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10+ years of experience in high-performance microservices, big data, machine learning infrastructure, and HCI on both technical side and management side, in big companies and startups. Sen is head of engineering for Replica. Replica helps agencies understand the movement of people and goods. We are actively hiring engineering managers, frontend engineers, product managers and more. Please ping In a previous life, Sen managed Lyft AV Software Platform team/Visualization team in the L5 self driving division, Uber's BaseMap team in Uber Map org, the charter of which is to deliver the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate basemap data to Uber. Prior to Uber, Sen co-founded a company that provides petrochemical commodity trading platform (CME of China, $2M USD seed round), led Geo Data Team @Twitter, and worked as a Senior Scientist at Inome/Intelius. Sen holds several international software patents on high-performance computing with spatial indexing and automation in testing self-driving cars. Sen's PhD dissertation topic is on using information retrieval, machine learning and NLP to build web-based corpus for modeling vague spatial relationship.

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Work experience

May 2020 - Present


Head Of Engineering

Replica helps agencies understand the movement of people and goods. We are actively hiring engineering managers, frontend engineers, ML engineers, Infra engineers, applied researchers and more. Open roles are here:

2020 - Present

Angel Investor

Angel Investor and Technical Advisor

Operator type of Angel investor in the field of AI, Robotics, SaaS, Fintech, and Crypto. The current portfolio includes companies in Seed/A round stages. Currently serving as technical advisor to 2 of the portfolio companies.


Nov 2017 - May 2020


Engineering Manager

-autonomous software platform team (2017-2018) -onboard tools platform for self driving technologies (2018-2020) Level 5 is Lyft’s self-driving division with offices in Palo Alto, California; Munich, Germany; and London, UK. The mission is to build the leading self-driving system for ridesharing. Together, with electric vehicles and Lyft Shared rides, autonomous vehicles will save millions of lives globally, eliminate congestion, reduce emissions, and allow us to rebuild cities around people and not cars.


Feb 2016 - Nov 2017


Engineering Manager

-Basemap, Maps Data Org. The team consists of tech industry veterans from Google, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, and VMWare. The team's charter is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date Basemap data (address validation, road network validation) to Uber's platform (rideshare and beyond). -Worked directly with VP of eng and product, legal on China Maps strategy before Uber/Didi merger in Sep'2016

2015 - 2016

HUASHIDAI Technology co., ltd.

Co-Founder and CTO

• Technical Cofounder of a commodity trading platform, targeting as the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) of China. • Bootstrapped a 35 persons tech team of a team under 10 months, including engineering management and ICs, product and design from famous internet tech companies like Baidu and Tencent. Established rigorous hiring bar (<5% hire rate). • Set best hiring practice from question pool, sourcing strategy, panel setup, eval criteria to closing. • Deliver fast on technical products: First public release of mobile trading platform in 6 weeks; fully functional internal trading management, monitoring tools, multi-DCs in 12 weeks. • Drive the product vision, focus on growth: Trading volume grow from 200M to 1.5B RMB in 4 months with ~100% growth month over month. • Created a business credit model for business loans to factory owners based on trading activities. Initiated BD with AntFinancial.


2013 - 2015


Senior Software Engineer

Geo Team in NYC/SF -Design Geohash based geo services, boost performance from 100 ms to 10 ms and with only 8% storage requirement. -Design/implement Geo data ETL pipeline with spatial conflation logic -Enabling geotargeting at Country/Region/Postalcode/City level. -Design geo-related data precision/coverage report using hadoop/scalding -User density based performance tuning Profile Team in SF -Birthday 🎈 feature on Mobile and Web, worked with product and media team on the initial launch of this feature to celebrate POTUS Barack Obama's birthday. Reviewer for technical books on scalding and ElasticSearch

2011 - 2013

Inome, Inc.

Senior Scientist

-Design Entity Resolution workflow in a distributed system (hadoop) through blocking -Write address geocoding tools to process billions scale of addresses -Text Analytics Conference KBP cold start competition

2008 - 2011

GeoVISTA Center, Pennsylvania State University

Research Assistant

Geographic Contextualization for Accounts of Movement (3 years) • Conduct text analysis using Regular Expression pattern matching, semantic categorization, corpus linguistic analysis and visual analysis for detecting regional variations in spatial language usage • Apply data mining methods including cluster analysis and spatial auto-correlation for pattern discovery • Utilize web crawling and text classification to build text corpora (over 10,000 docs) on route directions —3 Journal publications, 5 Conference proceedings, 1 Workshop presentation Spatio-Temporal Event Analysis(2 years) • Design text mining workflow using GATE, POS Tagger, OpenCalais API and GeoNames API • Extract spatial, temporal and actors information to populate event database • Build up a novel event ontology for automatic event type classification • Develop RSS feeds crawler and XML parser for event detection and entity extraction —2 Conference proceedings, 1 Workshop proceedings Google Android Application Development (VGSAndroid) • Lead development for a Location-Based Service (LBS) mobile app using GoogleMaps API and Jena API • Supervise user experience design on Google Android mobile GUI • Implement client-server communication with Java Servlet —3 Workshop proceedings IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) Challenge • Design and execute visual analysis scheme for cyber security analytics —Innovative Tool Adaptation Award

2006 - 2008

Center for Spatial Intelligent Computing

Research Assistant

Spatial Intelligent Computation, Funded by National Basic Research Program • Develop a Markov-Chain-based statistical model for Chinese POI name abbreviation matching • Evaluate the developed algorithm, which outperforms major search engines (with 95% accuracy)



Penn State University

Candidate for Ph.D., ABD, Geography

Peking University


Penn State University


2017 - 2017

Harvard Business School Executive Education

Leadership Training Program

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