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The hardest part of anyone's overnight success is the first 10 years. (Early investor into &

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"My super power is helping smart and amazing people be more smart and amazing." Follow me for all things Financial Technology (FinTech, Crowdfunding, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence + Finance, etc.), Digital Innovation and Future Tech. Thank you for taking your time to view my profile. Unfortunately, I'm trying to keep up with the latest in the crowdfunding and fintech space, so please allow a little time for me to respond to any request. For those who are looking to learn a bit about me, my passion is crisis management but I occasionally get distracted being a serial entrepreneur and accidental investor. When not starting businesses with my enemies (because Entrepreneurship is so hard, I only recommend it to my enemies), I speak and travel extensively around North America and MENA lecturing on the 5th Industrial Revolution and its technology. By training I am an anthropologist who specializes in finance and feed my nerd tendencies as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University in NYC and University of New Hampshire School of Law where I explore the cutting edge of technology and ethics for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and The Space Economy. I'm also President of the Crowdfunding Professional Association and investor into two investment crowdfunding platforms and I'm passionate about JOBS Act Investment Crowdfunding for a simple reason, "Customers have more money than VCs." Feel free to ask me why. If you'd like to chat with me, drop some time on my calendar here: And to book me for speaking or book signing events, please reach out to Til then stay awesome, thanks for the follow and may the odds and algorithms forever be in your favor!

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Mar 2021 - Present

Author - "The Space Economy" Book Zero in The Space Economy Series

"The Space Economy" is book Zero in The Space Economies series. In this book George Pullen and Samson Williams layout what the $450B dollar Space Economy is and how the Space Industry feeds into a large economy. Order your copy today at

Dec 2020 - Present

Author - "Race In Space: Racial Equity and Justice in The Space Economy" Book II

Book II in The Space Economy Series is "Race In Space" which dives into the lack of racial equity and justice in the current Space Industry and Programs and how this impacts the concepts of colonization vs permanent human settlement of the Moon, Mars and Beyond. This book goes further to state the obvious, that if the first woman to walk on the Moon isn't a Black woman, America will lose the Space Race. Pick up your copy today at

Nov 2020 - Present

Investor - Going Public (via Twitter)

Through Milky Way Economy, LLC and while trolling @DarrenMarble on twitter we learned that Crush Capital was raising money for their TV show "", where businesses will be able to raise up to $75M via RegA+ crowdfunding from their customers, fans and audience members. GoingPublic premiers on in 2021. Once MWE realized Going Public had a better shark tank, we invested in Going Public. Follow me on twitter at @RegCFVC as we ride Going Public & Crush Capital's pioneering spirit in the equity crowdfunding industry to success.

Nov 2020 - Present


Lead Investor - - Investment crowdfunding done Brite. will become known as "The home of the $250K raise." DM to ask me how startups and Main Street businesses are using RegCF to raise up to $5M for their businesses.

Sep 2020 - Present


Author -Blockchain and the Space Economy - Book 1 of the Space Economy Series

Order you copy of Blockchain & The Space Economy today on Amazon to learn about the $400B and growing ecosystem that is #TheSpaceEconomy. Why? Because you'll learn how humanity's first Quadrillionaire makes her fortune in Space.

Apr 2020 - Present


Co-Host The Space Economy show

Mar 2020 - Present


Customers have more money than VCs. Say that out loud and ask yourself why your customers aren't also your business' biggest investors? After all, when you pursue VC, Angel or Private Equity funding, who do you think pays off your investors? Your customers do. Ultimately, your customers have the most money. Proud to be the volunteer President of the CfPA and support JOBS Act Equity & Debt Crowdfunding because your customers are your businesses' biggest asset. Have you thought about giving them the opportunity to be your biggest investors? If you're a funding portal or thinking about becoming a funding portal join, welcome to the league! I highly encourage you to join the CfPA and learn the benefits of membership.

