Shrikant Nasikkar

Design Team Lead at Ideabaaz

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As a global citizen, my career progressed from graphic designer to design director, building beautiful easy to use products with some of the smartest people in the industry. I genuinely believe that a designer needs to have an empathizer’s heart and an entrepreneur’s smarts to balance the user needs with business goals. The storyteller in me strives to create memorable experiences. I strongly believe collaborating with the team that leads to a holistic outcome. Lead by example is how I guide my team for desired results. I have managed teams of designers and developers, advised entrepreneurs & management on product strategy of large corporates and startups across industries. Disclosure: Worked on a chicken farm, created digital replicas of renowned artists to showcase at the Science Museum of London, left-handed, tabla player, UCLA lecturer, and a high-school backbencher who invented perfume for phone receivers. Portfolio > Specialties: UX/UI design, Product development, Business intelligence, Strategic Thinking, Brand building, and Social impact.

Work experience

Jun 2020 - Present


Design Team Lead

Mar 2019 - May 2020

Design Director

If Content is king, Data is kingmaker. Using AI/ML, scanning data and creative presentation of metrics we brought trust worthy insights to the construction industry. • Coordinated design & product solution to meet user needs that aligned with business objectives • Designed a new set of features such as Smart timeline, Process images and Live Panoramas that directly enhanced the UX, resulting in 4 times growth in less than 12 months. • Contributed towards customer satisfaction resulting in 95% pilot to production conversion. • Collaborated and mentored team of product, web and customer success.

Feb 2014 - Feb 2019

Design Consulting

Founder / Senior Designer

Serving clients in Technology, EdTech, Media, and Healthcare industries. Experimenting UX/UI challenges in emerging technologies such as VR, AI / Machine Learning and Autonomous cars with social impact on sustainability. Design Director - B2B, Facility Management Solution (Sacramento, CA) • Led a machine learning logistics applications UI redesign strategy on ground-breaking Data Management platform. Competitive market redefined with 60% revenue jump, landing Google and Amazon as clients. Founder, Product Management - B2C Kids transportation App (Mountain View, CA) Start-up • Solved a personal problem - Kids transportation by creating engaging carpool app (iOS & Android) where parents from over 300 schools are engaged – validating the consumers’ challenge and product solution. Senior UX Designer - B2B2C EdTech platform (Los Gatos, CA) • Conducted User interviews and Usability Research for an EdTech startup, collaborating analytical solution with Target Audience using the lean methodology to improve conversion rate by 300% within two months! SBM Management, B2B Facility Management Solution (Sacramento, CA) Design Director • Led a UI redesign on ground-breaking B2B Web platform that redefined the market landscape with 60% revenue jump and landing Google, Amazon and Merck as new clients. Chaperone, B2C Kids transportation App (Mountain View, CA) Founder • Solved a personal problem - Kids transportation by designing the carpool app where parents from over 360 schools are engaged – validating the challenge and solution. OpenEd, B2B2C EdTech platform (Los Gatos, CA) Senior UX Designer • Conducted User interviews for an EdTech startup before designing solution using lean methodology that improved conversion rate by 300% within 2 months!


Feb 2007 - Dec 2014

Kaiser Permanente

Senior User Experience Designer

Collaborated on Build Products for Web properties of internal users application. User Experience Design research, employee training and patient well-being through quantitative/qualitative deliverables. • Created Product Roadmap, designed and developed Web app to train 90,000 staff. The app was later shared with 11 million members, resulting in significant savings through Big Data analytics in Mobile. • Created a program empowering self-motivated teen patients to lose weight through peer support and applied game design. The program exceeded its goals, got adopted nationwide and earned accolades. • Collaborated in designing corporate communication Healthcare Brand book for the multi-disciplinary team including Sales, Marketing and Business through multi-functional mediums with passion.

Sep 2000 - Feb 2007

The Acme Network

UX/UI Designer

Managed Website, UX and IA design solutions for ACME’s educational platform and creating tutorials for animation students. Executed ACME’s project strategy from concept to final function design. • Creating an educational Users platform to help over quarter million high school students learn animation online. More than 5,000 students got full-time job offers after graduating high school. • Increased online engagement by as much as 250% through insights from user research and launched UX improvements through peer-to-peer learning methodology. • As Problem Solver created compelling presentations and technical proposals that helped increase awareness and donations by more than $1.5 million to enhance Acme’s Brand vision.

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