Russell Steed

Online Revenue and Marketing Manager at NOMATIC, LLC

Lehi, UT


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I work in business leadership roles, specifically in the eCommerce, scientific and/or technical industries. With my background in Physics, I am well equipped to creatively solve problems and find solutions that others may not notice in both research and business. I have experience effectively communicating with scientists, businessmen, and people of different cultures and languages. I am an outgoing and hard working individual.

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Work experience

Jul 2020 - Present


Online Revenue and Marketing Manager

Personally responsible for all owned online revenue channels and the marketing avenues related to them.


Jan 2019 - Jul 2020


Operations Manager


Jul 2018 - Jan 2019


Operations Coordinator

Jan 2018 - Jun 2018


Feb 2017 - Jan 2018

General Manager

Mar 2015 - Sep 2017

Litho Products LLC

Co Owner

I am involved in all aspects of the business world; organization, marketing, finance, as well as product design, ordering, and patenting. I have applied for a patent on our unique product design and have experience working with international companies and manufacturers. I have also personally built our ecommerce website, video and photo materials, and product designs.

Apr 2016 - Feb 2017

National Defense Laboratories

VP of Research and Development

I oversee all ongoing research at NDL as well as product and business development. My team takes product ideas all the way from initial design to mass manufacturing while perfecting current technology in body, facility, and vehicle armor. I also work with other companies to form strategic partnerships on products that could serve in the defense industry.

Sep 2014 - Apr 2016


Teaching Assistant, Tutor, Lab Assistant

Worked in classroom, one-on-one tutoring, and lab environments. Taught students the fundamentals of physics in different classes and for multiple professors. Learned how to effectively teach and communicate with students who have difficulty understanding a subject. I also was responsible for grading and correcting students work.

Feb 2013 - Feb 2015

Unified Rv LLC

Marketing Assistant

Worked with Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite on creating catalogs and marketing materials for companies in the RV industry.

Mar 2013 - Jan 2015

Western River Expeditions

River Guide

Responsible for the enjoyment and, more importantly, the well being of passengers. Had opportunities to lead groups of 100+ passengers and 10+ guides down the river as a Trip Leader. Spent multiple days on different sections of river providing for all the needs of the passengers including cooking all 3 meals, teaching them about the surrounding areas, entertaining them, and keeping them safe from the river as well as wild animals (i.e. snakes, bears).

Dec 2009 - Aug 2010


Store Manager

As store manager I was responsible for interviewing and hiring new employees, making work schedules, choosing and ordering product, and maintaining a pleasant work environment. After a six moths at the first store I was asked to transfer to a new store that was failing where I was in charge of retraining, hiring, and letting go of employees. I was able to turn the store around and make it profitable for the owners.


2009 - 2016

Brigham Young University - Idaho

Bachelor of Science (BS), Physics

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