Sandy Awaluddin

Tech-Energy Enthusiast!

Stockholm, SE

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A nuclear engineering student with analytical skill provided to research on technical and engineering query, supplemented by leadership skills in multiple diverse organizations. Possessed adequate knowledge and adaptability on various subjects and environment, arising out of activities emphasizing on critical thinking (debate) and numerous widespread education. Currently a research assistant of regulation and operation of Nuclear Reactor in Indonesia in cooperation with Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency (BAPETEN), with the focus on technical regulation and specification of plants components.

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Work experience

Sep 2019 - Apr 2020


Government Relation Associate

Supporting the automation of reporting procedure, transaction analysis, and building relations with relevant stakeholders (Banks, Government, and Clients)


Aug 2019 - Sep 2019


Intern Campaign Data Analyst

Data Processing, Cleaning, and Analysing of campaign results and operations.

Jan 2018 - Feb 2018

Badan Pengawas Tenaga Nuklir


The experience emphasized on research on multiple journals and documents revolving around the safety and security of nuclear material cooperation as a ground to compare and improve regulation in Indonesia. Badan Pengawas Nuklir Indonesia, as a part of non-ministry governmental organization, requires interns to be able to collaboratively work with government (BATAN and other ministry) and (national and international) private institutions to establish appropriate safety entry of nuclear material. Aside from that, the work also focus on utilizing different simulation programs and extensive mathematical method to solve engineering issues to adequately addressed regulatory necessity in the country,


2020 - 2022

KTH Royal Institute of Engineering

European Master’s in Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Engineering

Enrolling in European Master’s in Nuclear Energy. The programme is organized by EIT InnoEnergy, with focus on developing next-level engineering capabilities, industry-standard expertise in nuclear energy, creative problem-solving and innovation capabilities to dramatically accelerate the transition to a low or even post-carbon energy landscape.

2015 - 2019

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Bachelor of Engineering, Nuclear Engineering

Enrolling in Nuclear Engineering allow the ability to solve engineering problem in methodological pathways, utilizing theoretical method, simulations, and various software (Mathlab, Excell, AutoCad, SQL). In addition the experience outside the faculty, especially in English Debating Society, provide adequate understanding in multiple field, including to environment, business, law, and critical thinking, supplementing the required knowledge to establish an appropriate and reasonable solution to societal problem. The active involvement within various organization in Universitas Gadjah Mada further grants adaptive skills to cooperate and lead in numerous work culture.

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