Sourabh Kharait MD, PhD

Nephrologist / Principal Investigator / Founder

Roseville, CA


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I am a Physician and a Scientist with extensive clinical and research experience in the field of ESRD, CKD, Hypertension, Dialysis modalities, Diabetic nephropathy, Bone mineral disease and anemia of ESRD. I have led numerous clinical trials over the last decade as a Principal Investigator and have consulted for some leading pharmaceutical companies on drug development during and after these clinical protocols have been completed. As a practicing Nephrologist with prior bench experience, I manage a multitude of patients with different degrees of renal dysfunction and complex electrolyte problems. I am also the Founder and CEO of our start-up, IGH Naturals, that creates optimized electrolyte solutions for athletes and patients with electrolyte wasting. Our first formula is protected with 2 patents and has now translated into 2 products, both available commercially. More on this is available at I can provide valuable real-world insight for numerous scientific projects related to drug development, clinical trial design, recruitment and retention of patients as well as milestones and objectives for planned clinical studies in the field of Nephrology, Hypertension, Diabetes and Anemia.

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Chronic Kidney Disease
Uremic Encephalopathy
Metabolic Acidosis
End stage renal disease
Dialysis-Related Beta-2m Amyloidosis
Hypertension and the Kidney
Acid-Base, Fluid, and Electrolyte Disorders
Acute Kidney Failure
Malignant Hypertension
Work experience

May 2019 - Present

IGH Naturals (

Founder & CEO

IGH Naturals is a platform company that creates novel scientifically tested electrolyte solutions for athletes as well as patients. The first product of the company is MAGNAK, a magnesium rich electrolyte blend that prevents cramping, fatigue and soreness in endurance athletes. More info is at

Mar 2013 - Present


Nephrologist and Medical Director of Clinical Trials

My clinical practice is dedicated to caring for patients with severe complex electrolyte disorders, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, kidney transplant and end-stage renal disease (ESRD) requiring dialysis. I spent considerable time collaborating with pharmaceutical industries with a goal to bring novel therapies to patients via clinical trials. I have extensive experience in conducting clinical trials as Principal Investigator in the field of anemia in ESRD, diabetic kidney disease and proteinuria (protein loss in the urine).

2013 - Present


Nephrologist and Medical Director

Jul 2017 - Dec 2020

Gray Mountain Sports Drinks, LLC

Founder & CEO

Gray Mountain is a platform company dedicated to research and development of novel electrolyte formulas based on current research with a goal to enhance human health.

Aug 2015 - May 2019

Fresenius MC, Dialysis clinic, Lincoln, CA

Medical Director

Jun 2013 - May 2019

Summit Clinical research center

Medical Director


Jun 2011 - Dec 2012

UCSF Medical Center

Attending Nephrologist


Jul 2001 - May 2002

Purdue University

Lynn Endowed Graduate Research Fellow

Department of Foods and Nutrition

Feb 2000 - Feb 2001

Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune

Transitional Internship


2009 - 2012

University of California, San Francisco

Fellowship in Nephrology & Transplant

2006 - 2009

Long Island Jewish Medical Center/ North Shore University Hospital

Residency in Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine Residency Program

2002 - 2006

University of Pittsburgh

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Cellular and Molecular Pathology

1995 - 1999

B. J. Medical College, Pune

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.)

Board Certified

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