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Deputy General Counsel at Celebrity Home Loans


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Work experience

Jan 2020 - Present

Celebrity Home Loans

Deputy General Counsel


May 2018 - Present

Lynx Licensing

Founder and President

Founder and President of Lynx Licensing. Lynx Licensing provides expert state and federal regulatory licensing services to mortgage, financial services and cryptocurrency companies operating in or seeking to operate in the United States. Licensing services include state mortgage banker/broker/lender, consumer lender, money transmitter, BitLicense and virtual currency licenses as well as FinCEN money services business registration.


Mar 2019 - Dec 2019

GoPrime Mortgage, Inc.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and General Counsel

Partner with the Chief Operating Officer and report to the President/CEO to manage operations and develop the company's strategic vision. Develop and evaluate success metrics and benchmarks. Manage resource allocation and budgeting. Provide leadership across operational departments to drive efficient and customer-focused processes. Advise the shareholders and board of directors on a wide variety of legal areas including commercial, corporate, intellectual property, litigation, regulatory, M&A, labor & employment, and overall legal risk management. Supervise compliance programs to follow industry best practices and to ensure a healthy compliance management system. Engage and manage outside counsel in all regions of the United States. *I am licensed to practice in Illinois only; my practice is limited to in-house representation.

Jan 2018 - Mar 2019

Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc.

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

I serve as a trusted advisor on the challenging business, legal, and regulatory challenges facing our company in the financial services industry. I am a true generalist with a keen focus on providing sound business advice that is grounded by my commitment to ethics and integrity. Each day I balance business goals against regulatory, legal, and competitive risks to support the company's continued success. I pride myself on my adaptability, work ethic, and ability to solve difficult problems. My contributions in this role played an important role in the collaborative work of our executive team, which drove exponential revenue growth during a time of mortgage industry contraction and margin compression. My broad day-to-day responsibilities included providing thoughtful counsel and leadership in many areas including operations, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, licensing, business formation, consumer protection, mortgage financing, vendor management, litigation, acquisitions, human resources, marketing, data privacy, and, cybersecurity. I continue to manage these and additional leadership responsibilities in my CAO role. *I am licensed to practice in Illinois only; my practice is limited to in-house representation.

Dec 2016 - Dec 2017

Prime Mortgage Lending, Inc.

Compliance Officer and General Counsel

I was hired and tasked with evaluating and completely revamping the company's quality control, HMDA and compliance programs following the unforeseen departure of two senior executives. Within two months, my team transformed the quality control program and helped our company to pass a Fannie Mae pre-approval MORA. During this time, I also took on the responsibility of handling the company's legal matters as well as all licensing and regulatory examination activities. Over the course of 2016, our company drastically reduced its quality control defect rates and obtained licenses in more than a dozen new states. My work led to additional responsibilities and a promotion to the executive team, where I first served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel and focued on business, legal, and compliance matters at both the strategic and tactical level.

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