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User Experience Design + Illustration

Mountain View, CA

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I am a highly creative and multitalented Visual Designer with extensive experience in iOS app design, website design, social media promotions, storyboarding & motion graphics. I am skilled in translating complex subject matter into concrete designs for a wide range of informational, promotional, and marketing materials. I have excellent collaborative and interpersonal skills to build exceptional rapport with clients, driving successful product life cycles and coordinating graphical and design changes. I excel within deadline-driven environments and operating with strict budget requirements. Expertise: Web Design, 3D Graphics, Presentations, Marketing, Branding, Logos, Promotional Material, Social Media, Storyboards, Photography, APPs, Icons, Flash Animation, Graphics, Interaction Design, Video Editing, Illustrations,3D Animation, and Traditional Animation

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Work experience

Jan 2017 - Present


UX Lead

Working on new, streamlined experiences for deployment and monitoring of networks .

Aug 1997 - Present


Visual & Interaction Design + Illustration

Specialize in creating solutions to complex problems translating customers’ ideas into visual marketing solutions. Consulate for startups and small projects working on software design for marketing, presentations, and training material. ✮ Designed actionable discovery and Trend Video containing storyboards, design, animation and execution in After Effects. ✮ Created a visual color system to communicate a new four spectrum theory. ✮ Crafted brand identity for color system, logo and visual elements. ✮ Formulated a series of illustrations for an online FAQ to educate users on the spectrums. ✮ Developed a unified icon system for rack mounted components. ✮ Translated ideas into diagrams explaining how products fit in a user’s network. ✮ Engineered a template for marketing collateral and marketed each of the products ✮ Designed multiple website designs and flash promotion animations. ✮ Produced layout and artwork for power point presentations.


Sep 2009 - Feb 2016

Ginger Labs


Successfully design brand for highest ranked iOS productivity app, including logo, app store features and social media promotions. Created the app icon, and promotional materials on the app store, as well as various social media outlets. Worked with a small team of engineers and one other full time designer to design and develop the user experience for one of the cornerstone apps on the iOS. Pitched ideas for changes and UI modifications to the team. ✮ Instrumental in the visual design of Notability an ‘Essentials’ app on the iOS and Mac stores. ✮ Designed soundAMP a hearing assistant and recording app for the iPhone by working directly with founding developer and CEO through full product lifecycle.


2005 - 2012

MIND Research Institute

Web Designer

I served as the webmaster for several years for MIND Research Institute, while there I provided regular graphic updates to the website as well as redesigning it a couple of times, I also created Illustrations for the website.


1999 - 2001


Senior Graphic Designer

While at ifilm, I created several versions of the logo, as well as website design and promotional banners for the website.


Feb 1997 - Sep 1997

Astro Studios


Worked as a Design Intern, it was very inspiring walking in and seeing all the design concepting going on every day.

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