Mar 2020 - Present

Senior Economist

As the Milky Way Economy's (MWE) Sr Economist, Anthropologist-in-residence and co-host of The Space Economy, your destination for the business of Space, my mission is raising public awareness of the Space Economy's vital role in the Earth’s well-being; bringing attention to the complexities and opportunities of establishing permanent Human settlement in Space. In addition to this, via MWE's strategic investment into and we are at the forefront of helping businesses and startups leverage RegCF ($5M) and RegA+ ($75M) in accessing capital to fuel growth in the Space Economy. And rockets. We also nerd out about BFRs, lasers, the beauty of science and the physics and financing behind engineering what used to be impossible. For business inquiries or to be a guest on The Space Economy email me at

Jan 2020 - Present


Sr. Federal Crisis Mgmt Consultant

Develop and implement strategies to prevent little emergencies (pandemics, financial turbulence in the markets, natural disasters, cyber attacks etc...) from becoming big crises. Turns out, leading in a crisis is not as easy as it looks.


Mar 2019 - Present

Columbia University in the City of New York

Adjunct Professor

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, Crowdfunding and other boring FinTech stuff 😉.

Aug 2018 - Present

UNH School of Law

Adjunct Professor

Educating current and future leaders how Blockchain + Cryptocurrencies + Law = The future of finance, capital formation, crowdfunding and organizational management.


Aug 2018 - Present


Advisory Board

Demystifying blockchain and decentralized ledger applications for startups, enterprise applications and government entities. #BlockchainIsntHotSauce

Aug 2016 - Jan 2020

Axes and Eggs

Principal Consultant

Solving human problems in operations, technology and finance throughout Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Dublin, and Indochina. Problem solving specialties: • Emerging Technology Adoption • Operations & Technology • Crisis Communications • Disaster Preparedness & Response • Organizational Change Management

Nov 2017 - Dec 2019

LEORON Institute

Technical SME & Advisor

Blockchain, AI, Crowdfunding and Emerging Technology SME. Basically helping smart and amazing people lead smarter, more fulfilling careers in finance, banking and technology throughout the Middle East, North Africa region.

May 2016 - Sep 2016

The Spirit of Adventure

World Traveler

Traveling the world. As one can not be a socially responsible global citizen if you only know or are aware of your own reality. Highlights: Getting lost a lot. Getting bitten by creatures, getting sick and not dying. Meeting amazing people. Filling up my passport book. Being a cultural liaison for America to the World. Learned a lot. Happy to share with you what I was fortunate enough to discover.


Jun 2014 - May 2016

Fannie Mae

Associate Chief of Staff, Operations & Technology, Executive Office

Making strategic execution possible by doing the little stuff so leadership can focus on the big stuff. Its like running a marathon. The 26.2 miles isn’t what stops you, it’s the pebble in your shoe. Clearing the pebbles between effort and success.


Mar 2011 - Jun 2014

Fannie Mae

Emergency Manager

Developed and implemented strategies to prevent little things (fires, riots, financial turbulence in the markets, bomb threats, active shooters, disgruntled employees, hurricanes and cyber attacks) from becoming big things. The best way to handle an emergency is to prevent it. Duh.

Aug 2011 - Jan 2014

South University

Emergency Management Adjunct Professor

Adjunct professor for the online Emergency Management program.

Sep 2010 - Feb 2011

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.

Emergency Mgmt Specialist II, Fannie Mae, Washington DC/Dallas

Enterprise incident management and response. Supporting physical security, life safety and business continuity planning at Fannie Mae.

Sep 2009 - Aug 2010

DC Department of Health

CRI Coordinator

Strategic National Stockpile of Medicine, Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) Coordinator. Ensuring medical countermeasure viability for response to bioterrorism, pandemics and/or WMDs (weapons of mass destruction)

Mar 2008 - Sep 2009

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.

Fannie Mae Workplace Risk Specialist

Emergency response team coordinator supporting the security and business resiliency programs.


2018 - 2020

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

Certificate, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Law

American Military University

Master, Emergency & Disaster Management

Florida State University

BS, Cultural Anthropology

Oklahoma State University

Phd, Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management

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