Skyler Cain

Site Reliability Engineer at Rent Dynamics

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Highly motivated and passionate leader currently working as VP of Product for Rent Dynamics. My background is in web development and I have a deep passion for programming and understanding emerging web technologies. I love to combine my technical knowledge and business acumen to help deliver superior solutions. I am a very energetic individual and appreciate tough and challenging problems. I enjoy working in different domains to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of different industries. I work extremely well with others and communicate effectively. I love working with a diverse group of people to see many different perspectives on problems. Skills * Programming Languages - Python, Javascript, NodeJS, C#, PHP * Frameworks - Django, AngularJS, Microsoft Web API * Version Control - Git, SVN and Microsoft TFS * Server / Infrastructure Management - Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, RDS, and Route53), Microsoft Azure and Rackspace Cloud

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Work experience

Nov 2020 - Present

Rent Dynamics

Site Reliability Engineer

Job Functions - Maintain health of infrastructure and uptime across our development stack - Create, implement and maintain our security policies and procedures - Analyze, optimize and support existing architecture - Build proof of concepts for new technology / vendor partners - Optimize use of third party vendor technology that is critical to the business - Responsible for CI / CD pipeline and processes

Jan 2018 - Present

JASA Technologies


In early 2018 Clint Reeves and I founded JASA Technologies. JASA Technologies began as an idea to create simple solutions to enhance everyday experiences. We work to explore noticeable gaps in existing technologies and industries. We believe with innovative advancements and a strong focus on ease of use we can bring powerful tools to all industries.


May 2019 - Nov 2020

Rent Dynamics

VP of Product & Technology

Overview Responsible for strategy, goals and objectives across our three core products. I work closely with the executive team and operations leaders to help achieve aggressive product, business and financial growth objectives. Job Functions - Establish a compelling product strategy that is clearly communicated through a product road map and strategic initiatives - Have a clear understanding of the market, including current and prospective customer needs, trends and emerging opportunities - Facilitate research to identify customer needs and market gaps as well as analyze competition - Create and maintain product road maps, user stories, scenarios, and product backlogs - Ensure our products are well documented to help internal and external stakeholders understand how our systems work - Leverage customer feedback to inform continuous product improvement and innovation to guide product-market fit


Oct 2014 - May 2019

Rent Dynamics

Software Development Manager

Manage Software Development Team Ensure the continued success of the Rent Dynamics' software development team. Day to day management of our development process; working and assisting SCRUM Master in improving and implementing our agile processes. Work closely with the operations team and get new projects into our pipeline and prioritized properly. Continually improve the overall development environment - adding tools and workflows to increase teams productivity including: continuous integration, micro-service architecture, local development environments and automated testing. Create and maintain fun and engaging work environment. Plan and execute team building activities. Responsible for growth of the development team by networking, interviewing and hiring new developers. Provide feedback to developers in the form of monthly, quarterly and annual reviews. Solutions Architect Work closely with the operations team to ensure technical feasibility of new projects. Architect elegant solutions for new lines of business and new services the company provides. Ensure new solutions will be scalable and follow our internal project guidelines. Server Infrastructure and Security Manage our server infrastructure and architecture within Amazon Web Services. Improve scalability as the business grows. Migration of technology stack from Microsoft .NET / C# to more open source technologies. Continually audit and improve server and systems security. Community Outreach Work closely with local applied technology college to help drive their program to help students be successful. Work with other schools to allow students to job shadow and discover what programming is about.


Sep 2013 - Oct 2014

Rent Dynamics

Senior Developer

Backend developer for RentDynamics. * Developed a Call Routing solution to allow for quick and easy modification of the route a call takes. * Created several services to interact with external API's our application utilizes. * Implemented a browser soft phone that interacts with the Call Routing to update a call center agents state. Browser phone also allows you to switch the phone number calls are being directed to. * Setup internal permissions to be used throughout our application both client and server side. * Migrated code base from traditional MVC framework to an AngularJS / .NET Web API framework. This allows our software to be more flexible and have a more native feel. * Setup cloud bases servers on Microsoft Azure that house our web server and database servers. * Work with TFS to setup process for feature development and merging into the main codebase.

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