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Partner at Scout VC and WPMC | Early stage software VC

New York, NY


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Studied Operations Research and Applied Statistics at West Point. Studied Industrial Engineering at Northwestern University as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and GEM Engineering fellow. Served as an Army intelligence officer at U.S. Cyber Command where I was a software developer, in addition to being an intelligence leader. Was employee #1 at Tend, a cloud robotics software company where I worked as a computer vision engineer and full-stack developer. Went on to be a co-founder of Dutchie where I developed the first version of the industry-leading online cannabis marketplace software. Went on to be one of the foundational quantitative developers on the Internal Alpha Capture team at Point72. I'm passionate about building innovative software companies and products. Currently a partner at Scout Ventures leading SaaS pre-seed and seed deals. Also Managing Partner at WPMC-- a first-check software fund with an affinity for West Point grad co-founders. Avid long course triathlete and ultra runner.

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May 2021 - Present

Scout Ventures



May 2020 - Present


Managing Partner

A first-check software fund with an affinity for West Point grad co-founders. Low volume, high touch. Finding exceptional leaders in the West Point network to solve meaningful software problems, and providing them a framework of resources to execute.


Feb 2019 - Apr 2020


Quantitative Developer

Foundational quant dev on the Internal Alpha Capture platform team. Built applications to manage and orchestrate systematic trading signals.


Oct 2017 - Feb 2019


Technical Co-Founder

Technical co-founder who wrote the first version of dutchie's software that helped achieve product market fit and raise capital. Also helped build several foundational components of the company like the team and culture. Left dutchie operationally around Series A, but still helping where I can strategically.


Nov 2016 - Oct 2017


Software Engineer

Full-stack software engineer working on the web application portion of the core offering, along with computer vision problems that included object recognition and optical character recognition. Also developed the initial cloud infrastructure on AWS.

2013 - 2016


Software Developer


2012 - 2012


Intern (Operations Research and Computer Vision)

Worked on an interdisciplinary engineering team building a 3D printed, modular UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Developed a linear programming model that solved for the coordinates of internal components to keep the UAV balanced. Also worked on using an android phone for obstacle avoidance using optical flow.


2008 - 2012

United States Military Academy at West Point

Bachelor's degree, Operations Research & Applied Statistics

2012 - 2013

Northwestern University

Master's degree, Industrial Engineering

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