Shaun Azam

Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor | Building from zero

London, GB

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When I was small I remember sharing one computer with 30 other classmates, handwriting all my essays, and heading to the library if I wanted a question answered. Who would‘ve thought that today we'd all be summoning taxis within seconds, conversing with Alexa to find out the weather, and chasing likes on photos of our brunch? We are part of a golden generation, where a tiny mobile phone can do almost anything we wish. There are two things I find fascinating about the world today: 1) 90% of human history's online data was created in the last two years 2) The challenge of applying this data to create insights and value is compounding every second - in other words, you're pushing a giant snowball, growing in size every second, up a slippery hill. In the heavy snow. I apply the same thinking in finance that I apply in leadership - creating stories to truly impact and influence. One of my favourite quotes by Rudyard Kipling: "If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten." When you understand what something or someone truly means, you're delving beneath the surface to comprehend the true story - to create actionable insights, influence outcomes, and grow. I truly believe in the power of data and its interpretation to transform and improve the lives of people around the world. Today, I run finance, operations and a whole lot more at Sweatcoin - we're on a mission to leave our small mark on the world, helping every person on the planet be more active. I also advise startups who need a helping hand at the start of their journey. Previously, I built a consumer brand in my spare time to a six-figure business, worked in a global investment bank trading government bonds, and advised some of the largest companies in the world on corporate strategy. Work aside, my head is normally buried in a Kindle, trying a new gym regime, or exploring another of the world's fascinating cities. I’m also the proud father of a beautiful puppy, Poppy.

Work experience

Feb 2018 - Present


Finance, Ops, Strategy, Fundraising (CFO)

Fastest growing fitness app in history. - $6m+ raised from Goodwater Capital, Greylock Partners, Seedcamp - 1M users in Oct 17, 2M users in Nov 17, currently at 40M users with over 6M using the app weekly; growing at 100k+ downloads per day - #1 Health&Fitness app in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Nordics and Benelux in 2018 - Academically proven to help people walk +20% more/day - as published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine: https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2019/01/04/bjsports-2018-099739 Always looking for exceptional talent to join the team, so please get in touch if you/anyone you know would be interested in joining the Sweatcoin mission. https://sweatco.in/about What I get involved with: - Taking on the CFO and COO role, reporting directly to the Board, heading up finance, operations and FP&A - Working with the CEO and Exec team to develop our strategy and grow our business (4x growth in 2018/2019) - Overall responsibility for the entire Finance function and budgeting process, controlling expenses and managing our cash flow ($5.7m raise in Jan 18) - Manage existing investor relations, whilst working alongside the CEO in the fundraising process - Responsible for strategy, people, hiring, and more


Jun 2011 - Feb 2018


Deals (Business Recovery Services)

ACA Qualified CFA Exam Qualified


2010 - 2011

Goldman Sachs


2009 - 2010




University of Warwick

Master's Degree, Management

King Edward VI Grammar School

A Levels

University of Bath

Bachelor's Degree, Chemical Engineering

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