a team of six up to an early access launch. Handed off project to a new 30 person team in India to carry project to GA. Developed the GCE portion of an internal Disaster Recovery effort to minimize the customer impact of several catastrophic regional risks.


Jun 2012 - May 2017


Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead

Google Cloud Metering (Billing) Engineer and Team Lead Implemented and maintained GCE's usage metering pipeline from GCE launch until mid-2017, including infrastructure development necessary to scale as GCE's customer base rapidly expanded.


Dec 2008 - Jun 2012


Software Engineer/Team Lead

Cosmo (Google Docs/Drive Backend) Implemented, maintained and led (as Team Lead) Google's Cosmo service using Java, non-relational databases, a memcached variant, and a wide range of Google technologies (BigTable, MapReduce, protobufs, etc.). Was the hand on the throttle of the Google Drive launch, having developed dedicated dashboards, configured surge resources, and developed a risk model to quickly manage capacity issues, both in Cosmo and in our dependencies.

Sep 2006 - Apr 2008


Senior Software Developer


Feb 2005 - Dec 2005

Disney Consumer Products, Inc.

Contract Web Developer

I maintained the Disney Consumer Products website, including the public facing website as well as portions of Disney's huge intranet. In this job, I acquired experience with huge content management systems (more than 2TB of fine-grained content items) along with some more experience using different web technologies (XML/XSL, JSP/Struts, Vignette/Epicentric, ASP.NET, etc).


Jan 2003 - Jan 2005

Accruent, Inc.

Architect/Senior Developer

Design, architecture, and implementation of an enterprise contract management system. Mentoring other developers, providing design leadership, negotiating product scope with marketing. Getting it done.

1999 - 2001

Fidelity National Flood Inc.



2000 - 2005

University of Cincinnati

BSEE, Electrical Engineering

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